She is pregnant, she is not married, but she gets the same blessing of everyone

Her experience is comparable to TV dramas. It would be difficult to believe if it was not really appearing in front of us.

She became popular with her singing talent, and was all the rage in the music scene; at the peak of her career, she ushered in her own love; when she was about to enter the palace of marriage, an explosion accident had made her life orbit move towards another one.Fork.

Her life was suddenly pressed at the pause, the marriage was suspended, the performance was suspended, and even her name disappeared in the music scene.

Later, I heard the news about her again. It was the news of her wedding. She finally survived the night and worked hard.

What I didn’t expect was that this was just the beginning, and her suffering was still followed.

After 5 years of marriage, she was married; 18 years after singing, she lost her talent.

She is Ren Jiaxuan Selina.


I have n’t listened to many songs since I was a child, but every time I recall the songs of adolescents, the melody of “You are electric, you are light, you are my only myth.”

In the 1900s, S.H.E could be said to be a group of women’s groups in the north and south of the river. At that time, Selina was not the most outstanding. It was not as individual as Ella, and hebe looked good, but it could only be regarded as a satisfactory.

But she was the most lucky, a woman who was lucky to be sheltered for half a lifetime.

Compared with Ella, who was born in rural areas, hebe, who worked in the cold and summer vacation from ordinary families, was born in a middle -class family. His father is a computer company manager and his mother is an economics teacher.

Under a good family education, she grew up in the siege of love from a young age, well -known and superior.

Participating in singing competitions, Ella and Hebe are to subsidize their homes to win a bonus of NT $ 10,000, and Selina is to sign a star with a star.

It is strange that Selina does not sing from elementary school and does not understand the knowledge of music theory.

Obviously she didn’t know how to sing, but she could sing when she spoke, and she sang very well.

In the game, the producer asked her to make a high point. She made it easy, and the producer let her dessert, and she did it easily.

She was a man who was born to eat for meals, and she would sing.

Unsurprisingly, with her unique singing talent, she successfully won the championship of the singing competition, successfully signed the contract, and combined with Ella and Hebe as the S.H.E women’s team.

After entering the S.H.E group, lucky accompanied her.

When S.H.E first debuted, a new generation of singers such as Jay Chou, Tao Yan, and Jolin Tsai had already dominated the singing scene.

The three ordinary girls who were not optimistic were successful. Once the first album "Girls’ Dormitory" was launched, it sold 750,000 amazing sales. Since then, the firepower has been fully opened.

In 2002, the second year of debut, S.H.E was shortlisted for the 13th Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Newcomer Award;

In 2003, he won the 14th Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Corporation with "Beautiful New World";

In 2004, he was shortlisted for the 15th Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Corporation with the album "Super Star";

In 2005, he was shortlisted for the 16th Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Corporation with the album "Fantasy Journey"; in the same year, he starred in the TV series "True Life"


The annual awards are endless. The world tour concerts are in full swing. From the music scene into the film and television industry, the star journey is bright.

Everything is on the expected.


Selina, who is in a career in his career, is also smooth and smooth in love, the age of marriage, encounters love and successfully cultivates the positive results.

In 2010, at a World Tour Concert in S.H.E, her boyfriend Zhang Chengzhong appeared in surprise and proposed in public. In September of the same year, the two officially engaged.

During that time, Selina lived into the envy of many women, and love and bread coexisted.

What everyone didn’t expect was that on the peak of her life, she would be abandoned and fiercely abandoned.

In October 2010, at the scene of "I Have a Dating with Spring", the crew suddenly broke out and exploded in advance.

Unprepared, her whole body burned area was as high as 54%, and her three -degree burns reached 41%. Her arm, legs, and back were blurred.

Before she had time to respond, she had been pushed to the edge of life and death, and fell into a life that was not as good as death.

She was wrapped in gauze, her skin was ulcerated, pus, and out of water. Each minute and every second were suffered, and she could not get a moment of peace.

Then, she experienced three skin implant surgery, in the long and painful rehabilitation training, after shock, passing by death.

After two years of rehabilitation treatment, when she appeared again in front of the public, she was married, except that her complexion was slightly pale, and she couldn’t see any strangeness.

When everyone thinks that this girl who has passed by the ghost door, her life will be smooth in the future, but her life experience will have another scar.

On March 4, 2016, one of her public statements broke the tranquility of this day. The content was the marriage between the two to end 5 years.

Some people say that Zhang Chengzhong’s promise to fulfill the marriage is only the choice under the oppression of public opinion.

Maybe, after all, human nature is complicated, and no one will be willing to admit that they are ruthless in front of the public.

However, after all, human nature can’t stand the test of time, and it will naturally be exposed after a long time.

But this is not over yet, God hasn’t planned to stop yet.

Soon after, Selina made a sound of losing talent on social media. In one night, she could not sing the same sound as the original.

After seeing a psychologist and seeking the help of the teacher, I couldn’t find the reason.

God was cruelly giving her back to her, and did not even say hello.

She is a girl who is favored by God, but she is also a girl who is abandoned by God.


After watching her experience, she often makes people feel like she is a God of Heaven.

She did not have a bland experience. She was born to a rich family, had been educated well, has not eaten suffering, and has his own singing talent.

These others have failed to get fame for most of their lives, and she easily got it.

But these things that are easily obtained are also easy to lose.

Her experience seems to be telling us that there will be no pie in the sky, and God will not give people food.

But the story has not ended here, and it continues.

After experiencing the suffering again and again, she gradually realized that she was not a doll who was served as God, and she had to master her own dominance.

After experiencing the test of life and death, she had a irritable personality, was hostile to the world, and was tightly embarrassed by inferiority. But in the end, she chose to reconcile with herself, faced the scars, and showed scars in front of the public without any concealment.

After experiencing a disappointed love, she admitted that she would no longer marry in front of the media, but when she talked about her ex -husband, she did not blindly blame, but was calm and accepted all of this.

"Being able to walk in this world, the people and things you meet are great fate. Some people can’t continue to walk together, but if this result will come, then this short -term intersection is the fate of each other."" ".

After experiencing her favorite voice, she had collapsed and anxious, but she still had the courage to face it actively.

If the life before the explosion was paved by God, then the life after the accident came out by herself.

Not long ago, she opened her own radio section "Solving in Series".

Not long ago, she announced the good news of her pregnancy.

It ’s good. The girl who had been confiscated by the teacher from a young teacher from an early age was still filled with a bright smile on her face. In the summer, she still loves to wear flower skirts, loves sexy shoulders, and loves beautiful photos.

What a good, the girl who has always eager to love, after all, she still met the boy who had only her in her eyes, the only boy who knew her, and a boy who described the scar on her like a mermaid scales.

It’s so good that the girl who wanted to have a family finally ushered in the baby who was connected to her blood in the near future, and had the strongest armor in this life.

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