Six categories of foods that are nourishing during pregnancy and not gaining weight are beneficial to the body

After pregnancy, the expectant mother’s weight was rising, and watching the meat on her body increased day by day. The expectant mother would inevitably mutter: why the meat grows on her own, and there is any way to grow only the fetus, less meat, and meat.Woolen cloth?

If you want the fetus to develop well, and do not want to gain too fast, pregnant mothers can improve their diet.You must know that you can be a nutritional balance after pregnancy. Too much supplementation is not conducive to the development of the fetus, but it is easy to give birth to "huge child".The following kinds of foods that do not have long tires, pregnant mothers can eat it!

One, fish

Fish is rich in high -quality protein, and the meat is delicate and easy to digest, which is very suitable for eating during pregnancy.Fish is rich in nutrition, contains a large amount of trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin A, vitamin C, etc. Eating fish twice a week can help the fetus and the development of Dabao.

Two, milk

After pregnancy, the demand for calcium in pregnant mothers has increased, milk contains high calcium, and is easily absorbed by the human body. It is a good choice for calcium supplementation during pregnancy.Proper sun exposure can help vitamin D in the body and promote the absorption and utilization of calcium.

Third, fresh vegetables

Early pregnancy is a critical period for fetal organs and nerve development, and sufficient folic acid is required.The content of folic acid in fresh green leafy vegetables is high, such as amaranth, spinach, green broccoli, etc., and it is not easy to gain weight. It can be eaten in moderation during pregnancy.

Four, lean meat

In the middle of pregnancy, the amount of protein, iron and other demand for fetuses began to increase.Lean meat contains a large amount of iron. Iron element plays an irreplaceable role in the process of human blood transfer oxygen and red blood cell synthesis, which can avoid the symptoms of anemia in the pregnant mother.

Five, eggs

How can you not mention eggs during pregnancy? Egg protein content is very high, and 8 amino acids that are necessary for the human body are similar to the composition of human protein. The absorption rate of egg protein is extremely high.Egg yolk contains iron, lecithin, vitamin A, etc. The most nutritional value of boiled eggs, and the nutritional loss of fried eggs.

Six, soy products

Moms in the third trimester also supplement calcium and iron. Soy products are rich in calcium and protein, which is very suitable for eating during pregnancy.

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