Several signals tell you that you are pregnant, ready to welcome your baby

Pregnancy is a big event, and every woman is very happy when preparing for pregnancy.There are often many signs in the early stages of pregnancy. Understanding these bodies now let you feel the happiness of being a mother in advance.So what physical signals do women have before pregnancy?

January Stop

The stopping of menstruation is pregnant for the first time. As long as women who have normal fertility period, the menstruation may have a baby before the date of date.The longer the date of menstruation, the longer the probability of pregnancy.However, delaying menstruation does not mean that you are pregnant. Poor ovarian function and hormonal secretion disorders will also delay menstruation.Don’t worry too much if women’s menstrual period is late. Whether you are pregnant should be confirmed to the hospital.

2 breast changes

After pregnancy, the breasts will develop, the nipples will become larger, the color will deepen, and some women will feel tingling and expanding.These changes in breasts are also signs of pregnancy. With the secretion of pregnancy hormones, the weight of the breasts is constantly increasing, and pregnant women will have a significant sagging feeling.There will be small nodules around the nipples, and occasionally can squeeze out a small amount of milk. The breasts will become very sensitive. Pregnant women should pay attention to breast protection.

3 Pregnancy response

Women will feel some uncomfortable phenomena after pregnancy, such as fear of cold, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, etc. These are normal early pregnancy reactions.The earliest response was afraid of cold, and then slowly felt tired, without appetite.Almost all pregnant women will feel disgusting and vomiting, which shows that you are already happy!

4 Dark skin

After pregnancy, the skin pigmentation will precipitate or produce stretch marks, and it becomes more and more obvious as the pregnancy time grows.Other people will have acne or freckles on their faces after pregnancy, and the skin quality will decrease than usual, so pay attention to sun protection in the early pregnancy.Some women will become smoother after pregnancy, while others will grow brown pregnancy spots on the neck.Pregnant women should pay attention to their skin protection to avoid more wrinkles.

5 changes in body temperature

The basic body temperature of generations will rise after pregnancy. When you are not sure if you are pregnant, you can measure whether your body temperature is a little higher than usual. If the body temperature rises, it is likely to be pregnant.

6 changes in the urinary system

Due to the compression of the uterus after pregnancy, frequent urination occurs.Pregnant women will feel frequent urination. This is because the uterus gradually grows the bladder and makes the bladder capacity smaller.The frequent urination at this time is different from cystitis, and urination is not accompanied by pain.

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