Snow squirrel breeding female 8 to 9 weeks is most suitable for breeding

Snow squirrel breeding, the various creatures in the world have been survived for thousands of years, which is inseparable from the breeding of various creatures.Each creature has its different ways to reproduce. Time and forms may not be the same, but they all make future generations reproduce. Then let’s see what is about the breeding of snow squirrels.

Snow squirrel breeding

1. Squirrels are in estrus from January and February each year, and the estrus period is about two weeks.The appropriate age of the propagation of squirrels is 8 to 9 weeks of age and the male rats are 9 to 10 weeks.For squirrels, there is also a period of estrus in autumn.In the non -breeding season, the male and female adults occupy a certain place as the scope of their own lives.In the wild, the female protection of a certain area is to protect squirrels, and other individuals of the same type of same types are allowed to enter, as well as male individuals.However, in the breeding season, the protection of the scope of the field is clearly relaxed, allowing male individuals to enter.

2. In estrus, female individuals decrease in appetite, enhanced activities, irritability, and excitement; when breeding under artificial breeding conditions, we must choose a strong body, good hair, good mental condition, and strong appetite.For male individuals require strong sexual desire for sexual desire; while females are required to be female with strong motherhood, large number of fetal production, and sufficient lactation.

3. During the breeding method, the mating method of one male and one male or one male. Squirrel pregnancy is about 35 to 40 days. It enters the breastfeeding period in early April. It can produce about 3 times a year, and it can produce 4 to 6 each time.As long as the food is sufficient, the female individuals of squirrels can reproduce more individuals and have strong fertility.

4. The first birth of the young baby uses the mother’s milk as the source of all nutritional needs. Therefore, at this time, you should pay special attention to the nutritional status of the mother. When the little squirrel was born, it was very small.At 30 days, I opened my eyes; until one and a half months, the little squirrel was willing to go out outdoors.

5. When the eyes of the mouse will not be opened, it will be closer to the mother -in -law and will become close to people.At first feed hot milk (30-40 ° C) with a straw, 3-5 times a day.Gradually change to bread or other soft food soaked in milk.Even if you grow up, you will start raising. As long as you slowly trained with patience, you will be very close to people and climb on the owner.

Snow squirrel’s lifestyle

1. Habits

This squirrel is a typical tree-like rats, which inhabits the mixed forests of coniferous forests and coniferous-broad-leaved in the mountains, and built nests between branches, such as branches, moss Xie and feathers, to build nests.The nest is round, exported to the back wind surface, but some also inhabited in the tree cave, and some were repaired by the old bird’s nest.Squirrels can make a few nests, ownership, and auxiliary nests each year, and the vice nest is used for temporary rest.The male rats rarely build nests, and most of them use old nests.Day activities, the most lively early morning, not hibernation, but the winter activities are reduced, and when the winter is cold, it rarely comes out of the nest.

2. Food properties

The squirrel is mainly plant food, and also feeds insects and their larvae, ant eggs, bird eggs and other animals.In the case of lack of food, you also eat the young buds of trees.

Basic Introduction to Snow Squirrels

1. The tail hair is dense and fluffy, and the limbs and front and rear feet are long, but the forelimbs are shorter than the rear limbs.The ear shell is developed, and the eyes can be reached when the front is folded.The back of the whole body is from the kiss end to the tail group, and the side of the body and the outside of the limbs are brown -gray, hairy gray black, pointed brown or gray.

2. The abdomen is from the bottom to the tail base, and the inside of the limbs is white.The back and abdomen of the tail are brown -black, hairy gray, and brown black.The kiss, cheeks and lower lower back are like back, but the green gray, black and gray ears, and winter hair with large bunch of black hair.Individual hair color differences are large, which are blue -gray, gray, brown -gray, dark gray and dark brown.With the differences in the region, the hair color also changes. For example, the color of Liaoning squirrels is gray, while the squirrel color of the southern my country is darker.

3. In addition, the hair color is also affected by the seasons, winter hair gray or gray -brown, summer hair black or dark brown.

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