Shengwa doesn’t want to eat "package"!Prepare 5 principles during pregnancy. You do not need to "turn around" for smooth delivery.

“2023 Parenting Season”

When it comes to childbirth, many mothers will be scared, not afraid of pain, but afraid of eating package.The so -called "package" is a failure of the delivery. It has to be transferred to a cesarean section, and a baby is sinned by two.

Some pregnant women are pregnant with yoga and pelvis every day, so that they can give birth smoothly, so that they will not be born half of the card shell.

In order not to "turn around", some mothers directly abandon the date of admission to the cesarean section.

Is the probability of rotating?What are the conditions for pregnant women to have?What are the preparations for pregnant women?We answered one by one today.

There are very few articles on the childbearing childcare website, but articles that have rotated smoothly abound, so many pregnant women mistakenly think that childbirth packages are the norm.According to clinical statistics, 10 pregnant women give birth naturally, and only one pregnant woman has a cesarean section because of the long period of time or abnormality of the fetus, and the proportion of smooth cutting is less than 10%.Therefore, pregnant women give up natural delivery because they are afraid of rotating, and they are purely abandoning.

1. Excessive fetal head

During childbirth, the mother’s pelvis has strong ductility and will continue to expand to pass the birth canal.If the maternal pelvis is narrow or the fetus is huge, the fetus cannot pass the birth canal smoothly.Childing is like wearing a ring, the fetus is like a finger, the ring is like a pelvis, and the ring is too small, even if the fingers are thinner, you can’t wear it.Conversely, if the ring is thick enough, there is no big problem with a thick finger.

Studies have found that the probability of dystocia when the fetus weighs more than 8 pounds, so pregnant women who do not want to eat the whole meal should start with the weight of the fetus.

2. Abnormal fetal heart

In the process of childbirth, the doctor found that the fetal heartbeat was abnormal, the umbilical cord around the neck, the uterine contraction excessive contraction and other problems were also recommended.

3. Maternal abnormalities

In addition to fetal abnormalities, maternal abnormalities can not give birth naturally, and common blood pressure, eclaitia, and severe bleeding.

4. Inslawed

During childbirth, pregnant women’s uterine contraction pushes the fetus down.If the problem of contraction and weakness occurs during childbirth, the fetal decrease is slow, and the output will be lengthened.Once the mother’s physical and mental state reaches the critical value, the doctor will also recommend cesarean section.

5. Do not work hard

Natural childbirth requires the intensity of uterine contraction, which requires the maternal to master the correct way.If the maternal does not work hard, not only does the physical consumption fast, but the fetal decrease is not obvious.Once the maternal strength is exhausted, it can only be cut.

1. Breeding

There is a saying on the Internet that may increase the chance of eating package.The purpose of giving birth is to start and accelerate the production process through external forces.If the maternal is born before entering the due date, the maternal and fetal preparation is insufficient, and natural delivery is difficult.

Natural childbirth is a natural phenomenon, paying attention to a "creamy pheasant".If the uterus has not softened, it is often born, often the output process is longer, and some can’t even give birth for a day or two. In the end, they have to turn around.

2. Painless delivery

In addition to giving birth, some people say that painless delivery can also cause smooth turn.Although painless delivery will extend the childbirth duration, the extended time is limited, which generally does not affect natural delivery. Maternals can safely choose painless delivery.

Many first -bed women know nothing about childbirth. They have always thought that having children is as warm as a TV series. When it is really the launch of the production, I know how much it hurts.Many pregnant women are anxious all day because they are worried about childbirth, but they increase the probability of eating the whole meal.

1. Timing production inspection

Timed delivery checks are conducive to doctors in time to grasp the health of pregnant women and fetuses in a timely manner, and reduce the risk of childbirth.During the birth check, pregnant women must pay attention to their BMI index. Excessive weight (12 kg) may lead to huge fetal fetuses and increase the difficulty of delivery.

2. Living habits

During pregnancy, good living habits are very important. Pay attention to diet, sleep, and exercise.Diet should be diverse in diet, and nutritional matching should be reasonable.In addition, we must insist on appropriate sports and get up early to avoid staying up late.

3. Learn for childbirth knowledge

During pregnancy, pregnant women learn some childbirth knowledge to help alleviate prenatal anxiety.It is recommended that pregnant women participate in some childbirth courses to learn about some childbirth methods, effort, correct posture, etc., which will help the smooth progress of natural delivery.

4. Familiar with the venue

If the hospital allows, pregnant women can be familiar with the site of childbirth in advance, helping to alleviate the problem of prenatal anxiety, and it can also reduce the probability of smooth removal.

5. Let go of anxiety

Before childbirth, it is normal for a maternal anxiety to be a bit anxious, but it cannot be spinning in anxiety for a long time.When there is nothing wrong, pregnant women can listen to music, read books, take a walk, and speak to the fetus to help resolve anxiety and pressure and build confidence.

Giveting a child is a very consumed thing and a big test of the mother.Because of this, we need to prepare for a long time during pregnancy.Pregnant mothers climb the text on the Internet and think about it. It is better to be more reliable after changing the mentality.

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