Son, I don’t want to live with you anymore#Parent’s bitterness

Son, I don’t want to live with you anymore.

I received a private message from an old mother from the 60s yesterday.I was surprised. In recent days, I have received a lot of voices that support me. What impressed me most was the encouragement that a aunt in the United States.The story of this 60s old mother, this old mother said this: I watched the video you posted by the pretty girl, and I think you should be an upright person.Today I want to chat with you, I hope you can make my voice out so that my son can see.Now I will share her voice with you.

This is what many elderly people are in the hearts.Next I will talk about this in the first person.To be honest, my son really doesn’t want to live with you.Over the years, I have worked hard to raise you. I have always tightened my pants and belt. I am not willing to wear it.They always insisted on supporting it.

As a woman, as a mother, the pillar of a family, I dare not get sick or rest.When you get married, you want a car and a building and a gift.In desperation, I only had to make a loan, and I almost asked me half of my life.In the past ten years, I have helped you to make up for your home while working.I am a parent, and I have fulfilled my responsibilities and obligations.

I’m old now, my body is not as good as one day, and the road will be on the way.As for how you live a few children in the future, I will not interfere.I just hope that your two husbands and wives can live with their little life with the atmosphere, and we will be content.At the same time, I also hope that your son can support this home, pick up the man’s responsibility, and be a responsible husband and father.

As for the future pension, you don’t have to worry. As long as I and your dad can move, we will protect ourselves with our own hands.

As for the debt owed when you get married, we will find a way to help you pay back, and we will not drag you.The two of you will go to work to make money, and you can operate your little home well.If I can’t move in bed one day, I hope you can come and see me at a glance.As for you, you do n’t give us old -age care, the decision is in your hands and daughter -in -law’s hands.I will not force you to give me the elderly.

In addition, how the daughter -in -law treats me, this depends entirely on your son’s attitude towards me. I dare not ask for too much.She must ask her daughter -in -law to filial me. After all, I have never given birth to her, and I just took care of her when she was pregnant.If it weren’t for you, she and I would just be a stranger.

There are too many hardships that my mother has experienced from that era to the present. I have seen it. I also understand that the most nervous is the grandson now. If you need me to believe me, I will definitely go all out to help you.But I will help you bring your children, I hope you can correct your mentality, and we can help you in the same way.It’s not because I owe you, nor because I should do, but because you are my son. We are parents. It is not easy to see you, and it hurts you.My responsibility is to raise you, and your responsibility is to raise your child.

After the story is finished, I think this mother is really not easy. If she is my mother, I will be filial to her.At the same time, I hope that everyone can send her carefully to comfort her, so that she has more positive energy to face the future life.

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