Someone asked: What should I do if I have not got married with my boyfriend for two years?

Someone asked me: What should I do if I have not got married with my boyfriend for two years?

Don’t consider too much, let this elf come steadily!It’s good to make a little friend in your life!

The temple, orphanage, and many welfare agencies will receive some homeless children, and to seek well -being for them, which is also for the harmony and beauty of society!As long as everyone pays a little love, the whole world will become a beautiful world.

I still hope that you will bravely assume the responsibility of supporting this small life, which is also the care and experience of Shang Cang!

In any case, whether you feel the relationship with this boyfriend, or do you want to continue.What I want to say is that this child must stay. He is your blood. Your future sustenance and beauty will help you complete!

It is recommended to talk to your boyfriend. If he can treat your mother and son well, you will marry him, and the two take care of the child who is given to you.

If this boyfriend can’t treat you well, let’s separate quickly.Children are innocent, don’t get fetal.

First, if you get a fetus.The influence of the woman’s body is too great.Even in the future, it may not be possible to get pregnant again.Since there is, let’s stay.Although his arrival is not within the plan, as long as you educate him well, he will definitely bring you the hope and beauty of life, not to mention that there is a long way for life, there are children who have their own biological children, accompanied by this difficult colorful and colorful.Life is also a very difficult thing!

Second, since the child was born with your boyfriend, he was obliged to support the child.Do you see that he is willing to support it?If you don’t want, Mo Qiang begs to leave him.

Third, I still recommend that you talk well with your boyfriend.If possible, give birth to the child stabilized and give the child a complete home.

Fourth, as one of the most intelligent humans on the planet, one of the main reasons that is different from other creatures is responsible and obligatory.No matter what people do, they must consider their responsibilities and due obligations.

Therefore, since you are pregnant, you can witness that you have grown up. You should have the responsibility and obligation of being a mother. You have the child and treat him well. He also gives him a warm home.This home can be a parent or single -parent, but it must be a warm home.

Children’s birth will make you more mature and attractive.At this time, you will consider that things will be more thorough, and your child will bring you the pressure of life, but compared with the happiness he brings to you, that pressure can be ignored.

Therefore, since you are pregnant, you must embrace this world with a positive and sunny attitude!Use love and tolerance to accept everything, you will definitely find the beauty of this world!

Congratulations to you will have your own baby!Whether he is a man or a woman, at the moment he was born, you will complete a major transformation of your life. The smile of your child’s smile will make your life colorful!

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