Sichuan burn a girl with a girl with a lot of likes, "Husband is like a light in life"

Recently, a netizen in Sichuan 名, "Golden Leopard", took a photo with his wife on his social account, and wrote "Looking forward to your arrival."A simple picture and text have gained a million plus praise from netizens, and the entire network is sending their blessings.Because the heroine is a face burned girl, there are still scars on her face, but she always smiles brilliantly in the photo and nestle around her husband happily.Netizens have left a message in the comment area: "You have to meet a good person, and you will be pregnant, bless happiness" "True love, bless you".

Know the current wife through a blind date

I decided to be together for the first time

According to reports, the real name of "Leopard" is Zheng Xiaoyun, 30 years old.The burning girl in the photo was his wife Feng Huan. In 2020, through the introduction of relatives, the two of them successfully came together.Then the two began a long -kilometer long -distance relationship, and I saw two noodles in the middle.Later, Zheng Xiaoyun returned to the city where Feng Huan worked, and the two began a small love of nearly 100 kilometers.In the Spring Festival of 2021, the parents of both sides met and recognized each other’s marriage. The two also received a certificate of marriage on May 20, 2021.On New Year’s Day in 2022, the two had the crystallization of love.

Zheng Xiaoyun introduced: "Sending this picture is to record our usual life, but I didn’t expect so many netizens to care. (We) knew through a blind date, (matchmaker) said that this girl is very kind and filial piety.In all aspects, it is very good, that is, a little disability on the face. I think people can not just look at the appearance. After the first meeting, the heart has firmly strengthened this idea. No matter how opposed others, the two of us must be in the two.Together."

The girl caused facial burns due to an accident

"My husband is a feeling of light"

In an interview, Feng Huan said that due to an accident as a child, his facial burns were caused.Feng Huan said that a primary school classmate had taken a particularly unpleasant nickname, "female ghost" and the like.At that time, I was still very sad, so I still remember it until now.The husband Zheng Xiaoyun sitting next to her said, "There is only one feeling to protect her." When he heard her husband said, Feng Huan opened his mouth and laughed.Feng Huan also said: "As netizens said, (my husband) is a feeling of light. They will feel that they can continue to love, they can love others, others will love us, and they are worthy of being loved","

At present, Feng Huan has been pregnant for eight months, and the couple are full of expectations for the future.


I wish you all the time in the future, go all the way to the sun!

The netizen who saw the video said: "God closes a door to open another window! It is also a good relationship between the two to meet and know each other."Everything in the world is unexpectedly not what you can choose, but as you say, you are worthy of being loved. "" Everyone has the right to enjoy being loved, and I wish you happiness forever. "

Intern Liu Zhixiang Morning News reporter Zhou Dun

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