Seven phenomena after pregnancy are really amazing!

Pregnancy is a magical thing, and there will be many unexpected things during this period. Now let’s feel it together!

1. The world record of pregnancy time is one year and 10 days

In the last century, a baby stayed in the United States for 375 days in his mother’s fetus, the longest time to record in the world.

2. The fetus will cry in the uterus

According to the British "Guardian", babies will cry more a few weeks before birth.The fetus crying may be a very dangerous sign, and pregnant mothers must pay attention to it.

3. Some babies have teeth when they are born

One of the 2,000 babies is a teeth when they are born, which is called "birth of the teeth".The germination of the baby’s teeth is mainly determined by the development of dental germ. If the baby’s dental embryo develops early, the teeth will grow during pregnancy.

4. Women’s feet will become larger during pregnancy

In March 2013, researchers at the University of Aiwari published an article in the American Physics and Medicine and Rehabilitation Journal: Pregnancy would change the size and shape of women’s feet.And this change is permanent, and the feet will not shrink.

5. The diet of pregnant mothers will affect the baby’s taste

A research team in the Monal Institute of Philadelphia, USA has conducted relevant studies. They found 45 pregnant women and asked them to take carrot juice in the last three months of pregnancy and take carrot juice after breeding.Researchers test the baby’s preference for carrots when preparing weaning.

It was found that babies born to mothers who drink carrot juice during pregnancy can eat a lot of carrots, and there are few refusal expressions.

But those babies who have not been exposed to carrot juice in their mother’s fetus are not interested in carrot -flavored food.It can be seen that expectant mothers can affect their babies’ tastes through their pre -educated diet.

Therefore, pregnant mothers, if the baby is not picky, you must achieve a balanced diet during pregnancy!

6. The birth rate of twins in central Africa is the highest birth rate

Middle Africa has the highest twin rate so far.Some experts believe that the birth rate of twins in the region is likely to be so high because women eat a lot of yam every day, and yam contains a substance similar to estrogen, which can promote the formation of eggs inside the uterus.But the theory has no conclusive medical evidence.

7. The fingerprint of the fetus has been formed in three or four months

When the fetus develops in the mother’s body for three to four months, the fingerprint has been formed, but the fingerprints of children will change slightly during the growth period, and it will not be set until the age of 14 years of adolescence.

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