Story: Good and evil ended

There is a young man named Wu Niu, who lives on a pick -up.Not long ago, he married a girl named Dalan as his wife.Dalai was beautiful, gentle and pleasant, and the couple were very loving.

Shortly after marriage, Wu Niu went out to transport salt, and he didn’t come back for a few days.Dan Lan remembered her husband, and it was difficult to sleep in the bed.

At this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.She opened the door, but was Wang Er, who was a husband with her husband.I saw that Wang Er’s shirt was messy and covered with blood.It turned out that when they passed Yamaguchi, they encountered robbery, and Wu Niu was cut to death on the spot.Wang Er rolled into the ravine before leaving his life.

I heard that her husband was dead, Dan Lan’s eyes were dark, fainted, and he cried after being woken up by Wang Erhuo.After her husband died, Daran burst into tears all day long.Chen Yunchang, the owner of the salt bank in the town, was caught by Wu Niu for his salt.

One night, Dan Lan was suddenly awakened by a man’s cry.She took a look at the window and saw a black shadow hanging in the half of the yard. The hair was emitted, and her body was very similar to her husband.Is the husband’s soul back? She was suddenly creepy.

In the middle of the night the next day, the cry came again, and it was even more miserable than crying last night.The black shadow cried and walked towards the door of the room, Dan Lan was so scared that he was holding the quilt and didn’t dare to fall asleep.Zhang Daochang, who listened to Sanqing Guan, was quite manifested, so Dan Lan invited Zhang Daochang to help to catch ghosts.Zhang Daochang turned around a few laps in front of the house, saying that the ghost was her husband Wu Niu’s ghost. Because she was reluctant to be reluctant, her soul was dispersion, and she looked back again.

In order to drive the ghosts, Zhang Daochang chanted the scriptures in the yard for a while. When she left, she gave her a few charges and asked her to stick to the doors and windows and bedside.Perhaps it was the role of the rune. After a few nights, there was nothing to do with each other.

One day in the middle of the night, Daran suddenly dreamed that her husband came back from the outside and brought her back to many jewelry and gifts.When she didn’t feel scared, when she woke up in his arms, Dan Lan found that she was naked.Recalling the situation in her dream, she couldn’t help but say that her husband really came back last night? The next few nights she dreamed of being with her husband.It didn’t take long for her disgusting and anorexia.At the beginning, she thought she had a disease and found a pulse of Lang Zhong, so she knew that she had a joy.This is strange. Can you get pregnant with ghosts in the dream? Husbands have died so long, and they are alone with their children alone. What will people outside look at themselves?

Just when Daran could not be applied, suddenly Wu Matthery was entrusted to her as a matchmaker, saying that the man was a business family in the town. He just died recently and wanted to marry a filling.Dan Lan didn’t want to marry someone anymore, but this unsatisfactory belly became bigger every day. If someone really saw the flaws, he was afraid that one person could drown her helplessly. Dalan had to agree to this family affairs.

The family who married her is not someone else, it is Chen Yunchang, the owner of the salt bank in the town.Less than half a year after marrying the Chen family, Daran gave birth to a daughter, but Chen Yunchang didn’t mind and regarded her daughter as her own.This makes Drama feel difficult.It was only long after her daughter died of illness, and Dan Lan was very sad.Fortunately, Chen Yunchang loved her very much.After a long time, Cao Dalan gradually wanted to open.

In the Mid -Autumn Festival night, Chen Yunchang and Dalai drank osmanthus wine and appreciated the moon together in the back garden.Dan Lan felt a little cool on his body, so he entered the house to wear clothes, leaving only Chen Yunchang alone in the back garden.At this moment, Chen Yunchang heard a strange cry.He turned his head and saw that he didn’t know when a broken person appeared by the wall. One head hung on his chest, and his neck was still bleeding.

The man held his head on his head to put his head on his neck. Chen Yunchang saw that the man was actually Wu Niu, his hair was exuding, his face was ash, and he was bleeding.

The man whispered: "Chen Yunchang, your wolf heart, dog lungs, come back and return, and return my lady!"Chen Yunchang was so frightened that his legs kneeling softly on the ground.

Wu Niu jumped into him in front of him, and stuck his neck with a cold hand: "Hurry up and recruit the bad things you do, otherwise you will have your life!" Chen Yunchang said tremblingly: "I said I said, "So I had to say what I did.

It turned out that on the day Wu Niu and Daran got married, Chen Yunchang went to participate in their hi yes.After seeing Daran, he had acacia, and he was uneasy all day long.Chen Yunchang felt that if he wanted to get Daran, the only way was to remove Wu Niu.At that time, the salt shop had a salt to be transported to the country, so Chen Yunchang bought a few places as a robbers to rob the salt team and kill Wu Niu on the spot.

After getting rid of the confidant, Chen Yunchang began to hit Cao Dalan’s idea.In the middle of the night, he hung a paper with a bamboo pole to hang into the yard, and cried as Wu Niu’s ghost.Then Chen Yunchang bought Zhang Daochang, who was in Tong Sanqing, and let him say that Wu Niu’s soul came back, so that Daran did not doubt that someone was pretending to be a ghost.Later, Chen Yunchang sneaked into the courtyard of Dalai, sprayed with a fragrance in the room, and waited for Drama to be half -sleepless and half -waking.

Due to the effect of fragrance, Daran thought it was a dream and didn’t mind.After a long time, Dan Lan was pregnant with his child.When Chen Yunchang was mature, he poisoned his wife with a frost, and then asked Wu Magazine to marry Daran as a matchmaker.After Chen Yunchang said, he couldn’t stop hoeing and begging Wu Niu for his life.

When he raised his head, how could there be Wu Niu’s shadow? But seeing Dalan didn’t know when he came to follow, he stared at him with anger.When Wu Niu’s soul was asked about Chen Yunchang, the words Drand, which Chen Yunchang recognized, heard.She grabbed Chen Yunchang’s clothes and shouted: "Your wolf heart -hearted and lung things are like a gentleman on the surface, but the belly is filled with bad water. You killed my husband, and it hurt me. I want to kill you.! "Chen Yunchang busy grasped her hand and begged:" Lady, I really like you, I do this for you "and finally coaxed Daran.

The next morning, Chen Yunchang was still in his sleep, and was suddenly awakened by a momentary knock.He opened the door and saw it, but it was a fast catch of the county.It turned out that Daran was angry and hated, and the county yelled at the county overnight.After Chen Yunchang was taken to the gate, he refused to admit his allegations on Cao Dalan.At this moment, the counters took the several places where the robbery robbed the salt team.The evidence was conclusive, and Chen Yunchang had to bow his head to plead guilty.Zhixian was about to be convicted of Chen Yunchang. After the autumn, he asked, and the rest was sentenced to recharge.Finally, he was injusted for her husband, and Dan Lan no longer cared about it.

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