She collapsed: as soon as she was pregnant, she had to do this work!My child is gone

Ms. Long in Guoli Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City reported to the media that she was working at a textile factory and found her pregnancy last month.Who knew that the boss did not agree with her resignation, and was forced to work in the factory for another month. As a result, the child had a miscarriage.

She felt that the factory should take a certain responsibility for this.

Ms. Long is 26 years old and worked as a textile worker in a textile factory in Guoli, Hangzhou.

In November this year, in a physical examination, she found that she had been pregnant for a month.Ms. Long said that because she felt that the work of the textile factory was not suitable, she resigned to the owner of the textile factory. She did not expect to be rejected. She said that she was just pregnant.Besides.

Ms. Long said that when she heard the boss said so, she could only stay in the factory and continue to work.

One month later, one day in mid -December, Ms. Long came home from get off work and suddenly felt that her stomach was a bit uncomfortable. The next day she went to the hospital for examination and found that the fetus had no heartbeat and the child couldn’t keep it.

On the second day of the incident, Ms. Long performed abortion surgery.Ms. Long said that after the self -discovery, the fetal examination has always been normal. Why did she abortion suddenly and the doctor did not give a clear explanation.But she feels that it may be related to her work.

Ms. Long said that her job needs to stand every day, and she often needs to bend over to squat and perform line -changing operations. She believes that her own abortion should pay some responsibility.

What is the attitude of the textile factory?

We found this Hangzhou Dixia Textile Co., Ltd. Ms. Wang said that even if the resignation did not agree, according to regulations, it was possible to leave the employment automatically after a month.Therefore, if Ms. Long forcibly resign and does not come to work, the company cannot forcibly retain it.

The textile factory believes that they have not approved Ms. Long’s resignation application on the spot. In fact, they are retaining employees. They are not allowed to resign, and they have miscarriage and have nothing to do with them.

The person in charge said that the general girls would work until 9 months, and they would go to rest in maternity leave. Ms. Long did not propose any discomfort among the middle. She wanted to take a leave to rest, so there was no reason to say that it was the reason for the factory.

In this regard, the two sides have their own words.

The reporter learned that in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, female employees have taboo labor scope during pregnancy, including homework accompanied by strong vibration, or having frequently bend, climbing, and squatting.

At present, Ms. Long has reported to the local labor security department in Guali. The labor security department stated that she would do a further investigation to determine whether the manufacturer had violations.

Source: Xiaoqiang Hotline Zhejiang Education (ZTV4XQRX)

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