Six moves to relieve back pain during pregnancy

As the fetus slowly increases, some pregnant mothers will experience back pain and back pain, which can seriously affect daily work.How to relieve back pain in the third trimester?Zhang Li, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and child health hospital of the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Zhang Li introduced that low back pain during pregnancy is related to the level of hormones during pregnancy. The level of hormone levels in the third trimester of pregnancy rises, making the pelvic ligament softer, muscle relaxation, and the spine curvature increasesThe belly is getting bigger and bigger, and many pregnant mothers will unconsciously lean their shoulders and heads to keep their bodies balance. Long -term posture can easily cause tension of waist and back muscles and cause soreness.

Zhang Li’s tricks can start from six aspects to ease back pain during pregnancy:

1. Pay attention to sleeping positions.

It is recommended to take the left side position in the middle and late pregnancy to reduce the pressure of the uterine and slow down the degree of veins of the lower limbs.

When you are ready to lie down and sleep, you can first bend your legs back and back, then twist the pelvis gently, and find a place where you feel the most comfortable to lie down.Pay attention to getting up. Don’t sit up directly from a flat position. It is best to put your body on the side first, and then slowly support your body with the help of your hand.

2. Reduce standing time.

Try not to walk for too long.Pregnant mothers who usually love to wear high heels need to pay attention. After pregnancy, the center of gravity is leaning forward, and it is not easy to keep the body balance. High -heeled shoes will increase the burden on the waist and back muscles. It is recommended to choose a pair of comfortable walking shoes for themselves after pregnancy.

In addition, in order to reduce the pressure on the back of the waist, you can separate the two feet slightly when you stand, so that the thighs and abdomen can bear part of the gravity part of the waist.

3. Do not rush to stand and change.

When standing from standing or standing, or standing from sitting, be careful not to be too hard.When you sit, try to find a chair with back. If the position of the back is not appropriate, you can take a small pillow on the waist to make the waist support when sitting.It is not recommended to sit for too long. Every minute, you can stand up and walk appropriately to soothe the tension of some waist muscles.

4. Do some housework appropriately.

Pregnant mothers can do some light housework, such as sweeping the floor.Similar to the heavy work of moving and lifting, you need to stand high or squat down. At this stage, you need to avoid it temporarily.

5. Avoid cold waist.

Cold on the waist can also cause low back pain, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to keeping warm in the waist. When you sleep in the air conditioner in summer, remember to put a thin layer of quilt on your stomach.

6. Pay attention to supplementing nutrients such as calcium.

Pregnant mothers need to supplement calcium supplement in the middle and late pregnancy to meet the needs of their own and fetal growth and development. If you do not pay attention to calcium supplementation at this stage, the waist and leg soreness may occur due to calcium deficiency.Essence(All media reporter Wang Jing correspondent Lin Huifang)

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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