Soy sauce is "harmful oil", not only toxic but also carcinogenic?Can I still eat soy sauce?Tell you the truth

"Don’t use soy sauce anymore, it will say that it will cause cancer, do you want to harm us!"

Fangfang likes to put soy sauce when cooking. Whether it is cold dishes, fried dishes, or braised meat. She feels that the vegetables with soy sauce not only have a good color, but also have better taste. This has been this habit for many years.

However, her mother -in -law was very slightly word about this, because she heard her sisters say that soy sauce was a carcinogen some time ago. The color was so deep because she added a lot of chemicals, and eating soy sauce was harmful to health.

After she returned home that day, she immediately told Fangfang, let her cook soy sauce in the future.Fangfang’s mouth was accompanied by her mother -in -law, but she should be put on, and she was not serious.

No, my mother -in -law came in today to see her being put in soy sauce again. Now she "fried" and shouted with her. Fangfang also quarreled two words.

Is soy sauce as unbearable as her mother -in -law said?Is it easy to cause cancer when eating soy sauce?Next, Xiao Jiu will take you to understand.

Soy sauce is one of the very common condiments in our lives. After adding it, the aroma and taste of dishes can be added.It is fermented by protein raw materials and starch raw materials. The generally used raw materials include soybean, wheat, bran, and soybean meal.

There are many rumors about soy sauce, and many people are convinced of this.What exactly is the truth, let’s look one by one.

1. Will eating soy sauce will get cancer?

It is rumored that eating soy sauce raw can cause liver cancer in the body, which makes many people trembling. There are many occasions in life that will eat soy sauce raw. Can soy sauce be eaten raw?

The answer is okay. Our daily soy sauce can be divided into cooking soy sauce and table soy sauce. The former is used when cooking, and the latter can be eaten directly as a seasoning.

The soy sauce that cannot be eaten raw in the rumors is cooking soy sauce.Related standards have clearly stipulated the total number of colonies in the table soy sauce, but there is no requirement for cooking soy sauce, but the total number of colonies is only the concept of sanitation, which does not mean harmful bacteria.

The indicators we really pay attention to are the indicators of pathogenic bacteria, and the state stipulates that no pathogenic bacteria must be detected in any soy sauce.Under the premise of buying qualified soy sauce, you don’t have to worry about carcinogenic problems.

2. Soy sauce contains carcinogen nitrosamine?

Nitrosamine is a clear carcinogen. Long -term contact will cause the body to risk the risk of cancer, but is it really contained in soy sauce?

If you want to produce nitrosamine, you need three conditions to meet at the same time. One is that the nitrite content is sufficient; the other is enough protein to decompose products.

However, in the process of brewing, soy sauce does not produce a lot of nitrite, nor does it add ingredients such as sodium nitrite, which does not meet these two conditions.It is difficult to generate nitrosamine.

3. Soy sauce that is not marked with "GB18186" code?

The GB18186 code refers to the brewed soy sauce that meets the standard, but this does not mean that the soy sauce that is not marked does not meet the standard.

Some soy sauce will marked the production standard code of the enterprise, and my country’s "Food Safety Enterprise Standard Record Measures" allows food manufacturers to formulate corporate standards, which will be higher than that of national food safety standards/local standards.In other words, compared to the soy sauce marked with GB18186 code, the safety of the standard code of enterprise production is higher.

Therefore, it is not possible to judge the safety of soy sauce with all the daily signs of the soy sauce. As long as the soy sauce purchased by regular supermarkets is generally not safe.

Although soy sauce is common, there are places to pay attention to when eating, especially this, which requires everyone to pay attention to it.

Soy sauce is a seasoning with high sodium content. It contains about 1.5 ~ 2g of salt in 10ml. Long -term intake of a large amount of soy sauce may bring a series of damage to health.

Including increased kidney burdens, it is easy to induce renal damage; let the water fluid in the body be broken, and further induces blood pressure to rise; lead to loss of calcium elements in the body and increase the risk of osteoporosis; increase the concentration of gastric acid, increase the stomach ulcer with gastric ulcerThe chance of.

In addition, it should be reminded that it is generally not recommended to buy children soy sauce separately.Ruan Guangfeng, director of the Science and Technology Communication Department of Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, said that children’s condiments are actually a pseudo -concept. The ingredients inside are not much different from other condiments.High, but the price is much higher than ordinary ones, which can be said to be "IQ tax".

As a common condiment, soy sauce also has a lot of tips when choosing. Remember these 4 points and pick out a bottle of soy sauce.

1. Prefer to choose "brewing" soy sauce

The brewing soy sauce is fermented by soybean -related raw materials. Relatively speaking, the materials are more natural and more nutritious.The preparation of soy sauce is made with more than half of the brewed soy sauce and the hydrolyzed plant protein.

2. Look at the nitrogen content of amino acid

Amino acid nitrogen is one of the main criteria for measuring the quality of soy sauce. The higher the value, the higher the quality of the soy sauce, and the richness will be stronger.

3. Look at the sodium content

Soy sauce is a large invisible salt in the condiment, so pay attention to check the sodium content in the inside when purchasing. The lower the same value, the lower the better.

4. Shaking soy sauce bottle body

Good soy sauce will appear small and uniform foam when shaking the bottle, and the foam is not easy to disperse, which shows that the amino acid nitrogen content inside is high.

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