Stocking the mask madman lecture hall, applying the mask during pregnancy to change the five bad habits, in order to be frozen age without becoming old.

When I was pregnant, I was a mask madman!There is a box for me to put a mask for me. After all, it is consumables. I buy it for a few months each time.By the way, tell you a secret, I put the mask in the delivery room!IntersectionIntersection

Whether water milk or mask during pregnancy, I take hydration and moisturizing as the fundamental purpose. Because the state of the skin is closely related to water, the skin is short of water and rough.Items

However, do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing work, not to mention that all problems can be solved, and it can also be solved by eighty -nine. The remaining problems are slowly conditioned after giving birth. After all, it cannot be used for skin care products with effective effects.

So it is really important to apply the mask!Very important!IntersectionVery important!IntersectionIntersection(Emphasized things three times ~)

During pregnancy, we must not ignore the care of the skin. There are many concerns that should be (after all, involve the safety of the baby) ~ But the experience of people coming over, these ideas are completely redundant!The main effect of the skin is the protection of barrier. The possibility of skin care products penetrated into the real layer of the skin is very small. Don’t worry about affecting the development of the fetus, but the skin condition of the skin is unstable during pregnancy, try to use mild products as much as possible!

But don’t look at a small thing that you need to pay attention to when applying the mask. The following is the bad habit of applying the mask:

Bad habit one -Apply the mask after washing your face!

I believe that more than 80%of sisters have it!In fact, after washing our face, our skin was not ready, and the skin was very dry.At this time, it will make it difficult for the essence of the mask to enter the skin regardless of whether the mask is directly applied.Therefore, after washing your face, it is recommended to use some toner or lotion to moisturize the skin to help open the pores.

Bad habit two -sitting on a mask!

Not to mention others, I often have this habit, but fortunately, I changed it.Whether you are sitting or standing or saving time to work again and again, it is a wrong posture of mask.Due to gravity reasons, the mask close to the face will definitely pull down the skin down, and it will cause skin relaxation after a long time.

And sitting on the mask, the full essence is easy to flow down, which will inevitably cause uneven absorption of the essence and affect the overall effect.

So let’s be a pregnant woman who can lie down and never sit on the mask, okay ~

Bad habits three -accidentally applied too much!

This is the most serious problem!

We will definitely find something else to pass the mask, such as playing with mobile phones.Although it is just 15-20 minutes, it is easy to miss time.It is too long to apply not only to replenish skin moisture, but also suck the moisture in the skin in turn, resulting in the worse the application.

This is one of the reasons why the mask can’t afford to work in your hands.

Bad habit four -After applying the mask, do not wash my face!

Some sisters will feel that they will be wasted after washing off after applying the mask, and they will go to bed directly.But this is definitely a bad habit!Generally, the mask contains very rich nutrition. Those essences that have not been absorbed by the skin. After contacting the air, they may breed bacteria on the face overnight.

If you accidentally take up the pillow, then congratulations, the bacteria on the pillow have been in the same hall for dozens of generations.

Promise me, wash my face after applying the mask!Intersection

Bad habit five -After applying the mask and not skin care!

Do you think the skin care itinerary with a mask after applying the mask is over?You think you just do it.

The closed components contained in the mask are still a lot worse than the cream, after all, the effect is different.If you do not perform the sub -skin care steps after applying the mask, after half an hour, the skin will return to the original dry and tight state.

If you want to maintain the moist skin sensation after applying the mask, you must perform subsequent skin care. In the end, you must also apply a closed cream with a strong cream to firmly lock the moisture to avoid the loss of the skin’s moisture and dry it again.

There are probably so much about the skin absorption problem and the mask. The theory is still more specific and more realistic in the end. Share the individual’s experience of applying the mask during pregnancy!

Nenfu water supplement mask

The reason why it is the first recommendation is that in addition to the safety of ingredients, the impression it gives me includes the best use effect!The German professional pregnant women’s brand is in line with the certification of the EWG Environmental Working Group in the United States, and has also been awarded the well -known German medical science magazine.There is no taste in the entire line, and there is no incense essence preservatives, so you can use it absolutely.

The overall skin feels very mild ~ The way of use is still quite unique. You need to use its own essence to open the skin water channel, and then apply the shot film to make the skin better absorb the essence of the mask ~ After sticking to the face, it feels like it feels like it.It is refreshing and comfortable. The tailoring of the mask is just right. The entire face is wrapped in the essence. After use, it will obviously feel that the skin is soft and tender, and it is very moist.

The most impressive thing to me is that the skin condition of the skin can last for two or three days after each time it is applied. Every day, the face is smooth and tender.Still surprised me.The most important thing is that its essence is really superior. After each time the mask is poured out of the bag, there are many essences left in it. I use it to apply my arms and feet.A little bit, it will be very comfortable after applying ~

Dianma Mask

It is a good brand of pregnant women. The effect is pretty good!It is still very good to do hydrating. I have used their facial cleanser before before, which is quite mild. If the mask is also soft, the faces are soft and soft, and the essence is not many, just right ~

The overall mask is still quite applied. It feels enough to use it in time. The state of the skin after disappearing is back, but the most basic moisturizing is still pretty good!Very gentle and comfortable, suitable for pregnancy!

Minon amino acid mask

The ingredients are still safe. Although it contains alcohol ingredients, the ranking is relatively backward, and the impact is not particularly large!The main thing is the ingredients of hydrating and moisturizing. It is considered to be a product that has no merit. The liquid is sticky. After use, it will stick to the face, so it needs to be cleaned in time, including subsequent hydration.Moisturizing also needs to be done well.Their products are mainly pushed by amino acids and sensitive skin care, so mothers during pregnancy can also be used. I personally can’t bear this sticky skin.

Kangaroo mother

A mask endorsed by Ying Caier is dedicated to pregnant women, but my personal feelings are really bad.EssenceEssence

The ingredients are not particularly safe. It contains flavors and preservatives. It is a kind of rich wheat fragrance that comes to face. It is really not easy to use ~

The cutting of the membrane cloth is not very applied, it is easy to enter the eyes when applying it, a little spicy eyes!The texture of the mask is also rough.EssenceAfter using it, the face is still dry, and the overall moisturizing effect is not good ~ Personally, it is true that it does not matter if it feels that the pregnant woman is not dedicated. The skin feels good, and the safety of the ingredients is already very satisfied.Mask ~

Red elephant

A maternity mask that has only started to appear recently, the overall use effect is okay ~

It can only be said that it is worthy of its price. The basic hydration effect is okay, but if it is required to be required, it is still a bit difficult!There are not many moisturizing ingredients, but it is still effective. The face is very moist, slippery, and a mild skin after finishing application. There is no tingling sensation ~

The membrane cloth texture is relatively average, but for this price, it is relatively fit!It is worthy of praise that the essence is quite a lot. Although the hydration effect is not particularly good, it is more than ~

October Angel

The feeling given me by this mask is that the price is relatively high. In short, it is more matched with its price ~ If it is required how long the hydration effect can be used, it will be better ~ AnywayThe film cloth texture does belong to this price, that is, the relatively thin, the essence is not completely hanging, the application is not reached for 15 minutes, and the face is relatively dry (maybe it is the reason why my skin is too short of water.Bar).The effect is the same, that is, the short -term hydration. After finishing the application, it will feel tight. The overall hydration effect is considered to be general ~

Pregnant mothers hurry up and apply the mask. Go to bed early and keep up early and keep good. You are not beautiful!

The most exquisite woman is to pay attention to their skin -like skin all the time ~ Even if you are pregnant, as long as you don’t give up your skin, your skin will not give up you!

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