Several odors on the pregnant mother, although slightly embarrassing, are signals with good fetal development.

With the increase of pregnancy estrogen during pregnancy, the breasts of the pregnant mother will develop secondary, and for breastfeeding after the production, the prolactin in the body will begin to secrete and promote a small amount of breast milk secreted by the chest.

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After the development of women, with the development of the breeding process, the body will change many of them, and one of them makes them feel extremely embarrassed, that is, various "odors" gradually appear.

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1. Stinky fart

Some of them came here to respond that when she was pregnant, she turned into a "fart". No matter when she was in wherever she was, she often couldn’t help but fart, and the taste was unpleasant. Every time she was extremely embarrassing.

In fact, this is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, and it becomes frequent with the increase of the pregnancy week.Because the pregnant mother develops high -nutrition food for the better development of the fetus, and the uterus continues to increase the stomach and intestines, so the burden of the stomach and the stomach continues to increase, causing indigestion, which leads to non -circulation of gas.Fart increase.

Fortunately, pregnant sisters suggest: Pregnant mothers want to alleviate this embarrassment, you can choose some nutritious foods that are easy to digest and absorb to eat, and eat more foods such as fruits and vegetables with high water content, eat less meals, and exercise more after meals to promoteGastrointestinal motility.

2, sweat odor

After pregnancy, the metabolic ability is enhanced and the body temperature will increase, which will cause the amount of sweat secretion on the surface of the skin to increase. Coupled with the effects of hormones, sweat odor is prone to appear.Although this situation is slightly embarrassing in front of people, it is a signal of good fetal development.

Fortunately, pregnant sisters suggest: Pregnant mothers are dressed as loose as possible in the style. In the texture, they choose cotton materials that are both breathable and sweaty, and avoid a large amount of sweat on the surface of the skin.In addition, after a large number of sweats, pregnant mothers need to clean in time to keep the skin clean and refreshing.

3. Milk fishy smell

This phenomenon will appear in the early pregnancy and the most obvious in the third trimester, and the location of each pregnant mother is different. According to Bao Ma to share, the two places in the chest and belly are the strongest places.

This is because with the increase of the estrogen during pregnancy, the breasts of the pregnant mother will develop secondary, and the processes in the body will begin to secrete the body, which will promote a small amount of milk secreted in the chest.

Fortunately, the pregnant sister suggested: the secreted milk may be soaked in clothes. In this regard, the pregnant mother also puts the anti -overflow pad in advance to avoid embarrassment.

4, urine flavor

This situation is mostly in the third trimester. At this time, the fetus is already very large. When the bladder is overly squeezed, the urine storage capacity has decreased significantly. Therefore, frequent urination and urgency occur from time to time.In the case, it will inevitably exudes the taste of urine.

Fortunately, the pregnant sister suggested: By the time of the third trimester, the pregnant mother should go out as little as possible, or go to a strange place, so that the bathroom can be found in time when the fooled.In addition, pregnant mothers need to do a good job in cleaning in time.

Although these 4 "odors" will make the pregnant mother feel a little embarrassed before people, they are all signals for the development of the fetus. The pregnant mother does not have to worry too much, and it can be "relieved" according to the above methods.

1. chest pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have a hard bloating on their chests, and they have tingling sensation. In fact, this is because of changes in the pregnancy content of estrogen in the body, which stimulates the rapid increase of breasts and causes it.These hormones are extremely dependent on fetal development. Therefore, this pain means that the fetus is developing well.

2. Back pain

After pregnancy, the level of estrogen will rise and act on the pelvic ligament, which becomes relaxed. In addition, the fetus develops rapidly, the weight of the uterus increases, and the pressure on the pelvis and waist will increase.Case.

3. pubic pain

During the third trimester, the weight of the fetus and amniotic fluid almost reached its peak, which caused the pubic bone to be under tremendous pressure, which was expressed or separated, and then the pain of the crotch intensified.Although it makes it difficult for pregnant mothers, thinking that the fetal treasure in the abdomen is developing healthy and develops a lot.

1. Keep your mood happy

The mood of the mother and child will directly affect the baby. Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to maintain a pleasant mood at all times and avoid being in a bad emotion of nervousness, anxiety, and irritability, which will hurt the fetus.

In addition, family members also need to care and understand more about pregnant mothers, and cheer for them to maintain a good attitude.

2. Preparation on schedule

The checkup can clearly know the development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers must not give up the production check because they are afraid of trouble and no time to avoid missing the best intervention opportunities, causing unreasonable remorse.

3. Scientific diet, exercise, prenatal education

Nursing during pregnancy should also keep pace with the times. According to the doctor’s requirements, the pregnant mother should not listen to the greed and nutrition of the elderly in the diet.Need to be rationally carried out prenatal education so that the fetus can grow and develop better and healthier.

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