She is pregnant, but unmarried

Add new children in the entertainment industry!

A few days ago, SELINA, a member of the SHE women’s group, announced the news of pregnancy on social platforms.

According to her speculation, the day of pregnantness should be in December 22 years. When I shared the joy with her friends after self -test, my friend thought she was "yang".

Selina suffers from uterine fibroids, and there are 4 tumors in the belly. Previous pregnancy was unsuccessful, and pregnancy was unexpected.

When most female stars in the circle chose to escape from "wives" and "mother", the 41 -year -old Selina seemed to be walking in the opposite direction.

Anyone who knows her story knows that Selina’s life reverses, it is estimated that writing a book can not write:

The singer made his debut, and when the hottest time, he transformed and filmed. The first scene encountered an explosion accident, and 54%of the whole body was burned;

At that time, the fiance held a wedding with Selina, and was repeatedly photographed with the hot girl after the marriage.

Divorce, suspension of career, no longer …

It is unfortunate to encounter one of them, and it is a bit unfair.

Selina’s women’s group SHE is an idol group of the millennium burst, and its popularity can be tied with Jay Chou and Cai Yilin.

Many people grow up with SHE’s singing, and the changes of the three girls are often used to describe the cruelty of growth:

"The sweetest Selina is now the strongest person. The coolest Hebe is now the most literary person. The most Man’s Ella is now the most motherly love."

However, how can you have the courage to believe in love?

If you haven’t heard Selina, you can’t hear the she,

"Superstar", "Semioseism", "I don’t want to grow up", these songs that were playing on the streets and alleys were from the mouths of these three girls.

When the brokerage company packages them, they hope that these three girls represent three different character. Selina’s sweet little princess, Hebe’s fresh temperament, Ella is a funny false boy.

At that time, the stars and the tops of the stage were much different. Selina was a real princess.

Participating in the Universe Beauty Girl Competition won the first place and made his debut smoothly.

High school and university have graduated from a prestigious school in Taipei. Dad is a manager of a million annual salary. Mom is a teacher. There are also young girls in the family.

Afraid that she was in danger, Dad managed her work in the entertainment industry.

She will hug her every day,

Give her equality and understanding,

Many elders in the circle like her, thinking that she will speak politely.

Selina not only likes singing, but also likes to host. He once hosted many high -view programs in Taiwan: "Kangxi is here" and "I guess I guess I guess" …

Fall in love with idol singers who did not appear at the time, and Huang Zijiao, a well -known and talented host Huang Zijiao.

The first half of Selina is how many girls are going.

Smooth is smooth, almost effortless, and there are no negative news.

Because of the family and warm environment, Selina’s desire to grow up is very simple, that is, to be a housewife.

In 2010, at the SHE Taipei Dome concert, Selina, who was performing, was informed by Hebe and Ella to be surprised to wait for her.

The lights hit the auditorium, and it was Zhang Chengzhong, a lawyer boyfriend of Selina, who stood up.

In the face of the camera, he was a bit shy. He proposed to Selina in front of tens of millions of fans and shouted his wife.

Selina on the stage was sweet to tears, her legs kneeling softly, and the interview after the concert also stated that she had not returned.

As a result, Zhang Chengzhong’s boyfriend’s identity was officially revealed.

The marriage period of the two was also settled in the same year.

The story seems to develop towards her expectation.

One month after the proposal, Selina’s first mainland TV series "I have a date with Spring" officially started shooting.

The explosive plot in the play gave her a nightmare stage.

An accident caused by props errors, Selina failed to escape from the sudden fire.

54%of the body is burned, and 30%are three degrees of burns. The whole body of the bag can only be seen.

Treatment and recovery are very long and painful,

The skin on Selina’s feet is transplanted from the head, and a layer of blood is often leaked on the surface of the tights.

At the first meeting after the recovery.Teammates Hebe and Ella helped Selina to walk to the camera.

The thick curly hair that used to be like a doll has become a flat head, and the face skin has scars visible to the naked eye, which looks very weak.

It is difficult to imagine a girl who loves such a beautiful beauty. In such a state, what kind of psychological construction needs to return to the public.

Selina, who was ashamed, repeatedly proposed to Zhang Chengzhong to break up and break up, but Zhang Chengzhong refused and insisted on guarding Selina.

In October 2011, the wedding arrived as scheduled, with 88 tables, and the celebrities gathered.

But it is not the beauty of imagination.

Because of the rehabilitation period, Selina has to sit on a chair to rest for a while.

At that time, when Si Yi announced the establishment of the newcomer, Zhang Chengzhong released Selina’s hand directly, stood up and waved to thank, and Selina stood up with the difficulties on both sides of the chair alone.

Many years later, this picture is still used to say that Zhang Chengzhong’s feelings for Selina are not imagined.

Is it a real man or afraid of Qianfu?Can only be verified in the future.

In terms of career and financial resources, Selina crushes her ex -husband in all aspects.

But in marriage, the woman is the humble one.

Selina has raised puppies for many years, and Zhang Chengzhong will not cook for her.

When participating in the show, Zhang Chengzhong recalled the calf when he first saw Selina’s burns and said: Like a honeycomb, I really want to vomit.

He wrote the experience of accompanying Selina as "90 days of the hell of Selina, a national girl Selina",

Not only did I write my own difficulty, but I also caught a lot.

Later, it was photographed by paparazzi to enter and exit the nightclub with hot girls many times, and kissed the roadside.He said that he was not a saint, but the same ordinary people like everyone.

Perhaps it was too much love, or maybe Zhang Chengzhong was ashamed of his marriage.Selina said good words for her ex -husband in front of the media.

Until 2016, Selina announced that the two people ended their marriage due to poor management: "I became a wife, but did not become a good wife."

Both sides blame themselves on themselves, and the separation is quite decent.

Selina, who had experienced fire kisses and betrayal at that time, ended this marriage in the light and wind.

After the divorce, she gradually became a personality. The little princess who had once suddenly changed the world.

You can wear a vest that can expose scars to run the marathon,

climb mountains.


Outdoor and sports have made her more and more peaceful in confrontation with her body.

"It will really be difficult a few years ago, and it gradually gets better and better. It seems that I haven’t come out of this matter. I just learn to share with it."

She attended the speech, went to CCTV to share her experience, and teased that her face that she was entangled by gauze due to burns was a veritable slap.

In 2019, Selina participated in the love variety show. Dad blamed himself on the show, saying sorry for his daughter:

"What I let you see is the positive image, and then tell you that you are also habitual and will not refuse, so you will be hurt a lot in your growth."

Selina responded to fun: "I still believe in love, but I don’t believe it will happen to me."

Selina, who has experienced pain, has not become a numb and negative energy, but has more division and courage.

She said that she loves dreams and pursues what she wants.

In February 2022, some media photographed Selina and strange men as nucleic acids.

She shook her body and jumped, and she hadn’t seen her little woman look like her little woman for a long time.

Before everyone guess the answer, she admitted that she was in love. The other party was a younger brother who was a few years younger than herself.

Regarding this relationship, she did not have a plan to get married and did not want to be restrained by the term "marriage". Instead, she wanted to live a good life every day.

But when the reporter asked if the man proposed, would he bear to refuse?

She answered if I asked me, but I just didn’t register.

Today, Selina is still the princess who loves to laugh, and

It’s just the kind of princess who controls his own hands.

She has a strong inner energy to live and accept a brand new herself.

It is said that the real heroism is that they still love life after seeing the truth of life.

Now when you meet a few scumbags, you will no longer believe that the people of love are endless.

Many people are curious why Selina still believes in love?Dare to get pregnant without a certificate?

Probably, she already has the ability to give herself happiness.

As she said, she knew that her new boyfriend boasted that the scars on her legs were like a mermaid’s fish scales.

But it will still be happy from the heart.

In the worldly definition, Selina, who is forty years old, has the first child in life, late.

Talking to the seven -year -old brother about "naive" love, irresponsible.

But in her life track, just right.

It is not too bad to have such experience still loves life and loves people around me.

Experience is the best education.

The strong mother in her heart will definitely have a strong child.

The mother full of color in her heart, the child grows up and hugs life.

It will definitely pass on.

Bless their family, and also bless each mother, they can embrace their children and go to love and happiness.

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