Small classrooms during pregnancy are dedicated to the expectant mothers of allergies during pregnancy

Allergic rhinitis is mainly characterized by paroxysmal sneezing, water -like nasal leakage, and nasal blockage.For example, dust, pollen, animal fur, mold, etc. are usually prone to allergic rhinitis.

Urticaria during pregnancy often occurs in the first pregnancy, which is manifested as itching, red, irregular shapes, flat or slightly convex plaques, and sometimes there are small blisters in the center.It often occurs in the abdomen and gradually spreads to the entire trunk and limbs.Postpartum rashes can quickly retreat, and they usually no longer recur.

Although allergic reactions do not have a hereditary tendency, the mother can pass it to the baby through the placenta.

A study published in the "Nature" magazine in 2020 proves that pregnant women who have an allergic reaction may transfer immunoglobulin E to babies to pass allergic reactions and cause babies to have an allergic reaction when they first contact allergens.

What pregnant women must be clear is that no drug is absolutely safe.If you are pregnant, please consult a professional doctor before use.

When urticaria is acute in pregnancy or skin itching in summer, it can be used in stove -glycone (no mint brain) for use during the shelf life.

When allergic diseases are occurred during pregnancy, when using antihistamine drugs, priority is selected to choose chopresidin and Setrazine (second -generation antihistamine drugs) with sufficient security data.

You can use pheaside and dilate amine anti -group amines as appropriate. These drugs have no significant effect on babies, such as poker Minamin (alias, alias, first -generation antihistamine drugs) and so on.

Benzirara (first -generation antihistamines drugs) should be avoided three months after pregnancy because it may cause uterine contraction.

There are also glucocorticoids, such as pine, which may cause teratogenic in large doses, so take care of the medicine carefully; such as Pennisone, it is only used for severe oral anti -inflammatory drugs that are difficult to control.

Among the various factors that threaten human health reports reported by the World Health Organization, food allergies are ranked fourth.

"The impact of different processing methods on food sensitivity is very different," said Associate Professor Che Huilian, School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University.

Wet and humid treatment (such as steaming and cooking) can greatly reduce the sensitivity of allergic foods, the treatment of high -pressure cookers is better, and the sensitivity of fermented foods is lower. On the contrary, microwave heating will increase the sensitivity of food.

Specific mothers who are allergic to skin can cook some mung bean soup in summer, eat more vitamin -rich foods, eat less oil and less sugar, and balance nutrition.

The data of 95 papers recently summarized. The conclusion is that no certainty evidence confirms that dietary differences during pregnancy will affect the probability of children with allergic diseases after birth.

Disclaimer: The content view cannot be used directly as a medical diagnosis or health intervention recommendation, for reference only.Please communicate with the doctor before taking any prevention or treatment measures.


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