Story: The concubine often serves as the child, but the princess who has no son for seven years.

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My name is Zhong Liu, who used to be the prince of the prince, and now the queen of the emperor.

And why do I use a "quasi" instead of saying the queen directly?Of course, because the post -sealing ceremony was still half a month later, and before that, I was just a queen.

No way, who makes me be so rigorous.

"Miss," Fufeng walked in from the pavilion and told me, "Your Majesty teaches people to talk, and he will be busy to discuss politics with the third public tonight and not eat with you."

Fufeng and Muyu are the girls who grew up with me from a young age. From the general’s house to the prince’s house to the palace, they are loyal. They will still call my lady in private, just like the carefree Zhong Da of the General Mansion.Miss looks like.

I stunned, Mu Yu muttered: "His Majesty has been on the throne for nearly half a month, and I have come to our lady three times! Always chat with the old man.Really eye -catching … "

The Lingci Palace lives in the future concubine, Song Wanqing, the former prince’s side concubine.I met with Liu Yan since I was a child. I married the Prince Mansion at the age of thirteen, and she married as a side concubine after she was in the past. However, my relationship with Song Wanqing was called "harmony"Fufeng and Muyu have never liked her.

She is the daughter of Wenchen, and I am the daughter of a general; she is weak and quiet, and I break off my trembling; she is proficient in the painting and calligraphy, and I am very good at the soft whip; she is good at cooking, and I am a first -class wall.

The two of us have never committed the river water, and she is also particularly interesting. She always gives me some satin jewelry to give me.

After entering the palace, I have to converge. When the Prince Mansion is fortunate, after all, there are not many palace people in the palace. Even if I can get a little trouble, I can cover it in the past."The age of Liu is still young, but now I am about to take charge of the harem. As the six -house appearance rate, I have to … low -key.

"Say cautiously, my little twilight," I went back to God, sprinkled all the fish food in my hand, stood up and pinched her white tender goose egg face with a smile.How can I hear it? "

Mu Yu glanced at me angrily and said, "I heard it! Miss, my whip is not vegetarian!"

"Oh," I pretended to pat the chest in fear, holding my face, "That family is really scared."

Mu Yu stomped: "Miss!"

"Miss, don’t tease the rain," Fufeng looked at us a little helplessly, and fierce me, "I teased her again, I won’t help you coax."

I was aggrieved "ah" and shouted her: "Help the wind, you dismantle my Taiwan again-"

Mu Yu suddenly laughed happily.Fufeng also bent her eyes. I looked at them, and finally couldn’t help laughing.

At this moment, my heart has no trouble in the palace, Liu Yan, and all the small and small chickens. I am just myself.The relationship, carefree Zhong Liu.


"Seeing the princes at the concubine," a weak and clear voice suddenly sounded behind us, "Prince Concubine Wanfu Jinan."

The three of us suddenly laughed like a chicken that was held around his neck. The Muyu collapsed at the time.","

Song Wanqing looked at me gently: "Prince Xie."

I also looked at her. After we looked at each other for a moment, I blinked and asked her, "Are you … something?"

"There is no big deal," Song Wanqing gently stared at me, with the loss and envy I couldn’t understand. "It’s just that the father of the concubine sent some beautiful satin from the south.The concubine may like it, and she has ordered someone to send it to the palace of the Princess Concubine. "

——Ah, Song Xiaobaihua sent me something again, Bai Yan’s happiness is really simple.I wonder.But this is what Mu Yu hates her most, saying that she is always attentive, and what weasel worships the chicken. At that time, Fufeng hit her and said that our lady was not a chicken!As a result, I laughed at the chicken cry, and it was the first time that Fufeng turned her eyes to me.

Cough, run the question.

I personally like to wear some more public colors, such as red or something, but Song Wanqing likes to wear very well. When he was still in the Prince House, once Liu Yan wanted to see the folding in the study overnight, I secretly took it secretly with it.Fufeng Muyu wanted to listen to Xiao Qu’s or something, but in the middle of the night, she encountered a white Song Wanqing in white in the garden.

At that time, I died on the spot, which was a tea. Of course, in the end, I scared Song Wanqing because of the screams and Mu Yu’s screams.The time of incense, ah, the past is really unbearable …

Then Song Wanqing had an additional nickname of Xiaobaihua. At the beginning, only me and Mu Yu shouted, but later we shouted more privately, and even Liu Yan sometimes called wrong.

I laughed so much: "Thank you too much, I like the fabrics you gave."

Song Wanqing’s father was a lieutenant, and in his heart, their Wenchen’s family was really rich. The ladies grew up since childhood. Unlike me, when I was five years old, I told my brother that I wanted to wear skirts.My brother said that it was inconvenient. When you went to practice martial arts, he would break up on the ground and break it. There is not so much silver at home to waste you.

Hey, it’s very angry!

However, since I married Liu Ye, the quality of life has been improved. His every month, his monthly Lulu is to support me.Song Wanqing does not need him to raise it, because Song Wanqing not only has more dowry, but she will also do business. In addition to being able to raise himself, she can also help Liu Ye to raise me occasionally.Good waste.

Song Wanqing laughed even more gentle, and I quickly praised her.After she left, Mu Yu urged me to return to the palace and said, "I want to go back to check if there is any problem with what she sent! Miss, don’t you always look good if you see the money, what if she wants to hurt you!"

I waved my hand: "How is it possible, she is not so stupid! If something she gives something wrong, my brother is the first to kill, and Liu Ye will not let her go."

Mu Yu rolled his eyes: "But now the grand son is in the border, if you wait for you to go wrong, even if you get back, then you should have passed!"


I really have no dignity.


In the evening, I asked the new palace people to retreat, leaving only a few of them when I was from the Prince Mansion.Then I sat down with Fufeng Muyu to eat -otherwise it would be out of the ritual.

Fufeng said, "Miss, do you know what this is called?"

"Covering your ears and stolen bells," I raised an eyebrow, which reflected the "willfulness and lustfulness". Obviously, Fufeng did not expect that I could be so deeply recognized by myself, and I was a little surprised. I said arrogantly.In their ears, they have to pretend not to know, otherwise they are still suffering from them. Well, I’m really kind. "

Fufeng: "…"

After dinner, Muyu continued to check the fabrics sent by Song Wanqing. Fu Feng asked a few palaces to move the small couch out, giving me a glass of plum wine, and looking eager to look at me: "Miss, last time you still, you stillI didn’t finish it! "

As soon as Fufeng’s words fell into a few palaces around me, I also looked at me with that shiny eyes. I had to clear my throat and said, "Okay! Do you want to clean up first, come and listen to the story first, right, Melon seeds are also put on! Sit and sit, I am going to start. Well, last time I said that the fox was turned into the scholar, so I tried to see a dream to see him. When the scholar was sleeping that day, I saw it … "

When Liu Yan came, he saw the door of the pepper house closed tightly. No palace man stood at the door. The little Fuko beside him pushed the door open., But standing towards the door, it seems to be listening to the people inside.

Until Xiao Fuzi cough softly, the palace man panicked, and Liu Yan asked her not to say, and whispered her, "What are you doing?"

"If you avoid it," the palace people said. "The mother -in -law is telling the story of the fox demon.

"Then you continue to listen here," Liu Xun seemed to be no surprise to the result. He said, "You don’t have to notify it, I will go to find her by himself."

As soon as he entered the inner courtyard, Liu Yan saw the person he wanted to find, wearing a light Zhu Hong Luoyi, squeezing the wine glass and sitting on the couch, and a bunch of palace people who were listening to the taste.

Liu Yan stood at the door for a while. The people in the inner courtyard heard the story very seriously. No one saw him. In the end, he couldn’t help but "cough".But he heard her say, "If you want to drink water, you can go in first, I will finish talking immediately!"

Liu Yan: "…"


After speaking, the palace people beside him changed all the face, and Qi Qi stood up to salute. It seems that I have to tell this story for five days to finish. I looked at him with some silently., I laughed: "How did your Majesty think of Chen Xun today?"

Liu Yan walked towards me and laughed. He was handsome, and it was even more exciting when he laughed. I marry him now for the seventh year. Seeing that he laughed at me and occasionally, he would have a lot of heartbeat.Said: "I don’t want to be a littleque’s, but I just have too many things to be updated as soon as possible. I can’t always come to you to come to you, so I have to sleep with the memorial day and night."

Little Terber is my nickname. I smiled "Hehe": "Come less, today Xiaobaihua is not going to send you snacks? I don’t believe you and her do nothing.It’s really … fed! "

Liu Yan suddenly hugged me and laughed: "It’s really a big vinegar, let me smell well, did it be uploaded from the little bird?"

I tightened his neck, biting it on his shoulder, and hummed, "Just talk about it!"

He didn’t hurt, and he hugged me into the room. After the warmth, I lay on Liu Yan’s chest and suddenly said: "Now it is the spring day. My father and brother are fighting in the border.Can you wear a shirt? Ah, I let the inner palace prepare some, and write a few more home books. Do you let a few Yulin riders help me send it? "

Liu Yan paused, I looked at him in doubt, and he laughed gently and said, "Okay."

After getting an unexpected answer, I was happy, and quickly melancholy, looking at him a little: "This time the ceremony estimated that my father and brother could not see it. This is also my second time I married toYou … I took a look at the crowns with Muyu, so beautiful, it was so heavy. Fortunately, I would be martial arts, otherwise I would definitely be exhausted. "

"Little Terber is good -looking." Liu Yan suddenly tightened my waist and hugged me tightly in his arms. I was a little surprised and smiled at him with a red face. "What is suddenly so sticky?"

Liu Yan hugged me, bowed his head with his nose with his nose, and said, "Madam, I am happy to you."

When I heard this long -lost title, I couldn’t help but stunned. When I first got married with Liu Yan, I often called the other party "lady" and "husband" in private.When Qing is a concubine, we rarely call this title.Although I know that Liu Yan’s heart is always the most loved me, but I also understand that in his heart, he no longer belongs to me.

From the beginning of Liu Yan, I understand this truth.If I like everyone else in Chang’an City, then it must be like Wen Jun’s "one life in a lifetime", but I fall in love with Liu Yan, it is really unpredictable.

At that time, whenever I remembered that I had to love the same man as many women in the future, I was heartbroken, and I felt that all this didn’t seem to be like this … and I had everything around me from a young age.The illusion of "flowers, but since I fell in love with Liu Yan, this feeling has been faintly eliminated, but until Xiao Baihua also entered the Prince Mansion, this feeling became more serious.

The poem said that in the dream, I do n’t know that I am a guest, and I am greedy.

Anyway, life is not like a big dream. It is true or false or not. Anyway, for me now, dad, mother, brother, Liu Yan, and even Fufeng and the rain, all of which are next to me. All this is for me.It is true.

I also hugged Liu Ye and said with a smile, "I am also happy to you, my husband."


When I woke up the next day I woke up, Liu Ye went to the top long ago, finished washing, and Muyu dressed up for me. I said, "Let the inner palace make a few clothes … Well, do a dozen pieces.The size of my brother came, and then passed on to the General’s Mansion, let the mother write a few home books, and then send it to me.

"Miss still wants to be thoughtful," Mu Yu laughed and laughed. "The border is poor, and I don’t know how the general and the young master live. I haven’t returned to Chang’an for three years, and I don’t know when this battle can be finished."

Today, I chose a tianshi -blue Luo skirt and asked Muyu to help me put it on, saying, "They must not come back on the day after the sealing ceremony.""

"Miss wants Master!" Mu Yu looked at me with a smile. "When the young master was still in Chang’an, the lady and the young master always liked to fight and make trouble. Now the young master went to the border, and no one practiced riding with the lady.Shooting, the slaves also feel boring. "

"Yeah," I shook my head, and the beads on my hair shaking for a while, very heavy, and this was the appearance of the Muyu clearing a lot. When I suddenly remembered that when I was not married, my brother was always always my brother was always.I will go to the racecourse in the suburbs of Chang’an.

At that time, my hair was erected with only one silk ribbon, without half a point of excess jewelry, and a jujube -red ride was pretty refreshing.Except for his brother, he couldn’t even win me even his subordinates. Now when he thinks, he is like a passage and teach people to sigh.

I paused the footsteps, raised my hand to pull down the dumplings on my head, and said to Muyu: "Go, find out my riding out, let’s go to the garden to feed the fish today.! "

Mu Yu’s eyes were brilliant, obviously very exciting. She grew up with Fufeng with me. Equestrian ride was as skillful as me. Now the life in the palace also stuffed her.Go! "

When we change to the ride, Fufeng also prepared breakfast. Seeing our dress, she was a little angry: "Twilight, the lady is just playing with her, why are you still with her!"

Muyu is the same as me. She dares not to make her angry. At this moment, she hides her body behind me and whispered: "The life of the palace is even more stuffy than the Prince Mansion, I, I am …"

"Okay," I waved my hand casually and said, "I know you don’t like the life in the palace, help the wind, you can also change clothes, let’s go to the camp for a horseman, there are brotherIt’s okay to be with your father. "

"But Yu Li is not in line." Fufeng said so quickly, closing his mouth tightly, obviously this sentence did not know when it had become her mantra, but she was obviously tempted again -we three three of us — three of us three againWhen I grew up together, I know what they are thinking about, "… well, slavery," go. "

The three of us went out of Xuanwu Gate, and then sat all the way to leave Chang’an Street, and went directly into the camp. There were a lot of people who stationed in Changan who were my uncle or distant relatives.Knowing that I want to ride a horse, they still feel very distressed: "I know that the lady is not used to the life in the palace, and walks around in such a heavy skirt every day.

I laughed: "I don’t know how many women in this world have squeezed their scalp and want to enter the palace. When I came to the uncle, I became suffering!"

They are unhappy on their faces: "How can our lady compare with those women!"

I just like it here. In the camp, I have no identity to respect and humble. I am still a coquettish girl in their hearts, but there are a bunch of people who need to kneel where they need to kneel. I always pursue the old days.In time, it seems that only this can prove that I am really me, not because of some kind of name, it has become another person.

"Yeah, I Zhongliu is unique!" My wild words caused them a bunch of kind and inclusive laughter and consent.

I said, "I haven’t rode a horse for a long time, let’s compare it, see if I have retired!"

Mu Yuxing rushed: "Miss, I’m here too!"

We didn’t leave the camp until the sunset. Several uncle who was waiting for me also told me to be bullied in the palace and told them that even if my father and brother were far away in the frontiers, they were my backing.

I grinned: "I know, let’s say, who dares to bully me, but the group of women can’t even beat Muyu!"


When we returned to the palace, we quietly rushed to the pepper house from the small road. When we left, let the door door close. If someone came, I said that I was sleeping.As soon as I wanted to turn in the wall with Fufeng Muyu, I heard Liu Yan’s gloomy voice sounded in the atrium: "Since I came back, why not enter?"

"…" I barely laughed and stepped into the door of the temple. "Why did His Majesty go out of the study so early today? Did you eat meals? I think the right people are there, um … should I use meals first?"

"Zhong Liu!" Liu Ye shouted my name suddenly, I was startled, and roared back with a louder voice: "Why! Liu Yan, you scared me!"

The new palace people made a breath sound.

Liu Yanjun’s beautiful face was densely covered. He threw the folding Zi in his hand on the table and looked at me with headache: "When the queen of the dynasty goes to the barracks alone with a close -fitting female officer.How to arrange you, arrange the Zhong family! "

"I have often entered and exited the barracks since I was a child. What’s wrong …" I knew that I had lost myself and whispered him. "And I was secretly going, not many people know, let alone the loyalty of the Zhong family for generations, and I am loyal to His Majesty.How can you be afraid that the villain deliberately distort the truth. "

"You are really …" Liu Yan rubbed the temples. I saw the time in the past and helped him to hold his shoulders diligently, and then stared at him. Liu Yan sighed helplessly and looked at me complicatedly.At a glance, he said to the people around: "Let’s order, before … before the sealing ceremony, I am optimistic about the queen, don’t let her sneak out of the palace."

It ’s a long time, and it’ s less than ten days before the sealing ceremony. At most, I went to the queen before going.

When Liu Yan saw my face, he grabbed my hand and said, "Little bird, you should be considerate of me, you know that you are most important in my heart.The guys are restless, I … really tired. "

"Okay," I dumbled, and in the arms of Liu Yan, let him hold me tightly. In the past few days, he kept saying these words, which was more sticky than when we first got married. "If you do n’t go out of the palace, you ca n’t go out of the palace. The old guys in the front dynasty did hate it. It ’s always unhappy with the festival. Ah, the Zhong family will always be your backing. You should not be too hard.Help you secretly kill them. "

Liu Yan buried his face on my neck and hearing this, he laughed sullenly: "You …"

In the next few days, I did have a few days, and my mother’s letter was also sent to the palace. I installed it with clothes and asked Liu Xun to dweller the forest ride and a whip to send it to the border.Wandering around in the palace, I went to the study to see Liu Yan occasionally. Occasionally, she met Song Wanqing twice in the study.

It’s just that I didn’t say anything yet, so she gave me the pastry in her hand and said, "Since the prince is coming, the ministers will not go in. This is the pastry for His Majesty.","

Song Wanqing often sent snacks to the pepper room, saying that she did it by herself, and Muyu would always take the poison as the enemy of the enemy.It’s so delicious, I just let Muyu take it over. I said, "It’s nothing to go in together, I see …"

As a result, before I finished speaking, Song Wanqing planned straight to me. I was startled and quickly caught her, and the snacks in my hand fell to the ground.I thought that this technique of touching porcelain was not very good, and I couldn’t touch my head. She couldn’t see anything when she looked at her face. I had to ask Muyu to ask the doctor, and let Fufeng and me lift her into the side hall of the study.

There was a moment of hustle and bustle at the door. Liu Yan estimated that he heard something and came out. Seeing Song Wanqing lying in my arms weakly, he changed his complexion a few times and asked, "What’s wrong with the concubine?"

I looked down at Song Wanqing, she was closely closed her eyes, her lips were pale, and I looked up at the gentle sun in March March: "Maybe it is a heat stroke …"

"…" Liu Yan’s expression was very strange, but after a moment of pause, he still said, "Let’s go to the side hall first, is it called a doctor?"

I nodded.


The Taiyi came quickly. After his diagnosis, his expression was suddenly surprised, and then glanced at me carefully. I said strangely: "What happened to the side concubine? You just say it."

"The concubine is … is happy!" The doctor fell to the ground, worshiped and worshiped Liu Yan, and shouted with his throat, "Congratulations to His Majesty, congratulations to the queen’s mother."

I stunned, and at this moment, I quickly flashed through the little bit since I entered the palace.Most of the time, Liu Yan stayed with me, and every time I had to sleep in Song Wanqing, Fufeng would personally send it to the Lingci Palace to watch her drink.

I don’t believe that Fufeng will betray me at all, so the rest is either Song Wanqing secretly poured out the soup and vomit the soup after leaving, or someone changed the pot soup at the beginning.Only this point is -Liu Yan.

I looked at Liu Yan, but saw that his expression was extremely complicated. It was not a happy event before the ceremony.My attitude is blatantly right with me, but my father and brother are still fighting with the Rongren in the border. This is unreasonable.

Liu Yan approached me, holding me one hand, and repeatedly guaranteed me: "Liuer, our children will definitely be a prince."

However, he did not mention which step was to find out, so that a future concubine to blatantly rode on my future queen. Although I didn’t want to have a child to raise it, I was always a one.Woman, a woman in the Zhong family.

I was too lazy to understand the things in the front dynasty, but I didn’t really understand it. I pulled my hand out of Liu Yan’s hand and turned around the door: "Fufeng and twilight, go back to the palace."

Liu Yan grabbed my hand: "Liuer!"

I looked back and glanced at him deeply: "Congratulations to His Majesty for getting the emperor, the courtiers retired first."

Liu Yan shocked, and seemed to be frozen by my expression. I broke his hand and walked to the door.

My chest was stuffy with turbid air, but I couldn’t want to attack. On the way back to the palace, Fufeng glanced at my face and said, "Miss, when I was going to Tai Hospital today, I heard that someone was talking about Her Majesty.A big shuffle on the hall to promote the new policy … "

"What?" I took a deep breath and asked, "Fufeng, let’s talk about it."

"His Majesty seems to abolish the San Gong and set up three provinces. From then on, the lieutenant no longer assisted His Majesty to deal with the performance, and he must not impeach His Majesty, and there are six parts in the DPRK.

I stopped my steps instantly and looked at me worriedly: "Slaves just heard …"

"I understand," I raised my hand to stop Fufeng, as if comforting her, more like persuading myself, "Father and brother are still in the border.Rongma is half a life. Even if you change it, your Majesty will never do a good bow to hide the cunning rabbit.

I murmured to persuade Fufeng Muyu, and also persuaded myself. At that time, I was really holding such an idea. I think no matter what, Liu Ye has at least sincerely to me, and I can never do it.thing.We have known each other for twelve years, and I have been married for seven years.

He once kneeled on the Golden Temple and said to the emperor to marry me as a wife. He said that our child must be the prince. He said that he loves me, and the status I am in his heart is always unique.

When we met for the first time he was still the prince. I was the daughter of the general. When I was in spring, I rode my little white horse and wore a ride. My mother gave me two small puppets on my head.Very cute.

And Liu Yan’s sweaty horse rode in the Western Regions was also a pony horse. I passed curiously and asked him, "What’s your name?"

He was very nervous, and his face was a little red. He said, "I, my horse is called Fei Shuang."

"My horse is called Tashue," I touched his horse with a smile, proudly, "It’s fast, it must not be worse than your frost, should we compare it in a while?"

He watched me blushing: "Okay!"

Later, Liu Yan lost. Although his horse was very fast, it was better to cooperate with me and my taboos. I rode on the pony horses and watched him sweat with a smile. He handed my handkerchief to him., Laughing and proud: "No one in Chang’an City can win me except my father and brother, but you soon, lose to me, you don’t have to worry about it."

At that time, Liu Yan’s eyes had the prototype of Feng’s eyes, and his eyes were dark and bright. He smiled and looked at me gently, boasting me: "Lost to you, I’m very happy."


But we still grow up after all.

From one person to another, what price must be paid. For example, if I change from the general’s daughter to a princess, it is doomed to lose freedom and a complete love, and from the prince to the queen.The price is that I want to lose my father and brother, then I am willing to leave this dull and tedious palace.

I let go of the pigeons at hand silently and looked at the red palace wall outside the window.

Brother returned from a message from the outside, saying that his father was attacked by Rongren a few days ago. Now he is unconscious. He ordered someone to send a letter to His Majesty to give the medicine. As a result, the medicinal materials were late, and he sent me to me again.Ask me what I heard in the palace.

I asked Fufeng to prepare the medicinal materials she needed by my brother overnight, and asked her to take the uncle in the camp to find a way to send it away. Mu Yu kept looking at me worryingly.When my child drifted into the window, I caught it and laughed: "It is a matter of leisure but a way?

That night I was sitting outside the window and waiting for the wind to come back. Until she stepped into the pepper house on the rising light, I nodded at a seriously but seriously nodded at me, and I was relieved.

"Hard work, help the wind, you go to rest," I arranged for the wind and said to Muyu, "Come on, dress me, today I want to wear the most beautiful golden skirt."

Mu Yu nodded and picked up the comb.

There are still five days before the post -sealed ceremony. Since I learned that Song Wanqing’s pregnancy and Liu Yan were going to clean up the court that day, I have been in a state of closing doors. During this time, Song Wanqing came twice.I didn’t see it five times.

It wasn’t until today that the medicinal materials were finally sent out of Chang’an that I had a mind.

Standing at the door of the study, I was a bit unaccustomed when I ordered the people of the palace. When I used to go to Liu Yan, I usually pushed the door directly. This is the favor he gave me and a privilege.It is easy to give things, and it is also effortless to retract.

Xiao Fuzi around Liu Yan came out to pick me up and looked very happy: "Mother, you can come in without notification. His Majesty has been concerned about you in the past few days.

I raised the corner of my mouth, and listened to Liu Yan said, "You finally see me! You listen to me to explain it …"

"No need, Your Majesty," I have given Liu Yan a gift since I entered the palace for the first time, and respectfully, "Of course, His Majesty’s act of doing it, and the ministers are not easy to refute.There is something to report to the Majesty. "

Liu Yan stayed: "Liuer, you … what’s wrong with you?"

"Back to Her Majesty," I got up from the ground lightly, thinking that the gift was indeed suffering, and my knees pain. "Chen Yi’s concubine came with things." I first looked at Muyu, and Mu Yu immediately handed the booklet in my hand.

Liu Yan frowned and picked up: "Sin?"

"Yes," I worshiped again, and Fang looked up at him, word by word, and said seriously, "The courtesy is guilty, one is that he is the prince’s concubine, which leads to the fading of the emperor.The concubine was happy, and the ministers did not take good care of the queen, but instead they saw the door without seeing it. This was jealous.

There are three out of seven, and the concubine bowed to the province."

The side concubine often served as the child soup but was pregnant. The princess who had no son for seven years, please go to the hall before being sealed.

"Zhong Liu!" Liu Yan’s expression was stunned, throwing his sin on the ground with irritability, firmly grasping the back of my hand, and said anxiously, "I know you have been wronged! I can explain these things …… Give me some time, don’t make trouble, okay? "

"There is another thing, please your Majesty’s grace," I did not break away from his restraint, but looked at him lightly. "Chen Xun came to ask His Majesty to give up his order to return to his hometown.allow."

Liu Yan hugged my hand tightly. He looked at my expression carefully and asked me, "… you know?"


I laughed: "What did Chen Ye know?"

"Lieutenant said that your father has a rebellious heart, and he has impeached General Zhong together with several ministers," Liu Yan stared at me, his expression was serious, "let me send troops to Saibei for investigation."

I was shocked, and then gritted my teeth: "This is out of nothing!"

Suddenly I understood and looked at Liu Yan: "Did you believe it? Are you already sending troops to Saibei, right! No wonder …"

Liu Yan whispered to me: "Your father was injured, but it was not serious. I already ordered the doctor to go together. If you insist on asking your father to return to Changan, it is not impossible …"

"Liu Yan, you are the emperor," I laughed bitterly. "I can’t be better than you on the strategy, but did you have a frankness to me? Song Wanqing is pregnant, well, I can not care about it, my father was injured, you concealed me, you concealed me, you concealed me, you concealed me.If it weren’t for today, how do you deal with the Zhong family, I am afraid that I don’t know, but my father bowed all his life for the big man, just to return to the border.

Now you promise that Taiwei sent troops to go. The good thing to say is the investigation.It’s doubt!My father Rong Ma’s life, he suffered more injuries than the waste in the whole hall.The blood flowing is enough to dye a few more clothes!

The son of Chang’an City has been soaked in the splendid pile since he was a child, and his wife and concubine are in groups, and my brother has already wore armor to fight for the peace of the border. He has never married his wife so far!The counterattack you said is the great crime of the nine tribe, and it is a knife on their loyalty!Have you been unveiled so lightly?Intersection"

"If you think my Zhong family should not hold military power, you are afraid that they can work high," I took a deep breath and kneeled down, "Okay, I can be the master, please let your father return to the old hometown, and take him far away.It is sent to the south to support his old age in his old age. When the war is over, you can recover all the military power, just ask you to leave my brother a life. "

"What are you doing!" Liu Yan’s voice was angry, he said, "Is this so rabbit to cook in your heart! Are you my wife, how can I kill the Zhong family!I won’t kill your brother, nor … "

"Report! Bianguan urgently report-"

Liu Yan and I stunned and turned around in a hurry.


Bian Guan Jia was in a hurry, and Liu Yan hurriedly opened. Although the harem was not allowed to do politics, I insisted on staying. Liu Yan quickly read the letter and looked ugly.

My left eye suddenly jumped quickly, and I felt ominous. After a while, I heard Liu Yan said, "Liuer … your father, go."

I didn’t dare to stare at the thin piece of paper. I just wanted to step forward and seized it to see it in person. Suddenly, I turned around and fell straight back. Before the consciousness disappeared, I heard the twilight of the twilight.Ho Liu Yan shouted in panic.

After the sealing ceremony, the ceremony was postponed.

Liu Yan chased my father as a town general, and ordered the whole city to show his respect.

My life seems to have been on another path full of thorns since then. After my father died, my mother did not tell Zhong Yi because of excessive sadness. But he still knew it.There is only us at home, so I must support it. When he goes back, I believe it back and say hello.

My birthday was in May. He also said that this year he would be able to run away and come back to give me birthday.

At the beginning of May, Bianzai believed that the Rong people had defeated, and at least ten years did not dare to harass me.Liu Yan was overjoyed, and my brother was a general, followed by my father’s title. I rare my spirit to fix it and wait for my brother to return to Changan.

——I just have a relative, and I still have a lot of grievances to say to him.

In mid -May, Liu Ye sent someone to ask me if I would arrange my brother’s dust banquet and my birthday for a day, and I agreed.We have never met for a long time. Since my father’s death, I have been hiding in the pepper house and refused to go out.

A few days before my birthday, Border Guan came again.

The Zhenbei Army led by my brother on the way back to the dynasty and the Yulin cylinder sent by Liu Xun had contradictions.Shine and abdomen, excessive bleeding and dying.

When Fufeng Muyu learned of this news, I cried on the ground at once. I knew what they cried. I cried that there was no one after the Zhong family, and I had no loved ones since then.Pingcao fluff.

"Don’t cry." I laughed and helped them to dry their tears. "I knew that the blessing was not good, and the truth was not alone, but I didn’t expect that it would come so fast."

Mu Yu looked at me and cried nervously: "Little, lady, don’t do this, you still have …"

I looked at them and laughed: "Yeah, fortunately you have you."


When Liu Yan came, he opened the door of the pepper room tough.

I worshiped him, watching his tired but still handsome face, suddenly there was a feeling of being like the next world. It was obvious that it hadn’t seen it in January, and it looked like he had been separated for half a life: "Seeing his Majesty."

Liu Yan didn’t let me kneel down. He hugged me nervously, and said incoherently: "I don’t know if I would like this … I have ordered someone to check it.I don’t know, I really don’t know, Liuer, you believe me, I will definitely avenge your brother. "

"Pai Yulin rides is the idea of the lieutenant, but it is decided to dissolve the three male and set up the three provinces." I laughed indifferently. "His Majesty wanted to take the surgery of the captain and forced him to jump the wall in a hurry, but did not expect to give it to it.His Majesty has solved a big trouble? "

Liu Yan looked at me, his expression was painful: "Liuer, don’t laugh … I promise to give you an explanation, okay?"

"What is explanation? Is it to explain Song Wanqing as later?" I converged with a smile and gave Liu Ye a blow again. His face was instantly panicked.I hid in the pepper house all day and did not go out, and the news was still spiritual.

I said half -ridiculous: "It seems that His Majesty doesn’t know that my news is so spiritual, but how can the ceremony after the sealing ceremony? Song Wanqing is also rare, is it possible to pick up what I want,Does it make her so content? "

"Song Wanqing will not be my queen, Liuer, you wait for me to give you an explanation, okay?" Liu Xunjiao looked at me anxiously and nervously, looking at it very much, but I just felt funny,Our feelings turned out to be so fragile. It was so fragile that it took only a few months of effort to destroy the seven -year -old Xiangxiang.

Liu Yan said, "I will definitely give you an explanation."

Liu Yan said: "You are my only queen."

He asked me to believe him, but he didn’t believe me or believe in the Zhong family. He said he would not kill my brother. My brother still died because of his order. He said that I was his only queen.But next month, he will set up Song Wanqing as the queen.

People …

Why do you always have so many lies?

In the end, I looked at Liu Yan and made a request: "I want my birthday party three days later, hold it as usual, all the ministers come, and Song Wanqing will also come."

Liu Yan looked at me, hesitated, or said, "Okay."


I still ca n’t stop the door in the past three days. I fell asleep all day when I ate all day. Mu Yu always looked at me timidly, and looked like I wanted to persuade and dare not.

Fufeng is okay, but she looks like she is, but I know what she is thinking.

On the third day, I woke up in less than sunrise, and let Muyu dress up for me. I put on the prince’s crown clothes, solemn and gorgeous, and the red skirt seemed to be bloody.

There are a lot of 叠, I am overlapping. When I dress well, it is noon. When I go out, there is a sedan sent by Liu Xun. Mu Yu helped me sit up. I touched the heavy bun and laughed gently.

When I arrived at the main hall, Liu Ye had been sitting in the upper position. Those people in the dynasty probably knew about the news of Song Wanqing next month.I kneel on my knees, and I watched the appearance of them kneeling down and bent my lips.

Song Wanqing also came, and her stomach couldn’t see the roundness. I glanced at her and found that her face was even pale and thinner than me.

I was a little puzzled, but I was too lazy to think.

After the ministers presented gifts and dancing a few common dances, I suddenly came to interest.Just imitate the ancestors and come to a song of my dance. "

After speaking, I ignored the faces of Liu Ye and the officials of the audience, and went to change clothes with Fufeng and Muyu.

Mu Yu whispered: "I finally understand why you wear a ride in it. Although I don’t understand why you want to do this, the lady must have the truth of the lady."

I squeezed her face and said, "Good, I will go up with Fufeng in a while, you just knocking the drum below, do you know?"

Twilight nodded confusedly.

Fufeng told her: "Knock‘ no clothes ’.”

I wore a ride out, wearing a big sleeve shirt outside, full of beads, and surrounded by ministers. Some of them were indirect killer who killed my father and brother, and some were contributed to the amphibious.Human ministers.

I smiled, raised my hand, and set up a dancing posture, ‘咚 —’ sound, and the bulging.

Fufeng sang: "Is there no clothes? The same robe … Wang Yuxingshi, repair my spear …"

I turned around, raised my legs, and cooperated with her singing, until the last sentence, "Repair my soldiers, and walk with Zi Zi", I turned a circle, and there was the most dazzling smile on the corner of my mouth.

"At that time, the palace was sent to his father and brother, and he danced this dance," I said, "The name of the palace girlfriend calls Zhong Liu, the daughter of the general of the DPRK, the sister of the major general. No one knows?"

When I saw a shattered conversation, I said slowly: "My Zhong family is full of loyalty, and I have never been unfaithful. My father and brother have dedicated my life to the border.There are so much waste. "

Liu Yan said: "Liuer!"

I saw that many ministers’ faces have changed, and I laughed with my heart: "It’s just the exception of the Zhong family. I am arrogant, arrogant, willful, and do whatever I want.I’m really happy today -you can come to my birthday banquet. "

Fufeng stood on the side of my body. I threw the big -sleeved shirt on the ground at will, revealing the convenient ride on the body. When many people did not respond, I raised my hand and pulled it up.I also took out her Cutchow knife, and I laughed: "Everyone, if you walk earlier, I encountered my father and brother on Huangquan Road, but remember to kneel down and hoe."


My name is Zhong Liu, who used to be the princess of the dynasty. Now she is the daughter of the general and the sister of the major general.

Why not the queen?

Of course it is because I am not rare.

My father and brother Rongma were all killed by the adulterer and died tragically, but they were all heroes.

My father had played a dozen games for the big man. My brother retracted Rongren and made them dare not harass me for more than ten years. What about me?As for me……

I killed the people who framed them to retrograde, the people who helped the territory in this incident, and stabbed the emperor.

I am really so interesting!

When I was dying, I heard Liu Yan said "I love you", and he heard him repent from me. He didn’t plan to marry Song Wanqing at all. He was also fake.My father, Song Feng’s trust, removed him, that was the first time I saw him crying.

I exhaled for a long time, and I was poisoned in many people’s wine. I also drank a lot of myself. After killing people, I should have a stubbornly waiting for Liu Yan.Ken bleeding, looking at Liu Yan’s sad expression.

I whispered: "Don’t cry, so ugly … Forget it, I have killed the person who wants to kill, and there should be no misfortune to you, that’s it, Liu Yan, you don’t owe me, I tooDon’t owe you anymore. "

Liu Yan’s tears dripped on my face, so hot, he said, "You owe me, say that you want to be my queen, our children will be the prince, the little bird, the doctor is coming soon.Do you persist well? "

"Not good, I’m tired, I don’t want to be in the palace," I slowly closed my eyes and said laboriously. "I am not your queen, and I don’t want to bury it into the tomb … I want to bury it in my father and mother and brotherBefore you, please, Liu Ye … let go of Fufeng and Muyu, I don’t hate you … "

The whole body is painful, as if it will be better when I fall asleep. Before I was about to lose consciousness, I murmured: "Don’t meet you in your next life, I want to be free …" Be a female general … "

"Zhong Liu-"



Suddenly I opened my eyes. In front of me, there was a avenue of a bluestone slab. Later, there was no place to come. There were many people around me, looking at it, and went forward in the same way.

I shook my head and suddenly felt a little dizzy.

I tentatively walked forward. Suddenly there was a bridge in front of me. Some people in black and white gown stood on the road on both sides. Seeing me, they suddenly laughed: "Are you here again?"

I looked at them confusedly. At the moment I looked at them, I suddenly remembered everything I was forgotten: I lived two lives. In the first generation, I was an orphan, living in the modern world, growing up in the modern world, growing up, and growing up.One day, I accidentally got the soul by the ghost. In order not to affect their performance, they secretly discussed with me so that I could live one more life, and I could choose the place.

So I chose ancient times, and told them that I would live in a rich family. Parents are full of completeness. It is best to have a brother to hurt me.

I returned to God and murmured to ask them, "… But why are I still died so early?"

"Because the number of fate is stipulated, you can’t drop the fetus later."

"Then my parents and brother have been reborn?" I suddenly remembered, "Then me … my husband, did you marry a new wife later?"

They looked at it and whispered: "This is all inherently, but whoever lets us make mistakes, just tell you secretly, your emperor’s husband has never married a new queen again, he has been thinking about you, he has always been thinking about you,Your parents and your brother are coming for a while earlier than you. If you quickly cross the bridge, maybe you can still meet. "

I blinked, bid farewell to them, and started to run on the bridge. Among a group of people wearing different people, I found them at a glance.

"Mother, dad, brother!" I shouted loudly. Zhong Yi was the first to discover me. My brother, although he always bullied me, hearing my voice, they turned around, ZhongI stunned, and then opened my arms to me. I jumped into his arms. My mother and dad touched my hair. I twitched and suddenly felt very wronged. "I miss you so much."

"Just know that we will not support you at all," Zhong Yi sighed with a smile, "How can I have a sister who is not like you!"

I rolled his eyes at him, and I said, "I want to be a sister in that next life!"

My father rubbed my hair and said, "Okay, we will still be a family in the next life."

I nodded with tears, holding my brother’s hand, my father and mother looked at me gentle, and our family tightened their hands and walked forward slowly.

I think I have lived for two lives. From an ordinary college student or even a queen, I have also had an angry and unintentional emperor husband, from an orphan to the most favored daughter in the general’s house.

Fusheng is like a dream, but anyway, love and hate are sincere, crying and laughing, hey, worth it!(Original title: "Qin Se None")

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