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Xiaoqiang’s Dream Seventh: Shi Meng Q & A -Say Car Dream

Recently, the Shenyang Evening News Xiaoqiang’s interpretation of the dream section received a lot of dreams about the car.In this issue, Xiaoqiang Dream Interview with Teacher Yuan Yuan, a well -known psychological expert in Beijing and Dream Release Expert, analyzes the symbolic significance of dreams related to the car.

Dream Example 1: I can’t drive, but I dreamed that I lost my sister’s car. When I was looking for a car, my sister was not in a hurry, and I was not in a hurry.

Answer: The dreamer has experienced a sense of loss, but he can basically face it.Being able to face basically, it may also be subconsciously using defense mechanisms such as isolation or depression.

Dream Example 2: I dreamed that my car was parked in the parking lot, and the bad guy saw the car from half of the middle. I lost half of it when I found it, and then called the police.

Answer: Passive accepted a certain injury and loss.

Dream 3: I dreamed that my truck engine, transmission shaft, and gearbox were stolen.

Answer: Life development encounters difficulties, such as: insufficient power, rhythm adjustment out of control, etc.

Dream 4: I dreamed that the four tires of my car were stolen. Can you give it a saying?

Answer: The tire is like a person’s feet, symbolizing the motivation.The tire was stolen, which means that the action was blocked.

Dream Example 5: I just dreamed of going out with my family. At the end, I couldn’t find the hotel where I stayed. Because I had an old man and a child, I went to find it alone and found it for a long time. But I felt that the road was far away.The phone told the family that driving to pick them up, and the next step was to find a car, and I couldn’t find it.

Answer: The dreamers have paid more in their lives and have a sense of fatigue.

Dream example 6: Dreaming of driving in front of the car, there is no road, it is a green wheat land. What is going on?

Answer: I think there is no way to go, but there is an unexpected harvest.Green wheat land represents vibrant spiritual food, such as hope, opportunities, etc.

Yuan Yuan’s profile

Associate professor and graduate mentor of the Department of Psychology, School of Social and Psychology, Central University of Finance and Economics.Quay gold -level image dialogue psychologist.The first batch of second -level psychological counselors.

Fingertips Shenyang, Shen Bao’s all -media director reporter Wu Qiang

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