Steam the eggplant in a pan for a while, simple and delicious, do not lose nutrition, you will not get tired of eating every day, really fragrant

Hello everyone, I am Hong Yang.Eggplant is our most familiar green vegetable. It is rich in nutrition. It is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, and the fat content is particularly low. Eat eggplant can often be anti -aging because eggplant is rich in vitamin E. At the same timeDo not peel the eggplant, and the nutritional value of eggplant skin is also very high.There are many ways to eat eggplant. The most common are braised eggplant, garlic eggplant, sauce eggplant, three fresh ground, fish flavor eggplant, catfish stewed eggplant, etc. Today we do not do all of these methods.Share it with a simple and nutritious approach, it is really delicious!

1. First prepare two eggplant and clean the eggplant. Usually when we buy eggplant, it is best to buy this purple stuffed eggplant, the 2 seed spoon inside, and the eggplant flavor.Cut half of it, and then cut it half, cut into 8 half, but do not cut off the roots!

2. The cut eggplant must be added with this step, and then steam it in the pan, that is, put the eggplant with a thin layer of oil, and then put it in a plate. Steam for 10 minutes.Stir -fry, without fried, retain the original flavor of the eggplant, and the nutrition does not lose.The steamed eggplant came out and put it aside for later use.

3. Next, we need to prepare some shredded pork, blue and red pepper, onion.After the oil in the pot is hot, add the shredded pork, stir fry until the color changes, then add the green onion, stir -fry the fragrance of the green onion, then add the green pepper diced, fry until it is broken, then pour the starch water, add soy sauce, refined salt, ten ten, ten, ten, tenAfter the Sanxiang, oyster sauce, and the soup are thick, some chicken essence is fresh, and then you can get out of the pan.

4. Pour the sauce that is made directly on the eggplant so that our shredded pork eggplant is ready, is it particularly simple?Eat a bite without greasy, delicious and meals, and retains the original flavor of the eggplant. It is really delicious. You can try it if you have time!

List of ingredients: [Eggplant, lean meat, green red pepper, refined salt, soy sauce, edible oil, oyster sauce, onion, starch, water, thirteen incense, chicken essence]

Hong Yang’s warm reminder: 1. Do not steam the eggplant for too long, and the taste is not good.

2. Those who love spicy food can replace red pepper with millet spicy!

Well, today’s food is shared. I am Hong Yang, a person who loves life and loves food. If you feel good, please leave a praise. If you feel useful, please collect it.You still have a better idea, please leave valuable opinions, thank you all, your support is Hong Yang’s motivation, we will not see it tomorrow!

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