She was a 21 -year -old unmarried girl in Shanghai, and gave birth to a baby when she was in the toilet. She raised a kitchen knife in panic …

"Wow!" In 2015, a 21 -year -old unmarried girl in Shanghai suddenly felt loose when she was in the toilet, and then heard the baby’s cry. In panic, she raised a kitchen knife …

On April 12, 2015, Aunt Zhang, a garbage decomposition member of the Songjiang District of Shanghai, found three extremely similar white plastic bags in the No. 5 trash can when dealing with garbage in this community.

The plastic bag tied tightly and covered with blood.Aunt Zhang thought that the internal organs that were thrown after the fish were killed in it, so she was ready to separate the wet and wet.

I wanted to open it, and Aunt Zhang was frightened: A newborn baby was installed in the plastic bag.

I saw the baby curled up, his eyes closed, and his body was covered with sword injury and uncompressed blood.Aunt Zhang was scared to report to the police immediately.

The police quickly arrived after receiving the report and carefully investigated the plastic bags in the trash can.Except for one of the three plastic bags, the rest are full of blood and sanitary napkins.

Subsequently, the police found an inconspicuous courier in the middle of the blood -filled grass paper.With this courier list, the police touched the vine and locked the target on Yang Leying, the daughter of a family of three in the community.

Yang Leying was 21 years old, unmarried, and lived with her parents.When the police came to the door to explain the intention and asked Yang Leying to test the blood test, she was rejected.

Yang Leying’s mother saw her daughter’s abnormalities, and there was an ominous premonition.She began to patiently persuade her daughter and guarantee that she did not blame her, and Yang Leying and the truth of the matter.

On April 11, 2015, Yang Leying, who was alone at home, felt the pain of her stomach for a while, like menstruation, but it was more painful than before.

Yang Leying’s mother thought it was her daughter’s physiological period and didn’t care too much, she just told her to drink more brown sugar water.However, Yang Leying felt that abdominal pain did not ease, but the more painful, the more severe.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Yang Leying helped the wall to the bathroom. Unexpectedly, as soon as she sat on the toilet, she suddenly felt something fell from her body.

Then, she heard the baby’s cry, Yang Leying was scared. She looked down at the toilet and found that she had given birth to a child.

Looking at the baby crying in the toilet, Yang Leying was very scared in her heart. She was full of her head and thought: "I had a child once last year, and my mother was so angry that if my mother knew that she had given birth to a child, it would still have it.! "

"No, this child must not be left." Yang Leying under the anxiety actually made a decision to destroy humanity.

She immediately found a kitchen knife from the kitchen, and cruelly chopped her biological children.With a knife, she could still hear the weak crying of the baby, two knives, three knives, four knives … the baby was finally quiet.

After that, Yang Leying quickly cleaned the "battlefield" ignored the weakness of the body. She put the baby and blood -stained paper towels in three plastic bags and threw it into the trash bin downstairs.

Yang Leying’s mother cried after listening, "The daughter is simple and honest, and I usually dare not get it. How can I do this?"

It is puzzling that under the same roof, no one found that Yang Leying was pregnant.

In this regard, Yang Leying’s mother said that her daughter has been blessed since she was born last year, so she always thought she was just gaining weight.

In the face of the police, Yang Leying expressed her experience like telling a story.

Yang Leying now lives with his stepfather and mother, and her native family has been broken in her parents’ quarrels very early.

She was not deeply impressed by her father. She just learned from her mother’s words that her father was a "bad guy". She had never hugged her from an early age. She also stole the money at home to raise the lady.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Because of the injury, after the divorce, Yang Leying’s mother limited her daughter’s dating behavior.

She will delete the male classmate in her daughter’s QQ friend, and she is not allowed to talk to the boy.However, adolescent children are extremely rebellious: "The more you don’t want me, the more I do."

So despite high -pressure control, Yang Leying still loves early.And her first boyfriend turned out to be the stepfather taught her to "shake" and "shake" her with her mobile phone.

Soon, the two met each other and talked about love. Yang Leying even took her boyfriend home overnight.She was so angry that her mother directly called her boyfriend to theft and wanted to dismantle the two.

However, Yang Leying actually "did not do it, two endless", packed her luggage and moved to her boyfriend’s home, and she lived for three months, and she was pregnant.

After learning that her daughter was pregnant, Yang Leying’s mother went to the man’s mother theory.But the man’s mother clamored disdain: "It was your daughter who posted it and sent it to the door.

Yang Leying’s mother scolded her daughter with no steel: "Why don’t you make chickens? You go out and mix with a man again, I will drive you out."

In this way, Yang Leying’s mother turned her misfortune and the helplessness to her daughter into various dirty words to her.

Families without love are suffocating.

And Yang Leying, who is extremely lacking in love, is warm as long as a man says a few words or two words.So long, she secretly had one night stand with a male colleague who was sweet to her.

Therefore, when everyone thought that the tragic baby was her and her ex -boyfriend, Yang Leying shook her head blankly and said that the child of the boyfriend had been killed. This should be left by her and a former colleague.

In the end, Yang Leying was arrested by the Procuratorate of Songjiang District, the Songjiang District of Shanghai in accordance with the law for suspected intentional homicide.

Yang Leying is poor, sad, but hateful!Although there is no "childhood that can heal a lifetime", if she can respect, love, and strengthen self -improvement, life will definitely be wonderful.

(Source: Record and spread)

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