Special constipation during pregnancy?Don’t worry, teach you a few tricks to easily relieve

Many expectant mothers will have the symptoms of constipation during pregnancy. Most people are uncomfortable constipation, not to mention pregnant women who are pregnant with six armored, it is definitely more uncomfortable. So what is the reason for constipation during pregnancy?Constipation during pregnancy, how can we relieve it?Let’s take a look today.

Most pregnant mothers have constipation, which is related to the continuous increase of the uterus.The larger the pregnancy month, the greater the uterus against the gastrointestinal tract, and the increase in constipation. This is the main reason why pregnant women are prone to constipation.Of course, there are some reasons for blame the bad diet and living habits of pregnant women during pregnancy.

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits

After pregnancy, you must not only eat high -protein foods. Like some vegetables, fruits, and miscellaneous foods, you should also eat more, which helps to soften stools and keep the stool smooth.

2. Keep an appropriate amount of exercise

Many pregnant women are afraid that they will hurt their babies, so they will not exercise at home throughout pregnancy.In fact, this is wrong. Insufficient exercise, the intestinal peristalsis will slow down.Therefore, expectant mothers should maintain proper exercise every day, such as walking and doing pregnant women yoga, etc., which is also very good for preventing and alleviating constipation during pregnancy.

3. Be bowish on time

The first thing to wake up every day is to squat to the toilet to form a good bowel habit.

4. Keep a happy mood

The mothers are in a bad mood, the sleep will worse, the functions of various organs of the body will also be affected, and constipation is prone to occur. Therefore, pregnant mothers must maintain a good physical and mental state as much as possible during pregnancy, which is also conducive to alleviating constipation.

Some expectant mothers may be uncomfortable because of constipation, and they will want to use some drugs to relieve, such as Kaisai and so on.But expectant mothers, this idea is never possible, and the random medication may hurt the fetus with the belly.Do not take medicine during pregnancy, you must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor to avoid irreversible consequences.

This is the end of this content. Thank you for reading, knowing more pregnancy, and remember to pay attention to the veteran.

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