Soy milk vs milk, who is the real "calcium supplement master"?Calcium supplement in spring must avoid these four misunderstandings!

Some people say that you do n’t supplement calcium in spring, and miss it for a whole year.In spring, because of good sunshine, many outdoor activities, the ingredients at the time are considered to be the "golden period" that is high, and it is often considered the "golden period" of calcium supplement.


Spring calcium supplementation is more effective


There are many seasonal fruits and vegetables, which is good for calcium supplementation

In the spring, the warmth of the weather is warmer, and the types of vegetables and fruits have increased, and there are many choices.

On the one hand, the calcium content of many fruits and vegetables is actually very good, even higher than milk:

The calcium content of milk is generally about 120mg/100g, and the calcium content of amaranth is as high as 294mg/100g, which is equivalent to more than twice the milk;

The calcium content of mustard is as high as 199mg/100g;

The calcium content of amaranth is about 178mg/100g.

On the other hand, the dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables is very rich. The dietary fiber digested through the intestinal microbial digestion. The short -chain fatty acids produced can affect the metabolism of osteocytes, significantly reducing bone absorption and increasing bone density.

Not only that, it also contains magnesium and potassium to help maintain acid -base balance and reduce calcium loss.


Outdoor sports increase, bone metabolism increases

The weather in spring is good. It is a good season for youth, enjoying flowers, and playing. In this way, the number of outdoor exercises increases, which increases the blood flow of the bone circulation and the bone metabolism increases. Therefore, the absorption and utilization of the bones will increase.At this time, calcium supplementation is more effective.


Pinded sunlight, enhance calcium absorption

The sunshine time in spring becomes longer and the sun is more sufficient.The ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the 7 -dehydrogenation cholesterol in the skin before the production of vitamin D3, and then generate active vitamin D through the role of hydroxylase in the liver and kidney.Essence

Coupled with the infrared rays in the sun, it has a heating effect on the body, accelerated blood flow, and improved metabolic operations. It can also promote metabolic absorption of calcium and phosphorus.


How many of you are you hitting calcium misunderstandings?

Many people know that calcium is supplemented, but the method is not right. The following common calcium supplement misunderstandings may be the first to be recruited!


Drink bone soup to supplement calcium?

I have heard the old man saying that eating bone soup can supplement calcium, so -called "replenishing in shape".

However, the orthopedician explained that the calcium content in the bone soup is extremely low, and it also lacks vitamin D with calcium absorption. It not only cannot meet the needs of 800mg of calcium per day, but also easily gain weight, increase cholesterol, and cause hyperlipidemia.


Can drinking soy milk supplement calcium?

For some people who can’t resist milk, they often choose to use soy milk instead, and feel that nutrition is almost the same.Indeed, in many ways, soy milk is a very good food, but in terms of calcium content, soy milk is far less than milk.

Soy milk is made of soybeans through the steps such as adding water and filtering. The calcium content is about 10mg/100g. This value is only 1/10 of milk of the same weight.


Do you often eat calcium tablets without calcium?

Some people eat calcium tablets every day, but this does not mean that there is no shortage of calcium.

There are three important aspects of the lack of nutrients: intake, digestion, and absorption.Eating calcium only solves the problem of intake, but digestion and absorption are more important.

If you do n’t absorb well, it ’s useless to eat more calcium, so you should pay attention to the balanced diet and reasonable exercise at the same time to improve calcium absorption and utilization.


The more calcium, the better?

There are two meanings here: the first is that there are too many calcium supplements, and the second is too much calcium supplement.

First of all, too much calcium supplement will bring certain side effects to the human body -too much calcium supplement will affect the absorption of iron and zinc, and it may cause hypertrophy.Burnout and other phenomena, even increase risks such as stones and vascular sclerosis.Therefore, calcium supplement should be appropriate.

The recommended intake of adult calcium in the Chinese Nutrition Society is 800mg/day; the recommended intake of children, middle -aged and elderly people, middle and late pregnant women, and breasts is 1000mg/day.In addition, there is a certain limit of the amount of calcium in the body. It is not recommended to make up calcium of more than 500mg at a time, which may be reduced by the utilization rate beyond this limit.


Pay attention to three points of science and calcium supplementation

The highest peak of general bone density occurs at 20-30 years.If you add 1200mg or more calcium at this time, you can deposit calcium more in the bones, so that the peak of the bone density can be higher, thereby reducing the chance of osteoporosis in the age of age.

To increase bone peak, the key in daily life is to achieve these three points:


Reasonable nutrition

First of all, foods with high calcium content include milk, meat, eggs, etc. There must be enough. At the same time, it is necessary to supplement sufficient minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and lipids.Balanced diet is the key.

Reference recipe

① 400g of milk and yogurt can provide 400 to 480mg of calcium;

② Dark green -leaf vegetables with more than half a catty can provide 200 mg of calcium;

③ One or two bean products provide 80 ~ 100mg of calcium;

④ A spoonful of sesame sauce provides 100mg of calcium;

⑤ A nuts of 10 ~ 30 mg of calcium;

⑥ Fruits and other foods can be added.

In the previous program, the nutritionist Lan Bingyu also taught us to make a rainbow sandwich with high calcium and high dietary fiber. It is good to be breakfast or afternoon tea ~


Exercise appropriately

Exercise can not only directly stimulate the growth of bones, increase bone mass, but also indirectly promote the increase in bone mass by increasing the strength of the muscle.Aerobic and anti -resistance exercise can be arranged reasonably, and outdoor sports can be appropriately involved.


Avoid bad habits

Smoking and drinking will interfere with bone metabolism and accelerate the loss of bone mass. In addition, drinking coffee, carbonated drinks, high -salt diets, etc. will also affect bone mass.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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