She was pregnant unexpectedly at the peak of her career.

We are well known in the chaos of the entertainment industry. There are many questions in this circle, and there are no answers to now. For example, do you know who is Chen Kun’s son and mother?Who is Cecilia Cheung’s third son and dad?Another is what I am most interested in. Tian Hairong’s daughter’s biological father must be curious about the answers to these questions.

Compared with Chen Kun and Cecilia Cheung, Tian Hairong’s reputation is small and young, and the popularity is far from catching up with them.At that time, when she first entered this circle, her status was similar to Lu Yi, such as Lu Yi. She and Lu Yi, who also came from the play, were classmates. You must know that the person who came out of this school was not red.

I thought Tian Hairong and Deng Chao had cooperated at that time, and she also had a little popularity through this film. According to her performance in this play, it was very suitable for eating this bowl of rice in the entertainment industry.If you can rush to the front -line actress, her popularity will be opened.

But the only beauty is that her face value cannot be regarded as good -looking in the entertainment industry, but fortunately, her strength is not to be underestimated. With a solid acting skills, she can achieve good results.

Later, what surprised everyone was that Tian Hairong, who was in a rising period of career, suddenly disappeared into the public’s sight. Later, the reason why Tian Hairong suddenly disappeared because she was pregnant., But Tian Hairong is always the exception.

She has disappeared for three years. It is a long time for any female artist for three years. This time is enough to make the majority of netizens forget you, so I have to say that Tian Hairong’s practice isVery bold.

After all, the golden age of this bowl of rice in the entertainment industry is just in the past few years, and after this age, you think it is difficult.In this circle, it is a heat, so as to keep your career at its peak.

This is why many female artists quickly returned to the screen after they gave birth to their children. After all, the time will be squeezed in the circle and forgot to be forgotten by the public.Taboo.

But at that time, Tian Hairong was pregnant, so this is why she had to temporarily retreat. Presumably in the past three years she was not here, she was seriously accompanying her children to grow.Tian Hairong’s choice is also very correct. After all, for any mother, children and career are more important. Tian Hairong said that she is not a well -known actor, but she is a rare mother in the world.

After the child grows up, Tian Hairong also gradually shifted the focus back to the entertainment industry. After all, Tian Hairong, who is currently such a huge life pressure, has to choose to pay for his career again.The news has always been there, and Tian Hairong has never mentioned it.

In retrospect, when the news was announced at the time, Tian Hairong was at the peak of her career, which made her have to stop working to have children.And even the media asked the child’s father, Tian Hairong also boldly proved that he did not know.

Now Tian Hairong’s daughter has gradually grown up, and the children’s facial features have gradually opened. The appearance of the child’s father can also be seen.The child’s father is Xu Ming who has a life -life relationship with Tian Hairong. This girl looks more or less like Xu Ming, but this is just guessing that the daughter of Tian Hairong’s daughter is Xu Ming.Even if it is really, no one will come forward to admit it!

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