Story: I found pregnancy after divorce. She gave birth to a child by herself. Five years later

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Nanhu High School is about to hold a century -old celebration. Wang Zhen, the head of the senior high school, let me return to the school to write scripts for the video promotional video.

Taking advantage of the school on Saturday, the school was on vacation. I led Su Zhengyi to the hometown of the hometown. The little guy was curious, looking around, and the little mouth kept talking.

"Yuebao, who is the person in the photo? Is it my biological father?"

"He has no father Su and Yan Yan’s handsome."

"Huh? Yuebao I found you, you are here!"

This is the glorious list. The students on behalf of the school participated in the competition and won the prize.

At that time, I transferred to school, and for a while, I accidentally saw the photo of the man on the list, and secretly determined to occupy a place on this list.Later, it was successfully on the list with many national composition competition awards.

When I touched the corner of my eyes, I bent slightly and pointed at a building in the distance and said, "You see, that’s the place where Dad is in class."

He raised his head and asked, "How about you? Are you there?"

I shook my head: "That’s Shaohua Tower, my mother’s classroom is in Fangfei Tower."

His eyes turned, and his eyes were full of gossip, "At that time, are you falling in love right?"

I gritted my teeth and said, "At that time, your dad was falling in love with other little girls. I resolutely, no … don’t want him."

He said, "Yuebao, are your resolute only three seconds?"

Anxiety, it is indeed someone’s son, and at a young age, he has a blood -seeking ability.

I squatted down and said, "This is not the point … What my mother wants to say is that the world is unpredictable, just with the fate."

As a mother, I naturally hope that Su Genpin can "have something to do, wish to achieve something" in my life, but the world is impermanent, and the blessing is everywhere. I hope he is still indifferent when he is frustrated.

Probably the emotions I made into infection made the little guy. He suddenly put his fat hands on my shoulder and asked carefully: "Do you miss him?"

Me: "…" The sudden soul torture made me not know how to answer, thinking or not.

"Let’s go to eat fried chicken, okay?" He picked his most seductive topic to transfer his attention. He really couldn’t care about everything when he heard it.Tell me, the one is the best at the school gate. Hurry up, otherwise you have to line up. "

He is like someone, and only the nature of love to eat junk food follows me.When I was in school, I had to eat fried chicken for the first meal. After all, I ate chickens.

For only the original fried chicken and two cups of orange juice, Su Zhengpu was full of oily, and the clothes hung a little bit of tomato sauce, which was satisfied.

I feel that the taste is not as good as before. I don’t know if the taste has changed or the mood has changed.

"Liangyue?" Suddenly a gentle voice passed into the ears.

I looked up, Su Yan and Lu Yan stood side by side, and my heart was stunned. One Yushu was in the wind and a dignified and gentle.

As a screenwriter, I wrote countless dog blood clips that cheated the tears of the little girl.

At this moment, it was my turn to play. I only felt that my head was light, my breathing was chaotic, and my hand holding Cola kept shaking. The physiological strong response made me clearly realize that I was not dreaming.

Su Yan is back!

But for him, I am not a dreamy heroine, just a stumbling block that hinders him to a happy life, a female partner with a stick.

I said, "Brother, sister, my sister, but I didn’t expect to meet you here? It’s really good."

Fate, I hope it is not another sin.

Lu Yan smiled and said, "Yes, the principal just talked about you just now, but I did not expect that it would meet. I heard that you just won the Best Screenwriting Award, great. This son also has it.It’s. "

To be honest, although it is a rival, I can’t get up with Lu Yanzhen. She looks beautiful, has a good learning, raised her hands and is noble and elegant. She is a recognized goddess of school flowers.

The love story of the wealthy son and the goddess of the Peace School of Peace School moved the schoolmates, but he could not move the Su family.

The Su family does not need any school flower goddess, but only wants a Miss Qianjin who can add tiles to Su Jia’s great cause.

Lu Yan was a proud person, and finally chose to leave and went to France to study.Under the despair of Su Yan, the broken jar was broken, and I promised to marry me the money for this halfway.

Su Yan came over and looked at Su genuine and asked, "Where do you come from?"

I said with a smile: "Picked it in the ground."

He asked again, "Where is the land? I will pick it up too."



The ringtone of the mobile phone suddenly sounded. At first glance, Gu Shenshan, I pressed the connection button.


"School back door."

"Seeing him?"


"Do you talk to your ex -husband or go home?"

"Go home home."

"Five minutes later, see the main door."

I laughed and said, "Brother, sister, we are gone first, and the family is urging. Su Chongyou said goodbye to his uncle and aunt."

"His surname is Su?" Su Yan’s inquiry tone made my heart nodded and nodded, "Yeah, coincident, his father was called Su Yue Ran."

Lu Yan nodded with a smile, "Go", Su Yan said nothing, his eyes were heavy, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

I didn’t have time to ponder. I ignored Su Genpin’s eyes and reluctantly, and took him and left. After all, Gu Shenshan’s strange temper. If you until later, he can think of you.

After getting in the car, Gu Shenshan glanced at Su Zhengpu. Seeing that he was no different from usual. "Baby, fried chicken is delicious?"

Su Chongpu laughed like a little sun and said, "It would be delicious if it can be packed home. Well, I love you."

Gu Shenshan smiled and said, "I don’t have fried chicken, you don’t love me."

Back to Gu’s house, Su Chongyou went to find grandpa, and Gu Shenshan asked me to go to the study with him.

"Why are you so coincidentally? You have met, do you still plan to tell him all the time?"

I shook my head confused, "Let’s go!"

There are many coincidences in the world, and sometimes they can’t distinguish them. Whether it is a care of fate or a prank.

I remembered my mother, and I didn’t expect that our mother and daughter had the same fate of love.

From my memory, my mother often mentioned her father with me. She always said with a smile that he looked very good, wrote a good word, and taught her to paint.

Whenever I ask, where is he?A Niang was silent, her eyes were sad.

When I grew up, I put together those fragmented memories to have a Qiong Yao drama -like story.

In short, my father was unexpectedly assigned to our hometown and fell in love with my mother.Later, he would return to the city and let my mother wait for him. When he was settled, he sent someone to pick her up.

This is 17 years, and half of the shadow was seen.

After my father left, my mother found that she was pregnant. She insisted on giving birth to me regardless of her family’s opposition.Fortunately, she is a sister in the family. The three brothers above love her very much, and have always helped to take care of our mother and daughter.

Because I did n’t have a daughter, I loved me in particular and looked at me as my biological daughter. Therefore, I had no interest in the father who lived in my mother and my mouth.A Niang enjoys blessings.

However, in the 17 -year -old winter, a teenager from the north rewritten my destiny inadvertently. At that time, I really hated his mouthful.

On that day, I went to the second dinner with A Niang, and suddenly a teenager helped an old gentleman visit.

They are not others. It is Su Yan and his grandfather Su Zheng. They are here to discuss the purchase of the medicinal materials with my second concubine.

There are not so many rules in the village. They talk about the business, and I sit on one side to watch TV and catch up with "Deep Love in Love".Come to a woman double.

After a while, I suddenly felt that I was looking at me and looked sideways. Su Yan was looking at me.

snort!Playboy with no skin and face!

I turned around, continued to watch TV, and destroyed the flowers in my mind.

"The jade Pei on your body is from the Gu family?" Su Ban asked suddenly.

When Lao Su saw him like this, he coughed: "Su Yan, do you do it well? It’s not polite! Express and apologize to the sister."

Su Yan took a step back and said slightly, "Sorry, the jade on your neck, I have seen it on a Gu Bobo, so I am curious."

Coincidentally, my mother came out of the kitchen and listened to him, pulling him sharply, and asked excitedly: "Are you talking about it? Do you know him? Have you really seen this jade pendant?"

Erji said: "Qian Xi, you are loosened, don’t scare Mr. Xiao Su."

Su Yan was scared, and said stutteringly, "Yes … it is Uncle Gu Jia also wearing one."

"What is his name?"

"Gu … Gu … Gu Liansheng."

My mother -in -law was red, loosened, and looked at Su Lao and said, "Mr. Su, when you return to Haijin, can you help bring the little girl to see him?"

"This …" Su Lao was hesitant, and for many years, he probably guessed the story, and did not want to go to this muddy water.

Seeing Su Lao hesitant, A Niang looked at Su Yan again and said, "Mr. Xiao, can you take her? Just see it, we have no other meaning."

Er I looked at my mother and said, "Please ask Mr. Su Lao. I also have friends in Haijin. After seeing it, I asked my friends to pick up the niece and not bother you. This season, the medicinal materials you orderedI collect a half price. "

Merchants, as long as it is profitable, it will be discussed. Su Lao agreed, but clearly stated that when I saw Gu Liansheng, I could not mention the Su family, so as not to affect the relationship between the two.

No one asked me if I would like to go to a strange place, and see someone who is strange to me except the name.

However, no matter whether I want, I finally compromised under the eyes of A Niang, took the luxury cars of Su Yan’s family, and went to Haijin together.

Originally intended to see Say Hi secretly, and then said good bye.

I did n’t know, and then there were many accidents.


In the evening, after listening to the bedtime story, Su Chuyou still refused to sleep, hugged my arm, and twisted.

I reached out and hugged him on the leg and said, "What’s wrong? Men’s husband, how do you look like a little girl?"

He stared at his eyes and looked up at me, "Is the uncle of the fried chicken shop, my father?"

After listening to him, I was sore in my heart and felt that I was negligible. It was time to talk to him.

I nodded seriously and said, "Yes, he is your biological father, called Su Yan. We have been married for two years and later separated."

"Yuebao, I don’t like him, he is a bit fierce."

"Moreover, Dad Su said, when I grow up, I have to make a lot of money to spend a lot of money for my parents. I already have two dads, and I will have one. Well, what can I do when I grow up?"

Me: "…" I couldn’t laugh and laugh, and the child’s focus was obviously inherited.

Three days later, the video of the century -old celebration was officially started. First, I took some scenery and then took some alumni.

"Olympic! I know you, you are the girl in the photo, the beautiful Chinese moon." Alumni Liu Junfeng’s American wife suddenly told me a Chinese that I didn’t understand, and her face was excited.

As a state of etiquette, I smiled politely and nodded desperately, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

Liu Junfeng came over and held his wife, and said with a smile, "President Su, now it is here, it seems that it has been pushed away from the afternoon meeting."

When Mrs. Liu saw Su Yan, it was even more excited, and pointed at me and said English.

As soon as I asked Xueba to translate, the other party left with his wife, and was tired of going to the pavilion.

"What did he say, and I didn’t do anything to lose our Chinese face?" I asked.

Su Yan turned his head and said, "Nothing. Let’s go to the classroom to shoot."

The set of sunset fell on his face, and the light and shadow was crossing. I seemed to see two red clouds floating across his face.

At the end of the shooting, he came over and said, "Let’s eat together, I heard … you will go back soon."

We went to the Yanyu Tower. This shop is quiet, and it is southern dishes. It is very good for my stomach. I don’t have much food. After marriage, it is almost our cafeteria here.

The boss still remembers us and asked with a smile: "Mr. Su, Mrs. Su, why haven’t you come for so long?"

"Boss Yang, I’m not Mrs. Su." I blurted out.

Su Shi asked, "Aren’t you Mrs. Su?"

I just wanted to say, "Of course not", and suddenly remembered that my person was married to the second marriage and married Su Yanli. He was busy explaining: "The boss said Su, is the Su family of Haijin Su family."

According to the old rules, the four vegetables and one soup, the meat and vegetables accounted for half. In addition, Su Yan asked for a bottle of plum wine.

After serving, I buried my head and ate it. The tip of the tongue felt the familiar taste. Some familiar feelings followed. I scooped a bowl of soup for him, "Don’t just drink, drink this warmth."

Su Yan smiled and put down the wine glass, "Hmm … How about Uncle Gu?"

"Okay, it’s old."

"I heard, are you writing a new script recently?"

My eyebrows picked: "President Su, is interested in investing?"

Once and back, the two people seem to have a long -time old friend, and the atmosphere is harmonious.

I rely on acting skills to support the scene. I have been in love in front of me for 7 years. I have been married for two years. Today, I still love him. How can he be a friend.

I love him, but he doesn’t love me, so those affection can only be buried deeply.

Su Yan: "Considering … He … is he … is it good to you?"

I nodded and said, "Okay. This time because of work, he didn’t come together. How about you? How about you and sister?"

As soon as I finished speaking, Su Yan put the bowl and said vigorously: "I’m not good with her!"

"Why don’t you believe it? In France, she really met with her and just lived in a hotel."

As soon as he erupted the volcano, he instantly burned a big hole in the friendly and harmonious atmosphere. It seems that the meal is not enough. I picked up the bag and said, "I don’t believe it, and our divorce has nothing to do with that matter."

As soon as I turned around, he dragged me back, and his eyes were red like two red fireballs. I saw my cheeks hot. "You are drunk, I find a driver to send you back."

He said with a swaying head: "I’m not drunk. Liangyue, you hate me, blame me, give birth to me, right?"

I shook my head and said, "No, I didn’t blame you, and I didn’t hate you. I just felt that I was not lucky.

The love of each other pays attention to the time and the place, and this requires luck.

If I know him one step than Lu Yan, everything may be different.Unfortunately, there is no if life.

"Lie, you little scammer. You lie! You must be angry, you must have determined what I have with her, otherwise how can you even see me at first and resolutely divorce. But, I really really want to divorce.No … why don’t you believe me. "

His eyes seemed to be grieving, and I was so sad.At the beginning, it was because of love that I didn’t choose.

I found driving on behalf of him, got him in the car, and asked, "Miss, where?"

I froze all at once and patted his face: "Hurry up, what are you living now?"

It is said that drunkenness still wakes up three points. He grabbed my hand and said, "Of course, living in our house, even the Jiang villa. Why do you even forget that you even have home …"

When I arrived at the villa, I drove me into the house and got him on the bed. He fell asleep as soon as he stained the pillow.

I shouted twice "Su Yan" and he didn’t respond. Looking at his sleeping face, he couldn’t help but reach out his eyebrows.

Actually, I really didn’t lie to him, and I always believed in him.

Six years ago, he went to France for a business trip. After three days, someone suddenly revealed that the heir of the Su Sheng Group and the first love of the first love girlfriend, romantic dating, old love re -burns, videos and photos of the hotel were overwhelming.

When he saw the report, he called me immediately and told me that they had nothing, and he returned to China immediately.

I said, okay.

After hanging up the phone, I took a divorce agreement signed to Gu Shen Shan, asked him to transfer it to him, and go through all the divorce procedures on behalf of me.

Gu Shenshan said, he is not like that, let me believe in him, and make a decision after he returns.

I shook my head and said, "Did you see the photo on the Internet? He looked at Lu Yan, smiled and brilliant, and was so happy. But, for two years we got married, I felt that he was tired and tired."

Although he married me, he did not like himself, but he has always played a good husband after marriage.

Holidays, gifts, the sense of ritual and gentle physical stickers have never fallen.

It’s just that kind of absent -minded care that makes me feel like a cage like a cage, trapped him, and trapped me.

When I was married to him, I was looking forward to changing everything and trying to change everything, but when I saw that photo, I knew I failed.

He played too hard, and I loved too tired.

So, I chose to let go, let him go, and let myself go.


Originally planned to return to Harry after the school celebration. I did not expect that on the day of the leaving, Gu Liansheng suddenly fainted at home. I quickly called out the phone and called the ambulance, and called Gu Shenshan.Mrs. Gu.

"Oh! Grandpa … oh oh …" Su Chung -tie saw Gu Shenshan, who rushed to the hospital, finally cried.

Gu Shenshan picked him up and coaxed him for a while, then let people send him back, turned around and looked at me and said, "It’s okay, I just asked the doctor, I am old, and I have been tired recently."

Suddenly, the ringtone of the mobile phone sounded that the company had urgent things to go to Shen Shan to go. I asked him to deal with it first. He arranged a nursing worker and hurriedly left.

It didn’t take long for Gu Shenshan to leave, Su Yan came. He squatted on the ground, leaned his head, his face was full of scum, his eyes were deep, and he seemed to be tired and tired.

Me: "Are you sick? Don’t drink so much alcohol, you must be healthy."

He nodded and asked, "Are you afraid? Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, this hospital is the best, a bunch of experts in the city."

I shook my head, "It wasn’t the first time I saw him fainting, once he was born, and he was familiar with it." He said with tears.

When he arrived in Haijin that year, Su Yan secretly met Gu Liansheng to meet me in a teahouse.

He asked me, "Is you nervous?"

I said, "Not nervous, just a little scared."

"What are you afraid of? I’m afraid he doesn’t recognize you?"

I shook my head and learned that Hua Wulu had a long face: "My mother is afraid of seeing him, I am afraid that he has forgotten her, and my life is empty. I?Live, use the nirvana. Kill the world with the heart of the world. "

After listening, I saw Su Yan’s strange look of knowledge.

However, the development of the plot was unexpected. As soon as Gu Liansheng listened to my introduction, when he saw my jade, he shouted "Qian Xi" and fainted.

At the entrance of the ward, when Mrs. Gu knew my identity, she screamed and pointed out: "How are you doing this evil species? What are you doing?

Su Yan guarded me behind me and said, "Aunt Gu, don’t misunderstand. She just came to see, there is no other meaning."

Even if he said so, Mrs. Gu still pointed at me and kept scolding. There was no way. Su Yan took me to sit in the hospital garden.

He opened his mouth and wanted to comfort me. I smiled and said to him with a smile: "It’s okay, she is just afraid. I just want to help me get a answer. As for myself, I have no expectations for others. Without expectations, I have no harm to hurt","

Later, Gu Liansheng woke up and called me named me. Although Mrs. Gu was unwilling, she had no choice.

"Are you good … is she okay?" Gu Liansheng’s face was pale, I don’t know if it was scared.

I nodded and shook my head again.

I said, "She asked me to ask you, did she forget her?"

Gu Liansheng bowed his head and said, "I don’t forget."

"Don’t forget? Why didn’t you pick her up?"

This time he was silent, and he didn’t say a word for a long time.

I clenched the jade in my hand and said, "Just forget it. She is afraid you can forget it."

I don’t want to understand those rich and complicated interests.Now I have completed the task and just want to go back earlier.

Later, A Niang died unexpectedly. Before leaving, she murmured: "Lianlin … Link …"

I held her hand, shed tears, and told her again and again, "He didn’t forget you … he didn’t forget you … he did not forget you … A Niang, you want to support it, he is here to pick you up","

However, A Niang did not wait for him after all.

When Gu Liansheng came to Harry, she died.Also with him, the eldest son of Su Yan and Gu Liansheng Gu Shenshan.

After cooking Aiang’s funeral, Gu Liansheng told the uncle that he wanted to take me back home.

The uncle said that everything depends on my will.

I didn’t want to follow them, squeezed into the Gu family who didn’t belong to me, and carefully discussed life.

One night before they left, I found Su Yan and thanked him for taking care of me in Haijin. At that time, he didn’t say goodbye to him.

Su Yan: "Liangyue, I think you should go with us. I have seen what you write. You have talent in this regard. You should go to a wider world and realize your dreams. Don’t live up to yourself."

That night’s bright moonlight spilled his body. I felt that every word he said was glowing, a heartbeat was very powerful, and the whole body cells were boiling. Except for my mother, I had the first kind of people who wanted to hug a person alone.The impulse.

So, I decided to chase the light.


Su Yan stayed with me in the hospital for a day and answered a few calls in the middle. I asked him to be busy. He said "It’s okay", and I didn’t say anything again.

I was reluctant to leave him, and he didn’t feel so panic with him.


The next day, Gu Liansheng woke up a lot, but the doctor suggested that he was hospitalized for a few days. After all, he was old.

Mrs. Gu hadn’t returned yet, so I took Su Zhengpu to the hospital every day to accompany him.

Su Yan came to the hospital every day, or in the morning or afternoon, sometimes left for a few minutes, and sometimes stayed for a long time.After a long time, Su Zhengyi was familiar with him and became liked him. When he saw him, he pulled him and said.

I didn’t talk to him very much. He was happy when he came, but he didn’t dare to be too happy.

Most of the time, I was holding a notebook on the side. The script I wrote before was suddenly notified to change it because the lines were too long and the actors couldn’t remember it.

Oh, this brain capacity is too small.

In my heart, my heart was hot, and my face was still polite. After all, I wrote for half a year and hoped to shoot it. "Yes, the words are not enough and powerful."

Hum, he wrote him dumb.

On this day, Su Ban took Su Genpin to buy snacks downstairs. Gu Liansheng suddenly said: "Liangyue, I think Su Yan is different from before?"

I looked up, "What is the difference?"

"It’s up to you, these days, come here every day."

I laughed and said, "He came to see you, and I told him that I was married. I guess that 80 % of him looked at Gu Shenshan’s demon."

"You child, A Shen knows that he is not anxious to follow you. Anyway, I think the genuine product looks more and more like Su Yan. The temper of the father and son is also very good."

"Suchukin’s bear child really doesn’t grow. I am so righteous Miao Hong, he doesn’t follow me!"

"You just sting. Su Yan is a good child. If you can reunite in the family, I just have a face to see your mother."

As he said, the door was suddenly pushed away. Su Yan led Su Zhengyou back. I shook in my heart and looked at him nervously. Seeing that he had no special response, I thought he probably didn’t hear it.

I haven’t thought about it yet, how to tell him, we have a 5 -year -old child …

After a while, Su Yan got up and said that she was going to leave, and Gu Liansheng asked me to take him downstairs.

"You sent me back that day?" Su Yan asked, I nodded.

He seems a little happy, "Is the clothes you changed to me?"

I shook my head and said, "Drive to change. Have you forgotten? I have been married."

His face was red and white for a moment, and finally his face was black, and he walked away with his long legs.

Mr. Su was disappointed without being robbed?


Four days later, Gu Liansheng was discharged from the hospital, and I led Su Genpin to Harry.

Su Yan insisted on driving to take us to the airport.

When I got out of the car, I might never see it again. I leaned over and said to Su Zhengpin, "Go to hug Uncle and say goodbye to him."

The little guy ran over, holding Su Yan’s neck and said, "Uncle, we are going back. You have time to come to Harry to find me to play Olympics!"

Su Yan nodded with a smile.

It’s really enviable.

I also want to run over, hug him fiercely, tell him, I think he thinks, I really think, I think.

However, I was scared, scared, I said it, in exchange for his embarrassment.

It’s time to get in, Su Yan sent us to the boarding gate, looked at me for a while with a weird look, and left a sentence "regret" and left.

Looking at his stand -up back, I took out my mobile phone and took a picture.

After 4 hours of flight and took another half an hour of bus, we finally returned to Harry, and I saw Su Yan standing in black standing at the village entrance.

Seeing him shouted happily: "Dad Su, I miss you so much, saying that Dad didn’t come? He said, to bring me overlord dragon."

Su Yan rubbed his mushroom head and said, "He made you delicious at home, let’s go home first."

As soon as I entered the door, Yanjin rushed out with a spatula and pointed at me, "Do you know how to come back? I haven’t even called for a long time after walking. I think we have no feelings.

I smiled cheekily, "How dare I have any feelings with you, Su Yanluo knows that I want to strangle me."

Yan Jin’s face blushed and scolded back to the kitchen. I gave Su Chung -premium a look and let him go in to coax.

After eating, Yanjin took Su Genpin to the bedroom to dismantle the dinosaur. I was nestled on the sofa, drank rose tea, stretched a lazy waist, and sighed, "Ah! It’s okay to go home."

Su Yan’s eyebrows picked out, "I thought you would send me a divorce agreement directly, so I won’t come back."

"How can I do! I have no feelings with Yanjin, and I still have a bit with you."

Su Yikan was an obstetrician and gynecologist. After learning about my situation, he asked me in a dark evening in the evening. When we shot it, we decided to be a couple who had died.

I need to find a father for my child, and he needs to explain to his parents.

"Didn’t tell him that Su Zhengyi was his son?"

I shook my head and said, "No. A little scared."

"What are you afraid of?"

I laughed at myself, "I was afraid he heard that he had a son, so scared to faint on the spot."

After all, I live like my mother.

Su Yan sniffed, "Explore! Where did you have the courage to give birth to a child?"

I touched my face and said, "Old. The older the people get older, the timid. Don’t say this. Two days later, I will go to Hejin to deal with the script.

When I arrived at Hejin Store, the director came up with various instructions as soon as he came up, so let me not to talk to the male lead. He said how to change.

"It’s you? Who gave you the courage to write me into a dumb!" The male lead was played by Han Yichen. A little fresh meat that just debuted, there was not much acting skills, and his temper was great.

I looked at the director aside, and he gave me a look of "harmonious money", so I pressed the anger in my heart and asked, "Mr. Han, how do you change your hope?"

Han Yichen’s chin raised: "Do not have more than 50 words each sentence."

"Okay! I don’t do it anymore, please ask Gao Ming!" I patted my book and turned away. This was a stinky stinky thing from what garbage dump.

When I went back to the hotel to clean up, I went straight to the airport. As soon as I got out of the car, Su Yanku called.

"Hey, I can’t talk to them, ready to go back. In the breach of contract, let Yanjin help me handle it."

Su Yan smiled, and the laughter was a little gloating, "It’s really coincident. Your son was taken away by his father today, and you happened to go directly to deal with it."


I complained: "Why did you let him take it away? I went to estimate that I was buried alive by saliva."

"Hey, then I wish you good luck. I can’t help it. People have a DNA report, white paper and black. My fake dad is unsatisfactory." Su Yan also showed a bit of grievances.


I changed my ticket, killed the Lianjiang Villa all the way, and walked to the door.

"Well. I also like you very much, but I already have two dads. In the future, I will make money alone and I can’t raise so many people."

Listening to the sound, I can imagine how high his brows are.

"Those are not your dad, I am your dad. You see that there are reports, we have to believe in science. Moreover, your dad is so rich, and you don’t need you to help me pest at all. Come, first eat fried chicken wings."Su Yan is indeed a businessman. First, he solved the other party’s concerns and used food to seduce.

"Yes! Dad!" See, my son was really good.

I opened the door and walked in. Su Zhengpu ran over and hugged my thigh and said, "Yuebao, what should I do if I have another dad?"

I gave him a fingertips with a full forehead, "You, you have eaten things, what else can I do, I can only give you it."

"Ah? Don’t you want me?" Su Zhengxing asked.

I squeezed his flesh nose, "You haven’t made money for me yet, how can I not want you. It would be okay to go to play first, and I would like to tell your father something."

Xu Xufeng blew from his ears. I had countless fantasies. He knew that we had a child’s reaction, happy, angry, angry, and fear.

But I have always imagined the scene in front of me. Su Yan cried. The tears seemed to be heavy, and one by one fell on my heart, and I hit my distress.

I strode a lot, reached out to hug him, he took a step back and picked up the report on the table, "Why not tell me? Gu Liangyue, are you so waywardly?You are divorced again when you are married, and you still have to run with me. If I happen to happen, you will hear it, when your dad will conceal me. "

It turned out that he heard it that day …

I stepped forward and hugged him and said, "I didn’t intentionally hide it from you, we only found that there were babies after divorce. But we have been married for two years, and you have been unhappy. Seeing you with your sister, laugh at your sister, laugh and laughI have to be so happy. I suddenly feel that I should let you go. "

"I don’t see you, but I am afraid that I can’t bear to leave when I see it. From the age of 17, I have liked it for many years."

Seven -year secret, two -year marriage, and five years, no matter what kind of situation I go, I always like him.

Su Yan sucks his nose and said, "It’s over, really. Really. I saw her again that day, but I felt relieved, and there was no wave in my heart. It was that time that I suddenly realized that my heart had already been that my heart had already been.Unconsciously, I was filled with another person. I bought a new wedding ring for that person. I did not expect that she abandoned me cruelly. "

"We will go to remarry tomorrow!"

After the divorce, she found that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a child by herself. Five years later

I raised my head and raised my eyebrows, "How about not everywhere? After all, it has been separated for more than five years. What if the feeling has changed?"

"Change? You changed?! Or did I change? The oath of the wedding was so beautiful, coaxed me? Or do you think that Su Yan was younger than me … handsome than me …" Su Yan protested loudly.

I feel that my waist is about to break, pushing him for mercy: "I’m kidding, let go and let go."

It seems that this time I really want to send a divorce agreement back to Harry.

Yanjin received a divorce agreement, and he shouted on the phone to take a pot to shovel Haijin to cut the Su Febn.

I told Su Yan about his words. He took out a plan and said, "Don’t come, I take the initiative to give people a head."

At first glance, I was a wedding planning case, and I asked well with my head.

"Haven’t we already held a wedding?"

Su Yan smiled and said, "Go to Harry again. I think A Niang will be happy."

I leaned on his shoulders, thinking about my mother, and my eyes couldn’t help it. "Yeah, she will be very happy."

Harry’s winter was still bright, and the sun fell to the ground through the gaps of the branches and leaves.

Dasao, Erji, Sanyu, Su Yanlan, Yanjin, Gu Liansheng, Gu Shenshan … Everyone who loves me and I love is here.

I wore a white wedding dress, stepped towards Su Yin step by step, and walked towards the next stage of life. This time, my groom smiled, smiled with a smile, and walked into the cage of marriage with joy.

What is the standard of happiness?

For me, is it happiness with him?(Original title: "Standard of Happiness: Hi, Ex -husband")

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