Stomach pain in the second trimester of pregnancy

Now that I am more than 25 weeks of pregnancy, I belong to the middle of pregnancy, and my body is very light. I do n’t have the stupid feeling of the pregnant woman that others say. Walking is still as fast as before. I work hard to work. It is almost the same as pregnancy.But a few days ago, the lower abdomen pain occurred. Every time I got off the class, I appeared on the way home.

A stomach pain appeared for several days in a row. Every time I was on the way to get off work, and then I also had abdominal pain at noon lunch break.The stomach pain is in the lower abdomen, and the pain is slightly painful, and it feels like the uterus is going to fall down.I am the first child. Although I am a medicine from undergraduate, I have done basic research after graduating from the undergraduate. I have not been intern in obstetrics. Many discomforts will think a lot and enlarge them. I am very anxious.

Later, I adjusted my job and worked at home for two days. The symptoms of this stomach pain disappeared. Fortunately.Pain and pain. Now think about it, the cause of this abdominal pain may be that when I went to a large row of deformed B -ultrasound a few days ago, the doctor used a probe to squeeze a few times in my lower abdomen.Tomple.In

Also, I have grown too fast recently, my stomach is too fast, and my belly has been moving forward, and my body cannot adapt to this weight.

Finally, it is very important to sleep and sit.Many of the articles we see saying that the reason for sleeping on the left or right side is to worry that the right rotation of the uterus will cause the fetus to be hypoxic, but my experience tells me that if the sleeping position is not good, the pregnant woman will have uncomfortable stomachs, evenAbdominal pain.My husband went to bed with me a few days ago. I am not used to sleeping with him. At night, I did not follow the previous habits, put on a pregnant woman’s cushion to keep the left or right lying on the left.These days, I changed to my familiar place before, putting the cushion on the pregnant woman, keeping the left or right on the left or right, and sleeping well, and abdominal pain disappeared.Sitting is the same. Although Beijing is very comfortable, this posture is very unfriendly to the stomach.Keep your waist straight when you sit. If you are too tired, use the cushion.

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