Sleeping every day during pregnancy rarely affects greatly. These 4 problems must be known, but you have to pay attention to it

After pregnancy, the body is uncomfortable, pregnant, bad appetite, weak body, fatigue, fatigue, and drowsiness. When you return home, you want to lie on the bed and sleep.I also have the same feelings. After I am pregnant with Erbao, the happiest thing is lying on the bed. Only in this way can I get the relaxation of my soul.

Some mothers must rest in bed due to problems such as tire protection, placenta front, short cervical mouth, etc., and there is no way to go out.However, after the body improves, find a chance to go out to prevent some other physical conditions.If you ca n’t walk, you can take a car, you ca n’t walk too far, just move short distance and a small range. You always have to activate your bones and bones.

If you do n’t go out, you ca n’t accept the sunlight. It is easy to lack vitamin D and affect the absorption of calcium.The development of the fetus and the dental development of the fetus must be obtained from the mother’s body. The calcium is insufficient, which not only affects the health of the expectant mothers, but also affects the fetal bone development.

The sunlight I mentioned here is not to go under the sun at noon, but to choose to go out before 10 am and after 4 pm.If the sun feels poisonous, wearing a sun hat, protecting the sun umbrella protection, or walking in the shade of the mother -in -law is all possible.Don’t go to the sun because you want to accept the sunlight.

In addition, the lack of vitamin D, and the early bed is also unstable, causing biochemical pregnancy or fetal stop.There is a friend who has done a test tube several times. It is either this problem or that problem. The last time it was stopped for a month. The reason was that the lack of vitamin D. It can be seen that vitamin D is also related to embryo bed.

Without going out, physical fitness will become worse and worse.The so -called flowing water is not rotten, and the household is not stingy. If you do n’t go out, your arms and legs are rust.After having a car, they use cars to travel, and the function of the limbs is degraded, so now they are anxious to find places and time to exercise!

If you do n’t go out, you ca n’t breathe fresh air. While the physical fitness becomes worse, the immunity will decrease, and it is easy to infect various diseases.

Most drugs are taboo for pregnant women.

If it is not treated after infection, due to the poor health of the pregnant woman, it will also have an adverse effect on the fetus, and the dysplasia, deformity, and premature birth will also occur.At that time, there will be a dilemma.

Rarely go out, do not contact various people, one person is easy to think about, leading to depression.Poor emotions can affect the development of the fetus, increase the number of fetal movements, restlessness, and lower weight of the fetus.

Pregnant women’s mood can also affect the development of the fetus, causing rabbit lips.The uneasy emotions can also cause recycling system disorders, causing abortion or premature birth.

Therefore, conditional pregnant women still let themselves move, increase the time to go out, and ensure that adults are healthy and their children develop normally.

Of course, there are many who have to rest in bed. Of course, you must follow the doctor’s order. If you can’t go out, let your family often open the window to ventilate, breathe fresh air, and accept the sunlight on the balcony.

The above is my point of view. If you have any questions, please leave a message to discuss.

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