Six major matters that expectant mothers should pay attention to during pregnancy

As a expectant mother, pregnancy is one of the most important moments in life.The health and safety of pregnancy are not only related to the mother’s own health, but also the health and development of the fetus.During pregnancy, expectant mothers need to pay special attention to the following:

1. Healthy diet

During pregnancy, expectant mothers need to pay attention to the health and balance of diet.It should take more foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans, vegetables and fruits.At the same time, avoid too much caffeine, sugar, greasy and high -calorie foods.

2. Appropriate exercise

Appropriate exercise during pregnancy can improve the physical fitness and immunity of expectant mothers and help prepare for delivery.However, you need to choose a suitable exercise method for pregnant women, such as walking, yoga, swimming, etc., to avoid excessive exercise and dangerous exercise.

3. Pay attention to rest and sleep

To ensure sufficient sleep and rest time during pregnancy, you can take a nap to avoid staying up late and overworing.When you sleep, choose a sleeping position suitable for pregnant women, such as lying on the side to avoid lying flat and lying on his back.

4. Regular checkup

Regular delivery during pregnancy can understand the health and development of the fetus in time, discover problems in time and take measures.The time and frequency of the checkup should be determined according to the situation of pregnant women and the advice of the doctor.

5. Avoid contact with dangerous substances

Avoid contact with hazardous chemicals and poison during pregnancy, such as harmful gases, toxic substances, radiation, etc.At the same time, avoid contact with animal feces, pets, cat sand, and other possible germs and diseases.

6. Pay attention to mental health

Psychological health during pregnancy is equally important. Expectant mothers need to maintain an optimistic attitude and actively face life and future.You can participate in some pregnancy activities, such as yoga and education of pregnant women, and can also communicate and communicate with family members and friends.

In short, during pregnancy, expectant mothers need to pay special attention to healthy diet, appropriate exercise, sufficient sleep rest, regular production inspection, avoid contact with dangerous substances and pay attention to psychological health.It is hoped that every expectant mother can spend a healthy, happy and peaceful pregnancy, laying a good foundation for the healthy growth of the baby.

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