shock!Eating these will cause pregnant women to have a natural abortion?

There are tens of millions of food varieties.

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Below, let Xiaobian analyze it for you:

1. What do pregnant women eat naturally?

1. Food that makes people exciting

For example: coffee, tea and other beverages and foods. After a large number of pregnant women eat, symptoms such as panic, nausea, and vomiting will affect the development of the fetus and may also cause abortion.

2. Xiangxin stimulates food

For example, foods containing fragrant leaves, star anise, pepper, spiced powder and other stimulating seasonings. After a large amount of pregnant women consume, it will consume intestinal moisture, which can easily cause symptoms such as constipation, stomach pain, hemorrhoids, and other symptoms.It will press the fetus and cause amniotic fluid to break, which may cause natural miscarriage.

3. Food with high sugar

For pregnant women with high sugar content, it consumes a lot of calcium during digestion, which will lead to calcium deficiency in pregnant women and affect the development of the fetus and teeth.

And eating sugar can make people feel abdominal. When pregnant women eat more sugar, they are not hungry. The fetus cannot absorb nutrients and may cause abortion.

4. Foods containing hydrocyanic acid (toxic)

For example, almonds contain about 10%of the ingredients of hydrocyanic acid, especially the almonds that are deteriorated. The component of hydrocyanic acid is higher. The hydrocyanic acid will directly affect the fetus through the placenta.

5. Supplements that are easy to cause internal heat

For example: longan, ginseng, etc. If pregnant women eat a lot, internal heat will cause edema, high blood pressure, and abdominal pain, which may cause natural miscarriage.

6. Food for promoting blood circulation and stasis

For example: crabs, kelp and other foods have the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis. A large amount of pregnant women eat can easily cause the risk of miscarriage and bleeding.

2. What should pregnant women eat for the fetus?

Broccoli, milk, apples, fragrant, orange, kiwi, walnuts, black sesame, carrots, soy milk, eggs, spinach, fish, beef, shrimp and other foods are good for adults and children.

Welcome to pay attention to this headline, and there are many diet knowledge!

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