Several common sense of pregnancy

1 Many people think that my aunt can get pregnant normally.In fact, there are also many aunts who are abnormal and pregnant.Of course, conditioning aunt is still very necessary.

(I shared a soup before, I hope everyone can turn my previous article.)

2 Preparation does not have to pay attention to not smoking or drinking in the first three months. The point is to maintain a good mood, irritability, irritability, melancholy, poor mood, and bad breath.

3 Before preparing to BB, you must buy folic acid from Silian to eat.Silian is pure folic acid.Gold Silian also added other vitamins, so after inspection, I confirmed that I would buy it when their physical condition was confirmed.

4 From preparing to be pregnant, it is recommended that breakfast is a cup of soy milk every day.Soybeans or black beans are fine, and the foods of soy products are OK.Of course, the soy milk that you play is better.As far as possible, one kind of fruits, each one.Eating too much is easy to high blood sugar

5 Prepare two types of ovulation test strips at the same time.One is more sensitive, one is more stable.

(I used to buy Xiuer and David. Xiu’er is more sensitive, almost every day is weak yang. David’s is relatively stable, and the day of ovulation is strong.That is to ovulate.)

6 Ovulation measurement is different from early pregnancy.The egg measurement time is best to measure between 10 am and 8 o’clock in the evening, and measure it every two hours, but the test is good.Drink less water before testing, but you need to eat breakfast and drink water in the morning.Early pregnancy is the first urine in the morning.

7 Many people think that the ovulation period is the middle of the two aunt.In fact, this is not completely accurate.Some people ovulate early, and some people have a late ovulation. It is best to start the test the next day after the aunt finished.

8 to two types of test strips at the same time are strong at the same time. You can have the same room that night. Those who want girls can have the same room for a few consecutive nights. Those who want a boy can once the next day.(This is not very accurate.)


Women who have ovulation during ovulation are actually very strong.At the same time, on the night of ovulation, there would be a group of transparent brushed things out, which is normal.

10 early pregnancy, if you can’t eat, don’t worry too much.This is a process of adaptation.You can drink some millet porridge or eat raisins, nuts, etc. to relieve pregnancy.Early children need too much nutrition.

11 The first inspection, it is best to arrange it after 6 weeks.Just go once between 6-8 weeks.It is best to go around seven or eight weeks, because it is easier to measure the fetal heart at this time.Going 6 weeks ago, it is difficult to measure the fetal heart.

12 After pregnancy, it is not recommended to move and raise heavy objects.

13 Women after pregnancy are more sensitive, not deliberate.(Including grievances, tears, or depression for no reason) I hope gay men will be more considerate.

14 Stretch marks are inherited.If your mother does not have stretch marks, the daughter is not long.Of course, there are many ways to repair it now.Stretch marks are also a kind of beauty.

I wish you a good pregnancy!

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