Story: I found pregnancy after divorce. She secretly gave birth. When her son was 4 years old

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In the Department of Endocrinology, a hospital in Beijing, Tangtang, as the chief doctor, sat for three hours. She couldn’t say how many patients saw this morning, old, few, male, female.

She is out of the clinic every Tuesday, and her tiring waist is soft eyes.Well, in the inpatient department, either family members or patients are followed or surrounded by groups.Tired and happy.

She understands the anxiety of patients and family members, but she does not understand why she cannot prevent it.She treats diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Which of the disagreements are related to emotion?Disagreely related to self -discipline?Eat less, go to bed early, and exercise more. Is it so difficult?Is it so difficult to fight a bit of fighting?

At the door, the assistant was still calling, and when he heard the bustling voice outside, he knew that many people were lined up. It seems that less than 12 o’clock can not stand up.

From 8:30 to 11:30, her butt did not leave the stool. She looked at every patient who came in, and could not care about her back pain.

The assistant next to him was going to the bathroom. There was no way. The patients one after another.

"Okay, go first, let me see a few more."

The little assistant got up and left.

Tangtang saw a doctor, and he was busy opening a list alone.

There was a dark shadow over her head, and she instinctively said: "Please sit, what do you feel?"

The shadow was not moved, Tang Sugar raised his eyes, and his handsome face broke into his eyes. He was still the pair of peach eyes, or the thin lip, and Tangtang trembled, and he was sure that he was not dazzling and opened his eyes in shock.

"Ex -husband" Jin Yan.

I haven’t seen it in five years, and I am still young.Also, where can a 33 -year -old man grow old?Fenghua Zhengmao, like noon sunlight, illuminates the world at once.

Familiar and strange.

She quickly returned to her sourness in her heart, without any emotional colors, and asked, "Seeing a doctor?"

"What do you say?" The corner of the mouth was a sorrowful smile, which was unknown.

"Where does it hurt?"

He pointed his pointed chest, "It hurts here."

"Claim, do you have that thing?" Tang Tang didn’t know how to say such an unprofessional and no standard.

The man’s eyes were deep, "Well, being stolen by someone, come back." There was a little pain in the bottom of his eyes, staring at Tang Tang, and pointed at his head: "It’s not comfortable here."

"Who steals who go, look at his head and go the wrong place." Tangtang looked indifferent and alienated.

"So come to you." He bent over and looked at her. In his amber eyes, Tang Tang saw his pale himself.

"It seems that you have a good life, so you don’t think about it." He aggravated the word behind.

"Joke, who are you Shu?" Sneess, didn’t want to talk nonsense, shouting to the door: "The next place."

The man opened the door, and there were two men in black in the door, like two door gods, and "the next one" was invited away.

Tang Tang was shocked, what about the TV series, and also with a bodyguard?Angry, anxious, puzzled, complex emotions are full of eyes, and whispered: "When you are the boss? This is Beijing, can you do whatever you want?"

The man pulled his mouth, looked at her deeply, and was proud: "You think too much, I don’t pretend to be sick, let them come in, how can I come in?

Tang Tang couldn’t laugh and laughed, and the glasses fell down.

"Now twelve o’clock, you’re going to get off work, go out to eat with me."

Seeing her face slow, he asked, but there was no room for discussion.

The air pressure is low and the breathing is not smooth. She said without thinking and said, "Which onion are you on the green onion, do you want to say it?"

The man narrowed his eyes, shot two refined light, watched Tang Tang’s face from white to red, and suddenly lowered his voice, and got into her ear: "Smake, powerful, onion and garlic.After leaving, what are you sitting, I am accompanied. "The warm atmosphere made her ears itchy, and the aroma of the fruit wood made her intoxicated. What was terrible was that he really sat opposite her.

"Do you … believe me, I call the police?" Tang Tang was obviously insufficient. He would not be entangled five years ago. When did this learn?

"Sister, I didn’t do anything, you will call the police." Jin Yan handed the phone, remembered what, looked at the fingerprint on the screen, picked up her fingers and pressed it. She struggled.I just felt a heat flow on my hand. The power was passed on the body. It was crispy, and my heart was almost jumped out.

The man unbuttoned his fingerprint lock, turned to WeChat to scan, and scanned his QR code. He did not forget to pass the verification on Tangtang’s mobile phone.Pulling his number out in the blacklist of the address book.

In one go, the clouds flow.

BBQ, Tangtang’s brain is blank.


The sun shot directly through the large glass windows, Tangtang’s face was hot, and his eyes were not put on the ground. He wanted to pull the shutter window and see if the two of them were inappropriate.

She subconsciously raised the water cup, gurgled, calm down, and her face started. "I only have an hour for a lunch break, and I have no time to accompany you for dining."

Jin Yan smiled at the corner of his mouth, opened the door and said a few words, returned to the clinic, and got in front of her, "Wife, I miss you, do you miss me?"

Tang Tang seemed to listen to a big joke, haha twice, and sharply: "I miss me? Beijing is not the moon, I don’t come for five years? By the way? By the way, are we all divorced automatically?If you do the formalities, I can cooperate with you. "

Jin Yan’s eyebrows were bulging, his face was dull, and his voice was hoarse: "Five years, I want to come every moment, but I can’t fulfill the promise to you."

Tangtang lowered her eyes, she still couldn’t see him sad, but that commitment was never what she wanted.

She didn’t want to explain, got up, took off her white coat, put on a windbreaker, and was ready to leave.

The door was rang, and his followers came in panting, carrying a few bags in his hand, there were more than a dozen lunch boxes, one by one, sushi, sashimi, and mixed Japanese.

Someone said like me: "I know you haven’t been able to go out, I bought it in the car first."

"Sorry, this is a clinic, not a cafeteria restaurant."

Tangtang took a guest order, opened the door, stood at the door, and waited for him and his followers to go out.

He saw that Tangtang’s face was frosty, and there was no room for mildness. He left the lunch box and left.

Tang Tang wanted to throw it away. Looking at such a good sushi, his son like himself, like himself, likes this small group, so he was not willing.

Thinking of his son, Tang Tang was angry and sad. It turned out that the most angry was not to contact her, but because he did not contact her, and when she was absent from the role of being a father, she always said that when she asked her father.U.K.

This afternoon, Tang Tang felt particularly difficult, a little regretted, did not ask him if he had done well, how the company operated, and why came to Beijing.

Last year, my mother -in -law called and said, "Tang candy, you don’t know, the days when you take the discipline is the most difficult time for Jin Yan, so you can’t care about you.No matter how difficult, he will bear it silently, and he will find a place where no one is injured. "

Tang Tang felt incredible. The divorce signature was forced by her mother -in -law. Why is she telling her about Jin Yan now?

I regret, blame, begged for forgiveness. My mother -in -law didn’t say, Tang Tang didn’t want to ask, her mother -in -law finished, she responded without a response, as if strangers made wrong calls, slamming, hanging.

In any case, her mother -in -law is an elder and does not want to slap her, but does not mean forgive her.

Because the mother -in -law is the figurine of contradictions.

On the wedding night, her mother -in -law stood at the door and said to Tang Tang, "You resign at home for pregnancy."

Tangtang will just be a doctor. He is preparing to take the exam while going to work. He didn’t know Jin Yan for a long time, because he liked each other, he got married.

Tang Tang looked for her husband, and Jin Yan rubbed his wife’s hair and said, "Mom, like her, follow her." Tang Tang was grateful to his understanding.

The mother -in -law snorted, watching the new wedding night, and there was no attack.

The next day, Jin Yan went to the company, and her mother -in -law blocked Tangtang who was going to work: "I heard that you still have to take the exam. When you say ugly, you want to take the test and divorce first."

Tangtang didn’t squeak.

She didn’t wait to see her. She knew that she was more than her son, and then felt that the doctor’s profession was not good. To put it plainly, she didn’t want Jin Yan to marry so early, and she helped her to take care of her company.

Jin Yan said that he was sent abroad by his parents at the age of thirteen. He was called the education of Western nobles. To put it bluntly, his mother did not want to give him energy to control him.The mother was extremely insecure, and she was always afraid of the decline of the old age. She was abandoned by her father and desperately stunned herself. Then, Primary Three became pregnant under her eyelids.

In order to compete for family property, her mother -in -law called Jin Yan back and made her.Jin Yan talked with his father for a long time, and his father agreed to give them one -third of the property, provided by Jin Yan.

Jin Yan stayed in China.He was 23 years old that year.

Why a woman is embarrassed and a woman, ignoring her is the best back to her.


Tang Tang also felt that her mother -in -law was very selfish.

Jin Yan took over one -third of the property was not cash. It was part of the business divided by his father. There were some elderly people from the company who followed, and his father closed his eyes with one eye.The son told Rao, and returned to Britain obeyed.

Tang Tang met at this time with Jin Yan.At that time, he stood by the river and watched the waves of waves of blue waves.Tangtang walked over, and the sunset sketched his slender figure a circle of gold, and his eyes were full of loneliness and loneliness.

For the first time Tang Tang took the initiative to say hello to the boy: "Hi, do you want to drink a drink?"

He smiled and said, "Okay."

When the wine arrived, Jin Yan told her: "I have been back to China for three years, you are my only friend."

poor child……

Later, they often met. Whenever he heard him say who dug a pit for him today, whoever has a ghostly move behind, Tang Tang often replenishes himself into a superman, opens the road for him, meets the water to the bridge, and then do not help him to do it.His left arm and right arms were stunned for him.

That year, Tangtang graduated from graduate and worked as a doctor in the endocrine department of the city hospital.Later, Jin Yan married Tangtang regardless of his mother’s opposition.

After the marriage, her mother -in -law saw that Jin Yan had always been a wife, and she was jealous and extremely abnormal. Tangtang went home at night, and deliberately let her go shopping to not sleep.

Tang Tang begged: "Mom, can you not sleep all night, can you change it all day?"

The mother -in -law said nothing, and picked up the phone and sued: "How can there be such a daughter -in -law who is unwilling to go shopping with the elderly. Sleeping is more important than filial piety?"

Jin Yan was busy, saying to Tang Tang, "Let’s accompany you, Mom is lonely and boring, you understand more."

Tang Tang wanted to say that I was on duty. I didn’t sleep all night. Also, I had to review it, and I took the exam in a few days.However, when he was embarrassed, he was nestled there, and he couldn’t say anything.

For a long time, he said, "Okay."

"I really don’t know what my son looks at you, and the child doesn’t want to give birth. If you have a child to accompany me, do you still use you?" The mother -in -law couldn’t help but continue to arch the fire.

Tangtang has never been the master who comes up, and said with a blutal: "Your son hasn’t seen you accompany him, and he has not been thrown abroad to grow abroad."

Instantly reversed the scales, the mother -in -law cried, and the seventh year of Guzi, the eight hundred years of bran, did not start to count the father -in -law. He cried that he would also graduate from college. He was asked to resign for a child. He was afraid that he would be sent to Britain.

It was a dull morning, despite the sunshine of a house, she was smashed by her mother -in -law’s cry.

Mother -in -law won.

Tang Tang felt that her mother -in -law was difficult to coax, and her energy was too full of energy. She played mahjong, massage, shopping, beauty, which not only had money, but also needed leisure. Tang candy was "idle." She was lacking.

Can’t afford it, can’t afford it, Tangtang hid back to his mother’s house, and never return.Sometimes, Jin Yan will come directly after get off work. He should understand. She is very tired. He is also tired. He is here, and he doesn’t say anything. Hold her, pat the back of her back, give it Her strength is also drawing power.

"Give me a little more time, I will follow the company, give it to my mother, and strip out a new company, that is our future."

At this time, Tang Tang’s heart was cut like a knife. He really hoped that he was his left arm and right arm, so that he would not work so hard.

My mother -in -law was idle, and followed Tangtang’s parents’ house to make trouble.It is her norm, don’t feel it. "

"Thirty after 30, you still have to read a child? This is nothing wrong." This is the most angry thing about mother -in -law.

"Giveting a child, reading is her right, please respect her choice." Tang Tang thanked her mother for not giving up.


On the day I got the doctoral admission notice, her mother -in -law closed her waist, blocked at the door, and delivered a divorce agreement to let her go out to the house.

The scene was a bit embarrassing. When people blocked the house to divorce, let alone Tang candy, that parents could not afford to lose this person.

She called Jin Yan and no one answered.

The mother -in -law was asking her and her parents to face her face, and shouted at the door, so that she would either divorce or not read the blog.

The mother signaled her to sign, and such a mother -in -law would make her daughter suffer, and she was distressed.Tang Sugar called Jin Yan again, and no one answered. For a moment, he felt that he was intentional. It was done with her mother -in -law, and she would not let her read the blog.

Tangtang’s circles were red. She once imagined that he had found a like -minded wife who could help him. He didn’t want to be so hard. However, when he was signed, he was cut like a knife.

She called again, dial repeatedly, and finally, turned off.

After hearing the noisy, neighbors came out to watch the excitement. His father said angrily: "Is it so difficult to sign?"

Tang Tang trembled and fell down.

My mother -in -law always felt that her daughter -in -law valued her property, and the picture was that her family had money. Now, Tangtang hasn’t taken away a penny, and turns satisfactorily and left.

How can she understand that when you are strong enough, he is his own wealth.

Jin Yan had a day of meeting that day. To be exactly, he quarreled with his father for a day. Then, he was drunk and drunk.

Wake up the next day and continue to negotiate with his father. In front of money, family affection is a decoration.

His father hoped that he would return to Britain to continue reading, and he came to take care of business.He knew his father’s intention, and he was still unwilling to make these thirds, and wanted to maximize the benefit.Jin Yan himself didn’t matter, but he knew that his mother would not agree. Moreover, his father had a second son, and the property division was not one third.

The father finally went away.

The mother only showed the divorce agreement a week later, and persuaded her son to divorce by the way.

Jin Yan was angry and signed by Tang Tang. He complained about why she didn’t give herself time.

He went to his mother -in -law’s house, Tangtang had gone to Beijing. The mother -in -law said, "You are calm and calm. She goes to school, you work hard, and you will gather again in four years."

After two months, the mother -in -law’s family also moved away.

He didn’t get entangled, hoping that she would complete his studies with peace of mind.He also wants to cheer, hoping to give himself a new company for Tangtang when you see you.

However, who would have thought that today I look forward to tomorrow. I look forward to next year, and it will be four years.


Tang Tang found that she was pregnant after she started her school. She rented a house outside school, and her parents moved to take care of her.

She is studying medicine in herself. She is pregnant and produces smoothly. Her parents bear all the heavy responsibilities of taking care of their children and her.After graduating, she stayed in Beijing. According to the policy, she had a hukou and bought a small two -bedroom.

Tangtang didn’t feel how difficult it was. His parents’ retirement salary was around 10,000 yuan. She salad higher. Therefore, Jin Yan didn’t find her, and she didn’t contact her.Pregnancy, learning, having children, no contact; looking at children, internships, completing academic studies, no time to contact; more than a year, more than a year, there is no time to do not have friends, and there is no time to think of Jin Yan.

Life is full of galloping, what about that person’s connection?


It is easy to get off work. As soon as I arrived at the parking lot, I saw the car with the Black A. The car was a Land Rover Range Rover.

Tang Tang walked unconsciously, without love, and friendship.

Seeing her past, the door was open, and the expected, Jin Yan stepped down and bent the corner of his mouth.

"Jin Yan, if you are here to divorce, I will cooperate with you. Others, I don’t want to think about it." Tang Tang didn’t know how he would say this, a bit wrong.

He smiled and frozen, and his eyes were deep and cold: "You are still endless. In five years, do you read it? If you want to read, you continue, I will never interfere.","

Tangtang found that there were two invisible wrinkles in the corner of his eyes. Although the skin was still fair, the stubble of the two beacons was clearly visible, and he was so old.The distress came up again. I wanted to look closely. The eyes were a little blurred. I wiped it and was full of tears. She explained: "The light is irritating, and the computer is tired."

In the sky, the sunset is dripping, and the golden light is stacked into a glorious light, and ripples are glowing in their expression.

Jin Yan pursed the corner of his mouth and walked step by step, standing in front of her, his eyes stunned, and his blue waves were rippling.

Tang candy was messy.

"Wife, I haven’t come to you for five years. I am afraid of affecting your learning. I am afraid that you do n’t want to let you read the blog; it’ s even more difficult. It ’s hard to give you a decent answer.See you. Now, I gave her the company’s company, whether the hiring manages, and selling it, follow her. Our own company has no development, there are no hundreds of millions, eight or nine millionThe development momentum is good. "

The point that Tang Tang cares is never the company, okay?

"What about that?" She looked at him, her heart was undulating, but her face was gone.

"I just want to tell you." He was persistent and sincere.

This is not what she wants to hear. Tangtang built quickly, and found the most ruthless words: "Without you for five years, I have lived well, regardless of material or spiritual, Jin Yan, without you and me."

His face was white, and he looked at Tangtang in grievances, watching the sunset flowing on the lines of her neck, glowing with bright light.His years of hard work has never been what she wants, she is like a big tree, she is shelter.

He was no longer needed, never needed by her, and climbed up his body little by little. The frustration made him have no place to make himself complacent, and he couldn’t say anything.With a sudden sinking, the person squeezed down, feeling that the wife in front of him was so strange, three -pointers, disdainful, and four unsatisfactory emotions.

Jin Yan was silent, his expression was lost, and he felt like a joke. He always wanted to get a good grade. For many years, he did not look at the score.Now she is a doctor at Beijing Hospital and Beijing, how could she care about him.

He turned, left silently, smiled down the mountain, and retreated Xia to the night.

Tangtang’s circles are red, and I blame myself why I want to make a cocoon?

She hoped that he turned around and saw her reluctance. She was in her heart and blocked her heart for five years, covering it with strong strength.Looking back, look at her tears, her ears are not necessarily true, look at it with her eyes.This lack of virtue really launched the car.

Lost the soul all the way.

Tang Tang went home, and when he saw his son, he took out the various sushi brought back. Looking at the red fish seeds, yellow eels, large pieces of salmon, crushed tuna, green seaweed, watching his son, watching his sonCheering, she did not say for the first time, "Eat less, I’m going to sleep immediately."

My mother looked at her eyes, suspicious: "Do you buy?"

"Well, what about dad today?" Tang Tang quickly opened the topic, and she was afraid that her mother would continue to ask.

"High blood pressure, high blood sugar, confused, dizzy." My mother replied worriedly.

"Don’t forget to take the antihypertensive medicine, eat more vegetables, or let your dad exercise more. After sending Jin Jin to the kindergarten during the day, you will accompany your dad to bend in the community.

My mother thought about it, for a long time, and said, "This is the older, but you are all five years old. It’s been five years. I always tell Jin Jin’s father in the UK.You are too late to regret it. "

Tangtang’s expression was dull, and soon picked up a sushi and handed it to his mother: "Mom, you also taste it, delicious, not on the weekend, I will take you to eat."

The son gobbled, Tangtang carefully handed the lemonade, wiped the sauce on the child’s mouth, and finally hugged his son tightly.

The mother sighed, and her daughter had never let go of Jin Yan. She knew it. She also had a good impression of her aunt, but the mother was so strange that her daughter could not deal with it.Essence

Her daughter did not go back to go through the formalities or find it again for five years. She still remembered Jin Yan, but they were all on their parallel line and could not find the cross point.Tangtang has always been an opinion -oriented person and does not want to interfere too much. The mother swallowed what she wanted to ask.


The night is a bit long, Tang Tang never feels such annoyance and insomnia.She sat up and stared at her son’s face for a long time, similar to Jin Yan, the eyebrow, the shape of the lip, and Jin Yan.

He didn’t know that he had a four -year -old son.

She even made up for him to know what kind of expression was after having a son, was shocked or scared?Like or not?

Now, she is very good in Beijing, her career has risen, her life is stable, and she has never thought of returning to Harbin, let alone let Jin Jin go back.And his career is not here, and he can’t ask him to give up his career.

This may be the reason why she couldn’t say.

She picked up her mobile phone, opened WeChat, and found his name. There was a blank in the circle of friends. There were no traces. What would she add?

Turning around in the evening, there was no news. Could you go back to Beijing?

She was a little bit troubled and looked at the blank page of the mobile phone.

She didn’t know that Jin Yan stood downstairs for six hours.

He followed him from a distance. Looking at her up, he didn’t come down. He looked at the community. It should be counted as Beijing’s mid -range community. The environment is elegant and the geographical location is good. She lives well. Without him, she lives well.

Although he is a boss, in Beijing, he is a drop of water, and he will dry up a little carelessly.She is not the same. She is a doctor. Her photos hang on the promotion board of the hospital lobby. The above introduces: Doctor of Medicine, devoted himself to studying endocrine majors and outstanding results.

She seems to be more successful than him, just like she said, no matter the spirit or material, she can do it?

He was happy and sad.Happy yourself, you can have no concern, sad you have never been concerned.

The chest has always been dull, as if overwhelming, and it is difficult to jump every time.He touched the cigarette, trembling and ignited.

After she left, he learned to smoke, and planned to see her from quitting smoking in the first half of the first month. She was a doctor and hated the smell of smoke.

He took a big mouth and sucked, and the hot smoke cooled him up. After a while, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, he felt that his mouth was salty, opened his mouth, and sprayed his blood. When he saw the blood on the ground, he dizzy and consciously disappeared one second before, and he sent a voice: "Wife, save me …"

Tang Tang was stunned, and suddenly saw a sentence jumping out of the phone, and the subconscious point opened: "Wife, save me …"

Then the deficiency and helplessness seemed to be dumped and shaken.She immediately got out of bed and dressed, rushed out of the house like she was crazy, and went straight to the door of the community.

In fact, she didn’t know where to save him.

Fortunately, there was a circle of people around the entrance of the community, picked up everyone, and saw Jin Yan, who had a pale face.

In Beijing late at night, there were still flowing flows. Seeing a man with blood and fainting on the ground, a good citizen had gathered around and called 120.

She put him calmly on the ground, touched his pulse, and did not have much abnormality. He began to breathe manually. A few times, he opened his eyes and saw Tang Tang, hugged, fearing that she would run away.Hold tightly and murmured, "Wife, wife …"

"Where do you feel uncomfortable?" Tang Tang asked him anxiously.

"Here, isn’t it?" He pointed at his heart, his eyes were grieving and innocent.

"Why are you here?" Tang Tang rolled over thunder.

"Come with you from get off work."

"Are you always here?" Tang Tang asked in surprise.

"Um." He lowered his eyes, like a child who did something wrong.

Tang Tang wanted to say: Are you stupid and feel a little ambiguous and didn’t say it.It happened that the ambulance came, and everyone in the emergency room knew Tang candy. Dr. Tang grew up with Dr. Tang short. Jin Yan knew that she was a dust in Beijing herself, and she was beautiful and beautiful.

He had a smile on his eyes, and the whole person relaxed.

After checking it, the lungs shocked the capillaries because of severe cough, without any major hindrance, and the injection could be eliminated.

Let go of it, it is already bright. Tangtang went to the cafeteria to buy him breakfast.White rice porridge, eggs, steamed buns, it was inconvenient to see him with a needle. He wanted to feed him.Tang Tang was stunned. Except for that hug, he has always been alienated. The key is that he has no idea, and it is not good at Zhang Junyi’s face.

"You are smoking stimulation, coupled with severe cough, the capillaries are ruptured, there is no big problem." She wanted to say: I don’t need to leave this life away, and I have no exit.

She wants to go to work and ask him, "What about those two people brought? Let them accompany you."

"I hired, one day Wu Bai."

Tangtang couldn’t cry again. What have been growing in the past five years? Have you ever been wrinkled?


At noon, Tangtang hurried over. Dr. Wang of the emergency department in the morning said that Jin Yan had a shadow in the liver of the liver, suspecting the tumor.

I was used to seeing the old and sick, but it was Jin Yan’s head, and Tang Tang’s heart kept trembling slightly. To this end, his face was pale and his tears flickered.

Jin Yan semi -eyes, her expression was calm, and her side faces were soft, which was completely relaxed.

When I heard the footsteps, I opened my eyes, and saw the tension of Tangtang’s red candy, and looked a little bit.

"In the afternoon, do the liver again again."

"Need not."

"Do you want to notify your mother to come?"

"Need not."

"Your company’s employees can also."

"No. I was discharged from the hospital in the afternoon and then went back."

Tang Tang looked at him, and suddenly felt that he knew everything, and knew everything before he came to Beijing, so he came to see her.

"Do you know, right?" Tang Tang looked at him coldly, watching the fog bit in the eyes of peach blossoms little by little.

For a long time, he squeezed out his voice in his throat: "I’m sorry, I just want to see you, so I ran to hang your number and go to your clinic."

He seemed to be weak, and he was weak like a baby in the puppet. Tangtang’s heart was softened. He slowly stood up and walked to the window. The sun was just right and the breeze was not dry.

"Since they are all coming to Beijing, check it once. No biopsy, no one can determine the occupation. Also, even if it is really, the volume is not large, and the surgery is enough."

Jin Yan looked at Tang Tang’s eyes, his voice was low: "You know I’m afraid of injections, let alone surgery, and you can faint when you see blood."

"Forgot to ask you, when did you learn to smoke? You can’t smoke your body now."

Jin Yan didn’t say that after she left, he insomnia, and used smoke to send time.

"Tangtang, don’t be angry with my mother. At the age of twenty -five, she married my dad, thinking that she was worried about marrying into the giants for a lifetime. She didn’t expect to be dumped by my dad. She thought she was old and declined.After that, she said it was incompetent. "

Jin Yan cleared his throat, raised a little sound, and continued: "I think I am incomparable, I always want to do some achievements, and my career has achieved achievements to you, but I do not do it well at all." He gently gently gentlySighing, "Tangtang, I’m tired, so drive out, I will go to Tibet, Ganzi, Xinjiang after watching you."

Tang Tang understood that he gave up his life and even life, and he was explaining his funeral.

What did he experience in the past five years?

At the age of thirteen, he was not in China. At the age of 23, he came back to take over one -third of his father’s business. In the face of various difficulties, he was disappointed with affection. I am afraid that outsiders could not feel the same.

Maybe he was unwell. He was curved with his body, covering his chest with one hand, his eyes confused and empty.Tang Tang’s unable to say, like overturning Wuwei bottle, she would rather see him who went to the clinic "fox fake tiger prestige" yesterday, and did not want to see such a weak Jin Yan today.

The TV series did not perform that.

However, this is reality. He wants to have a successful career, but he finds that he has nothing to do with it. Then, he was sick and felt that he was not fake for the years. He was short long, and came to see her, and then the waves.

This play is vulgar enough.

After Tang Tang’s heart was built, he picked up his ears and broke his hair. Don’t go behind his ears, he stared at him and said, "People know that people eat grain grains, who will not get sick, I have seen too many difficulties in the hospital, I have seen too many difficulties in it.Miscellaneous disease, cannot be cured, but you are lucky, even if you are cancer, you can treat it through surgery. "

"Don’t always feel that you are tired, you are unfortunate, at least you still have the cost of your parents to fight, how many people start from scratch, and then the blood is not as good as you see. The first four years you can’t see, I can’t see it.Writing a dissertation while taking the child while taking the child, do you think that the doctor is writing homework in class? It is more difficult than the college entrance examination. "

Jin Yan suddenly opened his eyes, sat up, and asked, "Tang candy, you say children …"

"Oh, forgot to tell you that when I left home, I was pregnant. I was a boy, called Jin Jin." Tang Tang pretended to be relaxed, bent the corner of his mouth, and looked at the surprise man, hoping that he could see a good doctor and regain.Confidence, who makes the rescue and wounds is a doctor’s duty.


Jin Yan was completely out of control. He hugged Tang Tang and was unparalleled: "When do we have children … when do we do … why don’t you tell me?"

Regardless of Tangtang, he disagreed, grabbed his mobile phone, opened the album, and the screen was full of that small version of himself.

After the divorce, she found that she was pregnant. She secretly gave birth. When her son was 4 years old

Tang Tang heard it seemed to open the gate to put water, tears flowing.Don’t you feel good to bring your children?Isn’t it difficult to live?Why is a wife who is wronged and grievances?

For a while, sorry, Jiao Xun looked for supplements, and said, "Do you have to see a doctor?"

His eyes contained waves and affectionate models. The vibrant thing was resurrected little by little, and blood returned little by little. His son was his best medicine.

Soon, Jin Yan’s minimally invasive biopsy was performed.But his parents came here. Although he was tearing for a long time for the property, he knew that Jin Yan was sick but he was suspicious.

The saddest thing was his father, a energy regretted himself, and regretted that he listened to Xiao San’s words.Jin Yan’s mother secretly told Tang Sugar that the child of Xiao San was not Jin Yan’s father, and Jin Yan’s father ran away Xiao San.Watching her mother -in -law was gloating, Tangtang had no waves.

"Tangtang, I am envious of you, and it is better to rely on yourself. You don’t know. In those years, I particularly have no sense of security, beauty, shopping, fitness, and thought that beauty can retain men, and almost no son has not kept it."

But what does it have to do with me?

Watching Jin Yan’s parents took care of Jin Yan’s heart, Tang Tang didn’t feel anything, but felt that he had completed a major event and was relaxed.Later, I thought about it, um, let go, let go of the past.

After the in -laws knew Jin Jin’s existence, I always wanted to see the child. Tangtang didn’t agree. When she was sick, she really thought about bringing the child. Now it’s okay, she doesn’t want to. Jin Jin has never seen his father, so wait forOne opportunity, maybe Jin Yan, maybe who else, who knows.

Strangely, this time the in -laws were obedient and did not insist on watching the child anymore.Jin Yan did not ask, as long as he had some photos of the child, please ask Tangtang to pass a few pictures to him on a regular basis.

The day before they were leaving, Tangtang visited in the past, walked to the door of the ward, and heard Jin Yan’s voice. He said, "Dad, mom, don’t bother Tangtang anymore.In five years, we don’t know the existence of the child. Whenever we care about her, how can we not know Jin Jin? You see it, the child is very good, in Beijing, she is also very good.What can do is don’t bother her anymore. "

His mother asked, "Are you divorced?"

"Go back and do it. Before you left, I was afraid that she could not inherit the inheritance. Now there is Jin Jin, I should have the formalities with her."

Tangtang is in place. It turned out that he thought so.His love is deep and not revealed, like the sea of stars.

Tang Tang looked affectionately, and the rising sun was on his face. He was full of the charm of being polished by years, as if the past was full of stories, mature and profound.

Tang Tang tears.

On the day he was discharged, he did not say goodbye. Tang candy sneaked over and saw that he left his parents to leave. He said on WeChat, "Take time, we handle the divorce procedures."

She didn’t return.

Tangtang watched the Land Rover Range Rover out of the hospital. At that moment, all the scenery faded the color because of his departure.(Original title: "There is a kind of love can come back")

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