So expensive cherry, is it really nutritious?

I suddenly saw a lot of cherry in the supermarket recently. Someone may have the same doubts as me. Is the cherry a cherry?The price of cherry is so high. Is there any benefit besides delicious?Really recommend pregnant women to eat more cherries?Next, let us answer these questions.

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Cherry is the translation of Cherries. It is literally translated as "cherry" in Guangdong and Hong Kong. In addition to cherry and cherry, Brin and plums, Shibuberry, strawberry, etc.Different names of the same food.Or you can also learn from the market, that is, the domestic cherry is called cherry, and the large imported from the imported is called Carol.

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Some people have heard that eating more cherry is beneficial to the health of pregnant women. It is said that eating cherries has a high iron content and can replenish blood. It also contains rich vitamin C, which helps beauty and beauty, and can supplement all kinds of required nutrients.wait.

But in fact, it is not specially recommended that pregnant women eat a certain kind of fruit. Merchants are exaggerated to advertise, all for marketing.Pregnant women need to pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, try to avoid pollution, and eat themselves that they are not allergic and uncomfortable.The diet of pregnant women should be diverse and balanced, and one kind of fruit should not only be consumed.

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According to data from USDA (US Agricultural Department), the iron content in the cherry is about 0.32mg/100g. It can be seen that the cherry is not a high -speed rail food, which is not as iron content of 2.71mg/100g of spinach, and it is not as good as pigs.The liver is 23.89mg/100g, plus the biological utilization rate of iron in the pork liver is much higher than the cherry, so cherry cannot play a so -called blood -replenishment effect.In addition, plant foods are not the first choice for the choice of iron to supplement the iron. Only those who insist on the vegan habit are recommended to choose plant foods with low iron absorption rates to eat.

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As for vitamin C, the vitamin C content of cherry is about 10.0mg/100g, which is not high in the fruits. It is not as good as tomato 15mg/100g and orange 53.2 mg/100g.The C content is very high, it is really a bit big.

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There are rumors that the cherry contains a large amount of iron, and it contains a certain amount of cyanide. If too much consumption, it may cause iron poisoning or cyanide poisoning.As for the iron content, we have analyzed it before. Cherry did not contain so much iron at all, and naturally could not talk about "iron poison".

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Next, let’s analyze cyanide poisoning. Cytic poisoning is to contact a variety of forms of cyanide and poisoning.Early symptoms are headache, dizziness, fast heart rate, dyspnea, and vomiting. After that, epilepsy may occur, delete heartbeat, hypotension, loss of consciousness, and cardiac arrest.Patients usually have symptoms within a few minutes. If the patient survives, there may be long -term neurological problems.

The cyanide in plants usually exist in the form of cyanide, and the cherry’s nuclear kernel does contain cyanide, but the flesh of the cherry is non -cyanide.And normal people do not eat the nucleus together when using cherries. Even if you really accidentally swallow it, you don’t have to panic. Cyanide can be metabolized in the body.

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Compared to worrying about eating cherries to eat cyanide poisoning, everyone is still worried about pesticide residues and cleaning problems. Because of the effect of effect, the fog fog, or soaked in drugs, or even pesticide residues.Therefore, it is recommended that when you eat fruit, remember to use tap water to constantly rinse, and do a good job of cleaning.

Everyone remembers not to soak cherries or strawberries such as cleaning agents such as washing spirits. The cleaning agent can easily remain in the fruits of these fruits, causing secondary pollution.

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Okay, say so much, as for whether you want to eat cherry or cherry, let’s look at your wallet, and then do your best, but remember that the fruit is not a universal tonic.And after eating the fruits to protect the teeth, remember to brush your teeth well.

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