so cute!Hangzhou female teacher is 8 months pregnant, and the baby in the stomach can give students classes

The cold tide struck, the wind and rain outside, the Qianjiang Evening News reporter was almost scraped away by the wind … Fortunately, when he returned to the office, he listened to a cute little story and was warmed ——

Teacher Pan, Mr. Pan in the middle class of Hangzhou Sunshine Kindergarten, is more than 8 months pregnant, and the baby in the stomach will "class" to the children!The content of the class is "wonderful life".

For example, as the month becomes bigger, Mr. Pan’s belly bulges like a balloon. The topic of the recent class is -what is the baby in the stomach (posture)?

In the past few months, Teacher Pan has often led the children to record the baby’s state in the form of art works.This time, she also encouraged the children to use their imagination to pinch the baby’s posture at the moment in her belly with tin foil.

Kick, sleep, poke your belly …

It can be said to be very vivid ↓

And children’s "brain hole" open

Tong Yan Tongyu has made Teacher Pan cute

For example, practice the baby who walks in the stomach

Win the starting line

Baby who can jump up in the stomach

And the baby who wants to slide in the belly of Teacher Pan

And the baby who is in a daze in his stomach

There are also children who have done the work clearly

As a result, I lost it, and I cried with pear blossoms with rain

555 My baby is gone …

Teacher Pan had to hold her smile while comforting her

In addition to copying the baby in his mind with art works, more than 30 children in Teacher Pan’s class are curious and love for the little life in her belly. Sometimes they will sit around Teacher Pan’s belly.Talk to the baby gently, ask the baby from time to time, are you boring inside?

Recently, the weather has become cold, and a child doubts a stomach of Teacher Pan: You are cold, how can you cover the blanket in your stomach?

Children will also guess whether the teacher’s belly is a boy or a girl.Generally, boys want the teacher to be a boy in the belly, and girls want to be a girl. "It seems that the dolls in our class have a strong recognition of their gender." Teacher Pan said with a smile.

"They are taking care of me like a little parent now." Teacher Pan said that the children are going to the middle class now, but they know more knowledge than she thinks. "There are a few boys very rational and seriously for everyoneIt explains the story of the combination of sperm and eggs, becomes seeds and then becomes small sesame before growing up slowly. "

One of the little boys, on the first day of the kindergarten, ascended to Shengxuebao with a "burst" photo.

Who would have thought that the little boy who was crying in kindergarten at the beginning was now able to help the teacher take care of the baby–

Teacher Pan admits that this "wonderful life" class only wanted to integrate life education into the special period of his life, and record with the children to answer the fun questions they raised.

At the beginning, the children simply felt fun, and found that the teacher’s body and belly size changed. They also discussed carefully, how did the baby come to Teacher Pan’s belly.

A little girl said that the baby was a little angel at the beginning, flying in the sky, flying, seeing Teacher Pan really liked it, and flew to her belly. Teacher Pan was so moved to cry.It’s right.

Teacher Pan also carried out many vivid life education courses for children through the little life breed in his stomach.Parents learned that they would also give the children popular science in the future. The children brought them back to kindergarten to share with each other: sleeping at night to sleep on the side, otherwise the baby, the baby and the teacher have a umbilical cord connected together …

During pregnancy, the children are most concerned about how old the baby is. Teacher Pan starts from the perspective of the child, and simulates the fruit with the children with melon and vegetables to express the size of the fetus.

At 24 weeks, the size of the baby is equivalent to a dragon fruit. The volume of the 25 -week baby is about a large mango … The photos of the fruits and vegetables every Monday are the trajectory of the new life growth in the child with the belly.

24 weeks: Fire Dragon Fruit

25 weeks: mango

26 weeks: grapefruit

27 weeks: broccoli

28 weeks: eggplant

29 weeks: coconut

The children who grew up in the belly of Teacher Pan appreciated the magic of breeding of life.And Mr. Pan felt very lucky, "Not every pregnant mother can have more than 30 little parents. I have the care of 31 little parents in the class."

This natural and vivid life education class

How do you like it?

Source: Qianjiang Evening News reporter Shen Meng and Dai Xinyi

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