Story: I interviewed a woman with three unfortunate marriages and found that: Marry the wrong person and destroy half of their lives

Xiaomin is a full -time mother.She has been engaged in this career for 10 years.Accompanied by it is a 10 -year life constraint and dependent on the children’s hardships.

Prior to this, Xiaomin, Shanxi, was the project director of a cultural company in Beijing. He took a good salary and had the opportunity to travel around the South China Sea.

Xiaoliang is a new man with Xiaomin, the native of Beijing, and returning from studying in Japan.

The two fell in love with a thunderbolt.At that time, Xiaomin did not know that Xiao Liang had a girlfriend who had been dating for many years, lived in his house, and was talking about marriage.

Love warm but also love dog blood.

In order to avoid the ex -girlfriend who couldn’t let go peacefully, the two resigned at the same time and went to Sichuan Jiangjiang to play with their hearts.After returning, he began to prepare for marriage.

After everything was done, it was found that the little life had quietly come.As a result, Xiaomin became a quasi -mothers with zero income.Sweet is not long, and bitterness follows.

After the marriage, Xiaoliang’s career fell into a downturn. In order to re -exercise the old business of life, he started to connect with other places. The benefits were not high and the money was more difficult.Before marriage, decoration of new houses, and weddings, it is already all savings of 2 people. The cost of each production inspection has become a heavy burden.

Xiao Liang’s parents came to visit, with a little rice noodle oil, as if she had never found the life of her son and daughter -in -law.

Xiaomin originally thought that after giving birth to a child, her in -laws helped take care of it. When she came out of work, everything would be better.However, after the child was born, his in -laws arranged for travel at home and abroad as usual.

In order to live, after the rent of his school district, Xiaomin took the child to rent a house in the long -term effect.

Several times, because the child was not discovered in time, the child grabbed it with his hands and fed it into his mouth.Looking at a child who was dirty but was naive and unsatisfactory, Xiaomin felt that he couldn’t live, and he had the child with the child jumping off the building.

Although Xiao Liang worked hard, he always had a meager income. I do n’t know if it was because of work, or wanted to escape the reality. The days when they went home were rare, and her feelings slowly faded into water.

A few years later, the child went to elementary school.Although the housewife Xiaomin can return to society during the day, because she has been away from the job for too long, and she is concerned about the child’s pickup and homework, she has not succeeded after trying a few times.

The days are still so poor, I can’t see it, but I can’t change it.

For so many years, Xiaomin has lived in Xiao Liang’s city with her child, and has had deep expectations for Xiaoliang.That hope is not Xiao Liang’s money to go home, but just a companion and crossing.

Nana is a long -time daughter.

He was in Shanghai with the hegemony of Hunan people. At the age of 26, he married his parents’ crazy marriage and married a college classmates who had been in love for 8 years and several times to break up.

Before marriage, the pony had two derailments, and the two quarreled, separated and reunited.

Nana, who is far away in the country, has never been talking about good news, and has never talked to her family.Parents are very impressed with pony, and watching her daughter’s age is becoming increasingly increasingly urging.

Marriage with illness is asexual and unreasonable.

Nana uses all energy to work and lives a life of AA system with the pony.Slowly growing into the middle level of a listed company, earning an occasional salary that can be indulged.

After a fierce first, I found that 10 years have passed. The friends next to me have been parents, and pregnant and having children have become the most important thing at the moment.

At the age of 36, having a child is no longer a success.After preparing for pregnancy, a bunch of diseases have never been concerned.

Nana adjusts the focus of life, reduces the intensity of work, strengthens exercise, runs the hospital month and month, and finally ushered in good news one year later.

However, it is time for this child to come like this.

During the period of determining pregnancy, Nana discovered that the pony and the female colleagues were unraveling.In addition, the divorce agenda has been added to the pony’s life plan.

Washing his face with tears for a few days, the age is here, and the child is not easy. After thinking about it, the afternoon that originally agreed to discuss the divorce, Nana still told the pony to get pregnant.

Xiao Ma stunned and chose to go home.

But for Nana, since then, life has become a person.

In order not to see the pony, Nana took the project on a business trip throughout the pregnancy, and only returned to Shanghai when the birth inspection was only returned.

In countless nights, in the cities that were on a business trip, Nana looked at the walls outside the window and the vehicle was endless, the building was bright, and she murmured to speak to himself: Baby!Mom loves you, mother protects you!

After the child was born, the moon was taken care of. After the confinement, Nana resolutely brought back her mother’s house.It was not until the end of maternity leave that he returned to his in -laws.Although her in -laws are full of passion, they have no physical strength nor experience in taking care of their children. Parenting is not found smoothly. Nana asked her mother to help.

On the day when her mother arrived, Xiaoma said that the work could not go to the airport to pick it up, and the two were noisy.The father -in -law who always looked gentle and elegant suddenly said: "No family teach!"

For 10 years of marriage, because of her daughter’s help, my mother came to her daughter’s home in Shanghai for the first time, but it didn’t seem popular.At that moment, Nana was so angry that she lost her mind.After taking the child to pick up his mother, he returned home.

The in -laws were ignored by the arrival of their relatives, and the sensitive mother watched Xiao Ma quarrel with Nana.It would be proposed to go back for a few days on the grounds of physical discomfort.Pony stayed without a sentence, thanks.

Immediately, her mother voted for a good voting, and she went on the plane with tears.

Nana’s heart and tears in her heart, and they took away her mother with a smile, and returned home to hold the child and shed tears.

Since then, Nana can no longer call her parents is the most decisive declaration.

Little is perfectionist.Growing up with the nourishment of high -quality marriages in parents, optimistic and confident, and have many details and ideals for feelings.

Of course, after many years, Xiao Ke admits that he was blind and confident.

In order to meet Ruyi Langjun in thousands of people, Xiao Ke passed the MBA of prestigious schools while working, and continuously improved his education, occupation and circle.

All efforts are not wasted.Although the person who arranged for it, although she did not have a colorful cloud, she still emerged in the business docking again and again, and she was delicate and attentive like the prince to take care of the princess.

They live together for 4 years.

I didn’t think about marriage, after all, it is older.Xiao Ke became more and more frequent side knocks. Although he was sincere, he always avoided lightness.

Until one day, another woman took the child to come to the door to claim the father and child’s father.

Xiao Ke was shocked.In the past 4 years, except for business trips and the Spring Festival, they live together almost every night.She never found that he had a complete freedom when he had hiding from answering calls or replying to the information.

After several entanglements, he admitted: Yu Xiaoco, love, but more interests.The initial care is entirely of Party B’s care for Party A.He is eager to be free, knowing that Xiao can not tolerate him as his wife, so it is impossible to have a future.

This round is too violent.She quickly entered the marriage, and was introduced by her hometown.

For the current marriage, she lamented: It is a suitable person. If you do n’t get married, you will miss the age of childbearing.

In this city, a house is equipped with a family, living a sad life.

Economy, loyalty, and disease, like a passage, wait in a pile of marriage.

Although it has long been fragmented, most people have chosen tolerance, maintaining the surface calm, and have to trap this siege.

Occasionally, on a deep night, the scars were full of scars to strangers.

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