Start the dispute and fight!A pregnant woman in Qingdao falls inexplicably?

Ms. Song, who lives in Huangdao, has been suffering in the past few months. Because of a dispute, the child in her belly is gone, and the family has suffered a lot of blows.But is there a necessary connection with the child’s failure to argue with that dispute?

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Ms. Song is 30 years old this year. She just pregnant with her baby not long ago. I did not expect that the joy did not last a few days. She said goodbye to the unborn baby three months ago.The accident.Ms. Song: On May 6th, I took my boss to the Xin’an Health Institute. When I went in at that time, I watched my second child in the car. Our car stopped on the east of the road.On the west of the road, he scolded me when he opened his mouth.Ms. Song said that at the time, her husband hugged his eldest son into the injection and sat in the car with his younger son. Who knew that the man in a car opposite the road scolded himself.Ms. Song: This road is your family’s stopping the car here, just scolding me.We did not stop me. It did not hinder traffic travel at all. Maybe I might have drank some alcohol.Ms. Song is unknown, so get out of the car to find each other’s theory.

Ms. Song: I said, Brother, you scolded me so much because you scolded me.Then he scolded me, and I scolded him, and then walked for twenty steps. An old lady came from the west side of the road and hit me and beat a mouth on my face.Ms. Song said that after a slap, she knew that the old lady was a man’s mother and had not waited for her to respond. Another son of the old lady rushed over by a car.Ms. Song: He is going to hit me. I said that my elder brother is pregnant. He said that I care about whether you are pregnant. He rode an electric car and hit my time.Ms. Song said that she was pregnant on May 5th. At that time, the scene could not be rested. She hurriedly called and called her husband in the clinic.

Ms. Song’s husband: I hit me when I said a few words. I didn’t fight back, and then I came with another man. One was going to hit my daughter -in -law.Ms. Song: I held me from my back and fell to me. I couldn’t get up.The person who came was his son, and all four of their family started.The site of the scene was full of gunpowder. Several people’s face and arms were injured. After 110, Ms. Song’s husband and other party were taken to the police station, and Ms. Song entered the hospital.

Ms. Song: I did the B -ultrasound and blood drawing, and I was pregnant. I was pregnant at that time. On the day of May 8th, I had symptoms of bleeding. On the day of May 29thIt is said that the rate of death may be high, and the fetal heart is not available. It is reasonable to say that at that time for more than 50 days at that time, there should be fetal hearts, and the child has already been dead.The doctor suggested to observe for a few more days. On June 3, Ms. Song went to a few more examinations, and finally confirmed to terminate pregnancy. Then she was hospitalized for abortion surgery.

What is going on with things? Why does the dispute arise? Who should be responsible for the baby’s death? Together with Ms. Song, the actor came to the scene of the incident, next to the man’s mother’s house.Mrs. Liu explained that her second son was arguing with Ms. Song at first. Although she didn’t know what the two were for, she could see that Ms. Song grabbed her son’s car and didn’t let it go. She was anxious.

Mrs. Liu: I might not be held in the call. The one who sold vegetables couldn’t see the racks. The kung fu was pulled. My son went to pick up the child from school. My eldest son saw her and rode an electric car.Hit her and separate us.I don’t know if my son knocked her down.Mrs. Liu said that her face was swollen by Ms. Song at that time. The two sons on the side came forward to help, and the two sides conflicted.Then the operator also contacted Mr. Liu’s son, Mr. Wang.Mr. Wang explained that Ms. Song parked the car on the street that day was a bit hindered, so they quarreled.So what happened to Ms. Song’s abortion?

Mr. Wang: There may be a dispute that causes her miscarriage. She said that the forensic doctoral identification said that there was no problem. She didn’t want it and didn’t dare to ask.Ms. Song said that she had done a minor injury before she had a injury, but she had any objections to the result, so she applied for a second appraisal.

Mr. Wang: At that time, the police station was mediation. At the beginning, she wanted 100,000 yuan. Can that work? I have a slight injury that he told him to dig.Later, the operator learned from Huangdao Public Security that the results of Ms. Song have not yet come out, and the matter is still being dealt with.It is sad to Ms. Song, but after reading this, maybe we can all have a consensus, that is, solving problems with violence can only bring more problems.

Source: Ai Qingdao

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