Seven physical changes, 3, shows that you are pregnant!Don’t be a "confused mother"

For every mother, the process of pregnancy is a very strange experience.

In October in October, it brought unprecedented feeling to mothers. Whether it was physical, psychological, work, and marriage, it was subtly affected.

Many pregnant mothers do not know in the early stages of pregnancy. Although the response in the early stages of pregnancy is different, there are certain rules to follow.When a pregnancy signal appears, don’t be a "confused mother".

Xiaoping and her husband are from the southern people. They are newly married for half a year.Mother -in -law Xiaoping has an old tradition. After marriage, he has to give birth to a baby immediately, and he also has a boy.

This made Xiaoping’s pressure very much, and from the first day of marriage, he was "spawned".

The disappointment several times made her mother -in -law even more anxious to increase the rhythm and intensity of "spawning".

Xiaoping was asked every day, "Are there any disgusting to vomit? Are there any fatigue and fatigue? Do you feel that your body temperature is rising?" These questions make Xiaoping’s helplessness and impression.

Finally, Xiaoping was pregnant last month.Those issues that were often asked by her mother -in -law confirmed on Xiaoping that disgusting, exhaustion, fatigue, and rising body temperature.This also made Xiaoping feel pregnant for the first time.

For families who have been preparing for pregnancy, the most concerned thing is when to get pregnant.But many pregnant mothers were pregnant, but they only found out a long time later.In fact, if these changes in the body show that you are pregnant.

1. Mentalomy

Many pregnant mothers realize that they are pregnant through menopause.If menstruation has always been regular, it may be pregnant when it is postponed for a week.

At this time, you can use the pregnancy test stick to test or go directly to the hospital to take blood verification.

2. Nausea

The disgusting reaction during pregnancy will appear early in 2 weeks of pregnancy.However, most pregnant mothers only appeared in 1-2 months of pregnancy.

Nausea will appear at any time of the day, sometimes accompanied by vomiting.Generally, it will not disappear until 14 weeks, and it may last 4-5 months in severe cases.

3. Rise body temperature

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother starts to secrete progestone, which increases the temperature of the body temperature

The body temperature here is the basal body temperature, and the change is not obvious. It rises about 0.5 ° C. Many pregnant mothers can’t feel it.

For pregnant mothers who insist on measuring body temperature during pregnancy, determine whether pregnancy is determined by changes in body temperature.

4. frequent urination

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will secrete a large amount of chorionic gonadotropin in the body, and the urine is frequent through the body circulation.

Frequent urination generally appears in the 6th week of pregnancy. As the gestational week increases, the more serious urine is.

5. tiredness and weakness

After pregnancy, the level of progesterone rises, and even if the pregnant mother does nothing, she will feel tired and weak.

In addition, pregnant mothers who vomit early in the early days are not good at night at night, causing fatigue during the day.This situation will continue until the second trimester.

6. chest pain

The chest becomes sensitive in the early pregnancy, swelling, and will become larger.

This is related to the surge of progesterone in the pregnant mothers, making the chest develop again, and the pain in the nipple pain and isolas deepen.These changes are prepared for breastfeeding.

7. Dietary change

As the saying goes, "sour girls", although there is no scientific basis, many pregnant mothers have changed their taste after pregnancy.Those who hated it suddenly liked to eat, and those who liked to eat suddenly did not like to eat.

The amount of food has also increased, and I always feel hungry.These are related to the impact of estrogen.It is recommended to eat less meals during pregnancy, eat less high calories and spicy food.Abdominal pain: Abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, etc. in the early pregnancy, you need to seek medical treatment in time.Folic acid: Folic acid needs to be supplemented in early pregnancy to prevent fetal malformations.It is best to supplement from preparing.Exercise: Early pregnancy can not be done, you can take a walk sooner or later, and don’t take too long.

【Mom Sending】

Every pregnant mother must always be happy, and the emotional baby of the pregnant mother can feel it.Give your baby a happy mother.

【Topic today】

What changes do you judge your pregnancy?

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