Some conditions occur during pregnancy. Can you take medicine for treatment?Will it be bad for children?

Spectacler A: I took XX medicine before, but I was pregnant unexpectedly. Can this child still need it?

Spectacler B: I have some situations in my body now, can I take medicine for treatment?Is it bad for children?

Doctors: Studies have shown that most drugs can accumulate in the fetus, and 2%-3%of birth defects are caused by drugs [1].However, diseases or non -planned pregnancy make medication during pregnancy inevitably, and blind refusal treatment during pregnancy may lead to worsening the disease and danger or death of mothers.It is very important to take medicine during pregnancy!

Question: Pregnancy generally goes through 37-42 weeks. In this long more than two hundred days, will the fetal development be affected by the drug?

Answer: The teratogenic sensitivity of drugs in different periods of pregnancy is different. Let’s take a look at when the embryonic development is most likely to be affected by the drug:

◆ Within 1 week after fertilization, it is generally not affected by medication;

◆ 8-14 days after fertilization, the mother’s medication does not cause abnormality except for miscarriage;

◆ 15-63 days after fertilization is a sensitive period for drug deformity caused by drugs;

◆ 64 days after fertilization-7 to 14 days before childbirth, the fetal sensitivity to the drug is weakened, but it can produce toxic reactions.

Some drugs on the fetus will only show when the baby grows up.For example, taking ethylene estrahols during pregnancy may cause future generations of reproductive malformations or vaginal adenocarcinoma, which will not be manifested until adolescence [2].

Q: Which drugs are safe for pregnant women?

Answer: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) divides the safety of drugs into five categories: A, B, C, D, and X.Let’s take a look at the classification standards and representative drugs [3].

Class A has no danger to the fetus among the early pregnancy women in the control group (evidence that there is no danger for middle and advanced pregnancy), which may cause very small damage to the fetus.There are very few such drugs, such as vitamin A with a normal range (large -dose vitamin A can cause teratogenic!).

Class B does not show the danger of the fetus in animal reproductive experiments, but there is no control group of pregnant women, or a side reaction is displayed in animal reproductive experiments.There is no dangerous evidence for pregnancy).There are not many such drugs. Vibromycin and most of cephalosporin drugs belong to Class B drugs, and commonly used erythromycin and metronidazole also belong to this category.

Class C has confirmed that there is a side reaction to the fetus in the study of animals (teratogenic or kills the embryo or other), but there is no control group in women or in women and animal studies.Drugs are given only when weighing the benefits of the fetus greater than the disadvantages.There are many such drugs, such as pyrone, sodium salicylate, different smoke, most antiviral drugs, some antiepileptic drugs and sedatives.Betal and dexamethasone in adrenal corticosteroids also belong to this category.

Category D already has experiments and clinical evidence. Such drugs are not as needed as possible during pregnancy, especially early pregnancy.For example, tetracycline, chaincin, anti -tumor drugs, dysentery and other sedated hypnotic drugs, large doses of aspirin.

There are not many types of drugs in Class X, but the teratogenic rate is high and it is very harmful to the fetus. For example, the sarramidamine and hexylol. Such drugs are disabled in the early and during pregnancy.

Doctor: Please note that there is no absolute safety saying, please consult a doctor before using various drugs!

Question: How can I avoid hidden dangers of medication?

Answer: If you have basic diseases, you should be treated before pregnancy. Try to wait for the condition to stabilize the pregnancy;

During pregnancy or need to control the condition during pregnancy, you should not stop and change the medicine by yourself. Consultation doctors and pharmacists should be able to use drugs safely and reasonably;

For drugs that are wrong or possible during pregnancy, please provide as clear as possible pregnancy time and drug information to help doctors and pharmacists judge.

Special reminder: The following two points are emphasized again, the expectant mothers keep in mind:

1. To ensure the safety of medication during pregnancy, you must consult a professional physician. Do not judge yourself blindly.

2. Please record the name of the medicine and take the medication as much as possible before consulting the doctor to help doctors make professional judgments.


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