When I was a kid, the cute and naughty appearance of squirrels appeared in many cartoons, making many children want to raise a squirrel in their hearts, so the number of wild squirrels in China decreased.And those squirrels that were caught often appeared at home without eating or drinking, and even hit the cage with their heads. The tragic situation of the last death, many people said that because the squirrel is very energetic, it is not suitable for being kept in a small house to raise them in the hut.EssenceIn fact, squirrels are very, very good pets. They are very docile to the director, and they will never hurt the owner with their teeth. They will only gently play your fingers and show you friendly.Of course, this must be a squirrel that breed in the artificial environment. It is familiar and used to the human environment. Wildlife will never be suitable for family breeding.

Our common squirrels are also called magic kings pine. The hair color is large, including cyan -gray, gray, brown -gray, dark gray and brown -red, because regional differences will also change.It is mainly distributed in the three northeast provinces, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, and Xinjiang. The squirrels of Liaoning are gray, and some of the south are biased to black.In general, the higher the temperature, the darker the color.

Squirrels live in cold areas. Cold temperature coniferous forests and mixed forests are the favorite environment. They are generally about 20 cm and weigh 350 grams. Female is heavier than male.The limbs of the squirrel are strong, the forelimb is shorter than the hind legs, the toes have sharp claws, and the top of the paws is hook -shaped.The ears are standing upright, and the eyes can be reached when folding forward.The abdomen is white from the back of the lower jaw to the tail, and the inside of the limbs is white, two -thirds of the tail is thick, and the hair is dense and fluffy. It is the most significant feature of squirrels.

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Squirrels have high requirements for breeding environment. They are lively and jumping, so they need to have a taller cage than ordinary rodent pets. It is best to have inhabiting nest boxes in the cage.Jumping and playing.The squirrel is mainly plant -based food, and occasionally eats insects, larvae, ant eggs, etc. The staple food is the seeds of deciduous pine. In summer, you can also eat various berries and mushrooms.They have the habit of storing food. When the fruit is mature, they often see that they collect foods and hidden next to their nests. Some humid foods like mushrooms will be hung up at a high place and then stored before storage.

Squirrels like to move during the day. The morning is the most lively. Because food will be stored, it does not do the east, but the activities in winter will be significantly reduced. It is often hidden in the nest.Their requirements for the environment are not as strict as other rodents. Generally, the indoor temperature is very suitable for breeding. In winter, it is higher than 5 degrees and the summer is lower than 25 degrees.

As mentioned before, squirrels are more independent, and wild squirrels will not succumb to human breeding.In fact, it is not just humans. Squirrels are even unwilling to share space with similar kinds. There are two squirrels in the family who need to be raised independently. Only when the estrus period is performed every year.The female pine is 35-40 days of pregnancy, and it will produce about 3 times a year. It depends on breastfeeding. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the nutrition of the female rat, try to diversify the feed, and especially increase the protein content.After birth, the development of the child was significantly slower than other rodents. It only opened his eyes in about 30 days, and 45 days would come out of the nest.

Squirrel breeding by artificial reproduction is relatively easy and more lively. It is a very good partner pet. The only regret is that it is not easy to reproduce, so if you want to raise a squirrel, you must buy it from a regular and reproduced pet shop.Broken wild animals.

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