She takes pregnancy to donate blood!By the way, check the child blood type!Seeing her pregnant with the sinye!

"Leng Jichen, you can’t pull me to donate blood!" Song still shrank back, suddenly covering his stomach, "Leng Jichen, I’m pregnant! You can’t pull me to donate blood! I am pregnant with your child!"

"What are you talking about?" Leng Jichen’s body stopped, and those eyes seemed to be stained with ice.

"I said, I’m pregnant."

As soon as the words fell, Song’s chin was still pinched by the man, and it was so powerful that she would crush her.

"Say, who is the child!"

Song still saw a man full of sour eyes, and then saw the man’s order to the nurse: "Take her to donate blood! By the way, check the child’s blood type!"

"Leng Jichen, you can’t treat me like this! You bastard! This is your child! Your child!" Song still kept his best roar, tears burst out, and was taken away by the nurse.

Leng Jichen’s stretch was full of disappointed eyes of Song, and he was inexplicably uncomfortable, and he pulled the tie irritable.

"Ji Chen, what’s wrong with you?" Song Taotao’s emotions were obviously not right.

"It’s okay!" Leng Jichen fell, but saw the nurse hurried to say, "Mr. Leng, your wife is too excited, bleeding, the child may not be able to keep it!"

Leng Jichen has always been disdainful for this woman who has loved herself for 20 years, but now he heard Song still bleed from the nurse’s mouth, and he was a little panicked.

The first thought is whether she would be fine!

"How is my wife? Is there any danger?" He rushed forward and asked the nurse.

"Mr. Leng, don’t worry, Mrs. Leng is not dangerous, but her emotions are not very good and have to rest well."

Why do you worry about her?

Leng Jichen’s nice eyebrows tightened, and then let go. It took it for granted that Song was still his wife, and he cared about her!

"Is the child’s blood type test?" The second thing is to care about the child.

"Now we are still bleeding for pregnant women, and we have to wait until we can know. Mr. Leng, you wait." The nurse said Song Taotao at the bed, and his eyes dodged before walking away.

Song Taotao saw it, and his heart was not very tasteful. He couldn’t die with his children, but he was worried.

"Ji Chen, don’t worry, your sister is kind, and it will be fine with your children!"

Leng Jichen nodded her head, and then thought of the child, there was a somewhat faint joy in his heart. What would he like with Song still?

"You take a break first, let me go outside." Then, he strode away from the ward and left Song Taotao, who gritted his teeth.


Leng Jichen was sitting in the operating room corridor and waiting, watching the people entering and leaving the operating room changed one after another, and a heart followed in the air.

He stared at the time on the watch and moved.

A panic that has never been in his heart spread in his heart. He stood up and walked back and forth.

How is she?Will there be any danger.

When a nurse came out, he reached out and grabbed the nurse, his face was scary.

"What about my wife? How is it? It’s almost three hours. How can the operation not good? You can do it!"

"Mr. Leng, don’t worry about pregnant women first. This is the DNA parent -child that we just detected. You can see it first." When the nurse handed the report, he dodged his eyes and left.

Hearing the first half of the sentence, Leng Jichen reassured. When he heard the second half sentence, he took the report and was so nervous.

When I saw the data on the report, the cold pupil shrank fiercely, and her face was scary!

The appraisal report clearly states that a parent -child possibility is 0.001 ﹪.

"Hehe! Song is still so good!"

A touch of cold arc was pulled at the corner of his mouth. Leng Jichen torn the report and smashed his fists to the wall. He tasted the uncomfortable taste of frustration in his life.

From the operating room, Song was still lying on the bed to rest, but saw Leng Jichen’s face coming.

Take out the quasi -miscarriage report and hand it off, Song still looks pale and calm: "The child is gone, the doctor said that I might not be pregnant in the future, Leng Jichen, let me go, let’s divorce."

"Oh!" Leng Jichen didn’t read the report, leaned down, pinched her pale face with his hands, and laughed: "Song is still, you really let me look at it! I want to divorce when I wear a green hat?

"Leng Jichen, what do you mean? Do you suspect that I wear a green hat for you? You bastard! This is your child!"

Song was still anxious, and he got up excitedly to hit his chest, but was caught by the man.

"Every time I go to bed, I want to ask for money, but now I can’t wait to divorce me. I leave me, who will give you money to treat your mother’s illness? Or is that child who sells your body for money?"

In his heart, she is this kind of person who sells her body and uterus for money?

Song was still aggrieved in his heart, tears couldn’t help falling down, and he beat his chest more and more.

"You bastard! Leng Jichen, how can I like this kind of bastard! Woohoo …"

Her pitiful appearance made Leng Jichen uncomfortable in her heart, humming her body.

"Song is still, want to divorce? Before I am tired of you, take a look!" Falling, turning his face with a black face.

With a bang, the door was closed hard, and Song still cried in grievances in the quilt.

Chapter 5 Please want me!I need a lot of money!

In the past few days, Song has been resting in the hospital, and Leng Jichen has not come again. Her mother Li Man’s condition is getting worse and bad. Her slender body has quickly lost weight.

At this time, the mother and daughter in the ward are talking.

Li Man has been tortured for a long time, his body is thin and thin, and his face has no blood. In addition, he is old. He is about the same age in his forties.

"Still, my mother is sorry for you. Mom failed to give you a good life or give you a good father."

"Mom, you can rest assured, you will get better, don’t think too much."

Song still held his mother’s thin fingers and choked.

Mother is an ordinary woman. She has no family background, so she is not favored to marry the Song family. Even after her mother was kicked out of the Song family, her father did not care about her mother.

"Stupid child, don’t cry, my mother doesn’t want to see you crying, my mother wants you to be good." Li Man smiled weakly, but his face wrinkles made Song still cry even more, holding her mother and crying.

"Mother, these fruits I just went out and bought them, and they all washed them." Chu Yun entered the door, and when he saw a crowd, he hurried out.

Song still returned, quickly wiped his tears, cleaned up his emotions, and smiled strongly: "Mom! Don’t talk, I will cut you an apple to eat,

Title: "Yu Siyuan’s Regret"

Before you continue …

Friendly Recommendation

You know, the real Taiyin Jiuyou Jue, when the exhibition comes, can directly summon the help of nine kinds of giant beasts with these giant giant beasts.Strong masters can work hard

At that time, the ancestor of the Ning family raised the world with the Taiyin Jiuyou Jue, and finally made a huge name, and finally created the Taiyuezong.

But the Taiyin Jiuyou Jue, which is exhibited in Ningle Mountain today, is the incomplete secret method. It can only summon the ice and snow dragon. Compared with the real Taiyin Jiuyou Jue, it is too far away to be too far away.

"Dare to do it with the old man, you all die." Haotian’s ancestor snorted, and his body skyrocketed.

The air around dozens of miles around "Om" suddenly stagnated, as if all the air was completely emptied.

"Woohoo .." countless wind blades formed a huge high -speed rotating turbine, rushing towards Song Li and Ningleshan and others.

"Woohoo .." The huge -sized turbine, like the size of the grinding plate, rotated from the wind blade, rushed towards Ningleshan and others.

Each of these high -speed rotating turbines with or above, each with powerful energy fluctuations, is comparable to the strongest blow of a master of 6 seven layers of Yuanying.It is hundreds of sixty -seven layers of young children

"Oh my gods;" Facing this overwhelming, hundreds of high -speed rotating turbines that are the strongest and high -speed rotating turbines of the six -layer master of Yuan Ying have changed

"Don’t keep your hands in killing." Ningleshan yelled, looking around, looking around the elders around the Tai Shang and the elders of the inner door, his eyes were full of warning.

When faced with the nine wind blade pythons of Haotian’s ancestor, those elders who originally had a camp with Haotian’s ancestors. Although they also shot, they did not have all their best.

Although they did not want to see the crazy Haotian ancestor destroyed the entire Tae Yuezong, they did not want to be settled by the autumn afterwards because of the relationship with Haotian’s ancestor camp.

Therefore, their very strong strength is just five or six points, and most of the attacks are handed over to the people of Ningleshan.

They are all very clear that the ancestors of Haotian’s ancestors are mainly Song Li, Ningleshan and others. They most hope to see the ancestors of Haotian and Ningleshan defeat. In this way, the heavy losses of Ningleshan are a series., I have to continue to reuse these elders and inner elders, and their status can be preserved.

I have to say that they are undoubtedly the most correct choice.

However, in the face of the crazy attack of Haotian’s ancestors, if they are not doing their best, I am afraid that Ningleshan and others will be in danger of being killed, and they may not be safer.

At that time, the people of the Ningleshan Series will be destroyed. The people of the ancestors of Haotian may not be able to resist the attack of Haotian’s ancestors.

"Ang" Ning Le Shan once again sacrificed the ancestor’s ancestor, the famous flying sword, which was famous for his fame, a rough ice and snow dragon rose up at the sky.

Obviously, Ning Le Shan did not show all his efforts just now

"Click Kaka .." In the range of 100 meters around the ice and snow dragon, countless ice crystals are flying, and those wind -blade turbine that rotates the size of the plate is suddenly stagnant and stuck by countless ice crystals. Finally, the ice is blocked by the ice., Turn into ice, falling to the ground.

But Ningleshan just resisted the range of 100 meters around him, but the attack of Haotian’s ancestor this time, it was dozens of miles around

"Ah .." Some disciples who escaped slowly were immediately hit by the crazy rotating turbine, and the whole body’s skeletal muscles were broken and turned into a fluffy blood mist.

In just a few breaths, there are hundreds of meters of Taiyue inner disciples who have been killed by hundreds of meters.

These inner disciples are each of the valuable wealth of Taiyue Zong. You know, they are all here to participate in the competition. A few of them can even rank among the top ten core disciples among all inner disciples.

However, under the attack of the crazy Haotian ancestor, hundreds of inner disciples did not even have the ability to resist, and they were immediately beheaded.

It should be noted that the inner disciples of the entire Taiyue Zong are only thousands of people. Now the short time of breathing has been lost by nearly a quarter, which is enough to make Taiyue Zong wound and move their bones, and even affect it.Ranking in the major gates of the Holy Lion Empire

"Damn", the elders and inner elders who were originally a camp with Haotian’s ancestors suddenly hated it.

This is the huge destructive power of the dust

Many of the large doors that declared in the history of the Holy Lion Empire that year, because they encountered the calamity of the dust, led to the decline of the ancestors, and finally disappeared into the long river of history.

"Kill" a few elders glanced at each other, and then drank angrily, and made every effort.

Just as the attack of Haotian’s ancestor just now, a few disciples of the elders who were too elder were also filled with seedlings and were directly killed by Haotian’s ancestors.No matter how hard you want to do it, he will make a whole shot.

"Huhuhoo …" Hundreds of towering hills of the hundreds of heights fell from the sky and crushed towards those crazy rotating turbines.

"Boom .." countless turbines collided with Jashan, and the explosion of distance came.

"Qian Xue carefully stood behind me." Song Li pulled Ning Qianxue, stood out, and stood in front of Ning Qianxue.

"Ang .." A tens of meters long purple fire dragon came out of Song Li’s body.

The purple fire dragon seemed like a living creature, and there was a powerful coercion all over, as if soaring from nine days, the monarch came to the world.

Even Ning Laoshan on the side was a god, and looked at the purple fire dragon with a frightened face, and his face was full of shocking and fearful God Reads;.

As soon as the purple fire dragon appeared, Ning Leshan summoned the ice and snow dragon, which was obviously a riot, as if he had encountered a nemesis on the ground, and almost collapsed.

"What kind of exercises do this kid practice so much is so powerful for him to practice for a few years, and no one can be enemy." Ning Le Shan secretly thought about it, looking at Song Li’s eyes full of complexity.

Now Song Li finds Taiyue Zonglai and wants to take Ning Qianxue away. As long as Ning Le Shan agrees, Song Li will become the brother -in -law of Ningleshan, and it becomes a family.Naturally, it’s all happy, hello, hello everyone, everyone.

However, we know that Ning Qianxue was the head of the Taiyue Sect in the future. Song Lizhen married Ning Qianxue. The Taiyue Zong basically entered the Holy Lion Empire and became the subordinates of the Holy Lion Empire.

This is not the result of Ning Le Shan who wants to see

And if Ningleshan disagrees, with Song Li’s strength, and the entire Saint Lion Empire supports the back, I am afraid that Taiyue Zong can not resist at all.

"If Song Li died in the hands of Haotian’s ancestor, did all that would soon be solved?" Ning Le Shan turned a few thoughts in his heart, and suddenly thought of an idea.

"Boom" all the wind blade turbines near the tens of meters of Songli turned into black at high temperatures.

Faced with such a crazy attack of Haotian’s ancestor, Song Li had to display his strongest killing of the emperor’s fire.

"Ang .." Emperor Huo Fang Dragon soared in front of Song Li’s body. The red fire eyes were full of bloodthirsty violent, as if it was to burn everything.

Ning Qianxue, who was standing behind Song Li, looked at the man who was still in front of him, and his heart was surging.

Once upon a time, in the eyes of Ning Qianxue, Song Li was not a little person who had just started cultivation. At that time, Ning Qianxue was already famous in the entire Holy Lion Empire.The genius who is bending.

Many times, Song Li relied on Ning Qianxue’s help in order to complete the seemingly impossible task again and again.At that time, Song Li was just an ordinary person in the cultivation industry.

However, in just a few years, Song Li has emerged differently. Not only has his own strength made rapid progress, it has reached the peak of the seven layers of the Yuan infant period and became a authentic master. Moreover, in terms of alchemy, Song Li has become the most in the history of the Holy Lion Empire.Young Dan Master Reads;

Unconsciously, Song Li, whether it is his own strength or the status of Master Shengdan, is far away from Ning Qianxue. Once Song Li also needed Ning Qianxue to help to do something.Li has become the existence that Ning Qianxue needs to look up

Looking at the man who was in front of him, Ning Qianxue smiled relieved. This is his man. This is Ning Qianxue’s deepest love.

For the first time, Ning Qianxue, who has always been strong, can also experience the feeling of being protected for the first time.

That feels good

As long as there is Song Li beside him, the first day of the Saint Lion Empire’s reputation, and what the next head of the Taiyue Zong is the virtual name, Ning Qianxue can do not all

Several "Sanshan and Five Yue Jue" were too old and inner elders, and they also shot, struggling to resist dozens of crazy rotating wind -blade turbines.

Numerous blades and magic weapons flew into the sky, and they chopped over the crazy wind blade turbine.

"Boom .." On the martial arts field, there was a burst of violent explosion.

Soon, the wind blade turbine was stopped by all. When everyone was relieved, the ancestor of Haotian appeared to be more than one meter high, and it looked like five or six years old.The children were all white dolls.

The little white doll, cute and cute, skin -white and delicate, like a porcelain doll, and pity, there is no slightest energy fluctuation, like a ordinary child.

However, when Ningleshan and others saw this porcelain doll, their faces suddenly changed.

Beying on the side of this porcelain doll, there was a faint touch of breeze blowing, and the whole person was quietly suspended in the air, and his eyes were calm, although facing Ningle Mountain and others in the 11th yuan infantile period insideMaster, there is no fear at all.

The avatar is an upcoming avatar.

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