Shandong’s pregnant wife was gang raped by 4 people for 8 hours, and her husband saw the whole process. Later, he was killed and thrown into the corpse cave.

The newlywed couple encountered a robbery and tried to meet the requirements of the gangsters but was still killed.

The hostess was pregnant but was infringed for up to 8 hours!

The male host was forced to watch.

This is a very miserable scene where an ordinary people’s home in Philadelphia County, Shandong Province in 2013!

Can the pregnant bride survive after being robbed?What is the fate of the newlywed male owner who watched this tragedy in the house?


On May 15, 2013, the Police from Philadelphia County, Shandong received a group of alarm calls. The alarm person was a mother, saying that his son and daughter -in -law disappeared.

It turned out that Mrs. Liu got up early this morning, because her son and daughter -in -law made an appointment to come home for breakfast today.Grandma Liu, who had carefully made breakfast, couldn’t wait for her son and daughter -in -law.Mrs. Liu made several calls on her son and daughter -in -law, but she couldn’t make it.

It stands to reason that it should not be unprepared. The son -in -law is just a chef, and is starting a restaurant. There are three mobile phones by themselves, but now one is unable to get through, and the son -in -law and daughter -in -law have always been filial.There is no news like now.

Mrs. Liu was very confused, and was a little uneasy.

By the time of 10 o’clock, Mrs. Liu couldn’t sit still and decided to go to his son’s new house in person.

Soon after the son was newly married, the new house was built, but the location was a bit biased.

When Mrs. Liu went, she found that the door was hidden, that was, someone should be at home, and suddenly the fire came from her chest: I did n’t answer the phone at home, and I did n’t give a message. Is n’t this anxious?

If you think about it, you can’t help but come out.Auntie Liu pushed in a little complaining, while calling the name of his son and daughter -in -law, but no one answered.

Haven’t gathered?

After walking through the front courtyard, I found that the door of the courtyard was not closed. Mrs. Liu pushed the door in and found that the living room was slightly messy. No one packed the table yesterday.

"Is it a small couple quarreling?"

Aunt Liu called his son several times, and no one answered, so he pushed the door of the bedroom.

I saw the bedroom and bedding in the bedroom, and it was neatly paved. It didn’t seem like someone lived last night.But what is confused is that the laying of beds is not like the laying of local people’s habits, at least not like the layout of the newlyweds.

When Mrs. Liu was full of doubts and was about to leave the backyard, the scene in front of her eyes made Aunt Liu take a breath: The pet dog raised by the couple was killed alive!

Looking at the bloody backyard and the dog’s body, Mrs. Liu’s doubts turned into panic instantly, and intuitively told his son and daughter -in -law!

Then hurriedly picked up the telephone and reported the police.


After receiving the call, the technicians of the Feixian Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene.

The first thing that attracted the police was the monitoring probe in the yard, but at this time the cable had been cut.

After entering the door, I found that the computer display connected to the monitoring was intact, but the power cord had been cut off, and the host was not able to fly.

Is it theft of the room?But the thief had no reason to steal the host without taking the display, and the other valuable items in the house were not lost.

If it is a ransom of hostages, it can’t be said, so far relatives have not received any extortion calls.

Visiting the neighbors, the neighbors also said that they had never seen the couple.

In addition, when searching for the room, the police found that there was still leftovers that had not been eaten in the kitchen, and one of them ate the leftovers.

According to Mrs. Liu, although her son -in -law is a chef, she is actually a vegetarian, and her daughter -in -law Li Hong only eats a little lean meat.There are only two pairs of tableware. Is the couple eating?This pot of red roasted meat should obviously not appear in their menus.

Is there an outsider?If you are guessed, then the person who is at the end of the Sun Gang’s house is major suspicion!

The two lives disappeared like this, and the puppy in the yard was still killed.This suddenly caused panic from the surrounding neighbors.

It seems that it is no longer an unusual disappearance case, and the police must conduct further investigation.

The fence of Sun Gang’s family was only one person tall, and the police found the traces of someone climbing.The iron fences on the house window also found the traces of being leveled, and the space that pry open can accommodate an adult to enter.

Seeing that the police thought it was necessary to conduct a thorough search for Sun Gang’s house.


There are 120 square meters of Sun Gang’s house and 5 rooms. It takes some time to investigate thoroughly.At the same time, the other road was looking for the whereabouts of Sun Gang and Li Hong.

The couple did a catering business in the nearby market. Recently, they were leisurely at home because they were investigated without a license.But where are these two big live people going?

Sun Gang’s house was built at the junction of the county town and the villages. The location was remote. Although the house was built in the north, there was no one to live in. The south was a forest and vegetable land, and the Wenyang River with rich water was not far from the west.

The police incorporated all these fields into the search scope, and finally found some clues in the Wenyang River:

Three red plastic bags containing two bank cards, a rural credit cooperative card, a Huinong card of the agricultural bank, some other clothes are placed in the second bag, some men and women, as well as women.In the third bag, there was a marriage certificate of the Sun Gang.

Seeing these things, Mrs. Liu’s heart was half cold!

At this time, the news from the police in the searched room was to remove the soul of Mrs. Liu:

After the blood detector, the whole room was covered with blood!

Under the mattress and pillow of the small bedroom, I found the torn panties of my daughter -in -law Li Hong, and there was a large blood stain under the mattress!

There is no doubt that there have been murders in this room!

Hearing this news, the search police in the wild were dare not relax, and continued to search deep in the lake.

The entrance of a soil slope attracted the attention of the police.

The size of the cave entrance can be entered by one person, and the corn straw next to it causes the police to doubt.It stands to reason that it is normal to have corn straw, but this place is far from farmland, and there is no such thing as corn straw. Even if there is wind, it should not be alone.

The police looked at the cave entrance and found that there was another Qian Kun inside: the more the cave, the larger the space.

The police cat walked in the waist and found a bunch of wheat straw in the deepest part. When he groped it with his hands, he accidentally grabbed a bloody foot!

Discovering human tissue, the police quickly cleaned up wheat straw and found two corpses hidden inside.

These two corpses are the disappeared Sun Gang Li Hong couple!

It is just a terrible state of the two corpses that make the experienced cases of the experienced cases creepy!

The two corpses were full of blood, and there were traces of being counted on the neck.

The male corpse’s chest was obviously hit, the female corpse was naked, and the two chests were burned, and one of them was inserted with a toothpick!The lower body is bloody, swollen.

The torture suffered by the couple during their lifetime is evident!

The bad degree of the murderer’s crime was shocked.If the murderer of the madness cannot catch the case as soon as possible, it will bring a big hidden safety hazard to society!


In order to be able to capture the murderer as soon as possible, to comfort the spirit of the deceased, and with the heart of the people, the police immediately qualitatively qualitatively made the case as a major criminal case and launched a comprehensive investigation on the clues.

Among the three bags of evidence from the lake, a bank card belonged to the Sun Gang, but the Huinong Card had nothing to do with them.

After investigation, the owner of Hui Nongka was called Fu Mou.

Why did his Huinong Card appear here?What does he have to do with the victim?

Further investigation found that Fu Mou is already an old man nearly 60 years old, and he is weak and sick all year round. It is unlikely to be a murderer.This card is often not beside Fu Mou, but is used by Fu’s grandson Fu Gang.

Fu Gang ’s stray Internet cafes often make some social confusion. He does not have a serious work or a normal source of income.

Such people are easy to go on the road!

Based on Fu Gang Shun Teng, the police lock Zhang Xuejun, Wang Jiying, and Zhao Feng, who often played together.

But at this time, all the four had escaped.

After fine search and hunting by the police, four suspects were eventually captured in Ningyang County, Tai’an City.


On May 14, 2013, Fu Gang, Zhang Xuejun, Wang Jiying, and Zhao Feng did not work because they played games all year round. They had no money on their bodies.

When they walked to the county seat, they found a new house that Sun Gang had just renovated.

From the appearance, this house looks magnificent in the countryside. At first glance, there are rich people.

"Just grab this family!" The four of them folded.

After turning into the courtyard, the four people saw the wedding photos who were just newly married on the wall. The hostess in the photo was white and beautiful, and the shape of the four young people instantly became heartbroken.

"Let’s do this woman!"

The four people thought about it.

After deciding, the four were not in a hurry, so they stayed at home and waited for the hostess to come back.The waiting time is long, and the four people are leisurely. Like returning to their own house, they find watermelon and ice cream in the room and eat wildly.

I heard the owner’s family back at night, and the four hid in the dark.The hostess’s advanced door, the two rushed out immediately, pressed the hostess on the ground.

The hostess was frightened by the two people who suddenly rushed out.Then her husband Sun Gang was also controlled by the other two.

The two handcuffed Sun Gang on the chair in the large bedroom and ordered him to say the password of the bank card.Sun Gang didn’t follow him, and the two added his fists to him, and one of them kicked his chest.After a while, the two asked again, and Sun Gang said a string of numbers.

Wang Jiying entered the password that Sun Gang said with his mobile phone and found that he gave a fake password, and he added another fist to Sun Gang.Sun Gang was dying, and he had to tell the real password.Wang Jiying and Zhao Feng rushed to the ATM machine to withdraw money.

Zhao Feng in the police monitoring did not have the slightest guilt when he withdrawn money, but faced more and more money that he couldn’t help laughing many times, and the sinful teeth were revealed.

Just when Wang was forced to ask Sun Gang, the hostess Li Hong was brought into the opposite bedroom to violate the opposite bedroom.

With her husband’s life as a threat, Fu Gang made a rude request for Li Hong.

A total of 8 hours.

It is 8 hours when the second hand of hell constantly rotates.

It is 8 hours for four people to invade.

It was 8 hours of humiliation.

Everything is just to live.

Li Hong’s screams shocked, and even the puppy in the yard shouted anxiously.Fu Gang couldn’t help it, letting people go out to kill the puppy.

On the opposite side, Sun Gang, who listened to his wife’s screaming, was so distressed that he let go of the man’s dignity and prayed that these demons could at least make their wives alive.

The king who went out for money, Zhao returned, and brought three big bags of snacks.Just infringing Li Hong, Fu Gang, and asked Sun Gang to cook and eat them. This also had the pot of braised pork found by the police discovered by the police.

These four people said that Sun Gang did, but the four did not intend to let them live.

After everything was cleaned, they broke the data cable of the computer host on Sun Gang’s neck. At the beginning, neither of them played him to death. The third person brought them to buy snacks to eat.The garbage bag covered Sun Gang’s nose and nose, and smashed his head with a hard object until he killed him.

In the small bedroom, Li Hong couldn’t hear her husband’s voice, and she was crazy about her crying. However, she still didn’t hear her husband’s voice, but called her death.

They grabbed her hands and feet, covering his nose and nose with a garbage bag, and strangled her in the same way.However, Fu Gang, who was smoking, was still not assured, so he used a cigarette butt to blanch her, and found that she was still shaking, so she made up a few more knives.

After killing the people, the four of them cleaned up the crime scene.

Fu Gang put on the male owner Sun Gang’s pants and said that the bank card was put in his pocket to clean up blood. However, he found that there were blood stains on the pants.In the pants.

This is why the police can immediately lock his crime in the shortest time.


Although the case was detected, although the murderer had been arrested and brought to justice, the people could not calm down for a long time.The police who handled the case also said that I broke the case and was unhappy at all, because their brutal actions were permanently worn out for the victims and their families.

"I sleep at night and often dream of laughing with me in my dreams."

"Our behavior is not actually a person, not even the beasts."

"After killing them, we took their money to buy new clothes, but in fact, I was unhappy at all in new clothes. I know that it will have such a day sooner or later."

I don’t know if they really have regrets in their words. For Mrs. Liu, they can hardly resolve their hearts 100 times.


The cruelty of the Philadelphia murder case has been unprecedented for ten years, and it is stunning.When the victim Li Hong was killed, he was pregnant for three months.The Philadelphia police quickly locked the suspect in 50 hours and arrested and brought to justice. I wonder if it could comfort the undead?

This case has brought a great psychological shadow to people. The tragedy of the Sun Gang and his wife revealed us to try not to live in the group.With the development of the economy, more and more people choose to live alone, and some are even forced to live alone.To ensure the safety of people alone is a topic we should pay attention to.

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