Seven months of pregnancy, the man said that he had no money to propose, what should I do?

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My boyfriend and I are pregnant before they are unmarried. Since I am pregnant, the man has not mentioned the incident of relatives. The children are about to give birth and do not worry about receiving a certificate. My parents ask the child to be brought to a relative before birth, but my boyfriend and his parents saidCan you make up for your own money?I told my parents that this replenishment of gifts. My parents felt very outrageous. They felt that the two people got married is a good thing. I never heard of it after that, but I was not married to the poor. Even the poor.Familiar things will borrow such good things. My parents feel that the man does not pay attention to our women.The man said that after he was born, my family felt that the man did not pay attention to me when he knew it. The main family was also afraid that I would eat too much. The gifts were 100,000 or 80,000.Eight, Sanjin is not. What should I do if this situation should be done?


The question is, why do you drag to this day?If you are not in trouble, you are pregnant before you are not married. These problems are sometimes invincible, but it is a big problem to drag after pregnancy.After you are pregnant, did you and your family have seven months of hope for the man and his family?Obviously, your boyfriend is either naive or selfish, so he dragged you so irresponsible.If you have no money, you can get pregnant if you have no money?The man’s family may be really poor, but the poorer is morality and responsibility.In addition, if your parents have been bargaining with the man’s family such as the gift of gifts, or that the man has not been talked about in principle, the man is looking for your relatives according to your request, and you drag you into the seven -month pregnancy. You and your family’s problemsIt also exists clearly.Now the passive situation has been formed, and I personally think that you have to make the worst plans.But what needs to be reflected most is that this man really loves you and can rely on men?If it is, the three golds such as Caoli are not so important; if not, then you have to prepare for the hard work of raising this child.If you want to understand, don’t hesitate to be unhappy. You should bear the courage to bear it. Don’t let your mistakes continue, there will be a new world in life.The above are for reference only, look twice.

My husband and I have been married for three years.I don’t know when we have been concerned about each other, but they like to hurt people with each other.For example, he was worried that I was uncomfortable to wear high heels, and said to me, "If you don’t wear your feet, you will not wear it, not smelly!" Actually, I know that he cares about me, I’m afraid that my heels are too high to step on.Be careful, but why is it so unpleasant?In fact, I also exist in the same problem.I was worried that he would hurt too much to drink alcohol in entertainment, but when he said, he became: "Drink it, drink more, drink more in the morning and evening on the wine table!" These words were very hurtful, and it was easy to quarrel.

I obviously feel that the relationship between us is getting lighter and less and less. In fact, I don’t want to do this, but I do n’t know why. I obviously cares about each other, and it becomes a bayonet as soon as it exits.For a long time, I feel that the fate of our husband and wife is going to be exhausted. In fact, I still love my husband very much. I can feel that he also loves me very much. There is no principle problem between us, that is, speaking repeatedly to each other.I really want to know, how can we solve the problems between us?


First, comment on each other and observe more.The comments bring emotions, which is often not conducive to our real feelings of others or ourselves.

2. Correctly express your feelings and experience the feelings of others.If we cannot express our feelings correctly, we often cannot appreciate the feelings of others, which will greatly hinder us to communicate.For example, you don’t want him to drink more. The right expression is: husband, you drink like this, drink your body badly, I feel very distressed!

Third, understand the needs of yourself and the other party with your heart.With observation and understanding, you can usually understand the needs of yourself or others, so that you can meet your needs in proper way.

Fourth, make a real and specific request.The more real, the more specific, the more likely it is to get the ideal response.For example, he said to you: Wife, you should wear less high heels. Last time you stomped your feet, I felt painful for you.

My wife always flipped through the old account. She was tangled in the past that my mother had some words and deeds to her during confinement. Later, because I saw a child who lived together for a few years, my mother sometimes did not do it appropriately. For example, there were something.It’s a bit specifically prepared for me.I told my mother behind me not to care about me, and my mother would hardly do so.

Her most tangled was last year. My mother was sick and hospitalized for a small operation.At that time, I was very busy at work. She went to the hospital to take care of my mother for a week.One month later, my mother ran to my mother -in -law without permission to say why my wife was not good.In this matter, my mother really stabbed the big basket.Afterwards, I also said my mother, and my mother also apologized.Since then, my mother has not come to live with us.But my wife often quarrels with me because of my mother’s doing things. Every time I make noisy, I apologize, but she always pulls these past things, and I can’t help it.And since then, I have never said that she is not good in front of me. Instead, she said that my mother is not good here every day.In all fairness, I am very good for her parents.I feel like this, divorce is sooner or later, I hope to give me some suggestions.


I am afraid that the biggest problem is not the contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, but the relationship between you.The husband and wife are in good feelings, and the contradictions of mother -in -law are easy to resolve. The husband and wife’s feelings are not good. The contradictions of mother -in -law will only be more acute. In the end, the in turn is even more stabbing.Judging from your narrative, your wife is pretty good to your mother. She tried her best to do it, such as taking care of your sick mother, but your mother’s approach is really bad, and you just apologize to the mud … if a man is a manI dare not publish my own views, including daring to really evaluate and criticize my family, and do not know how to convey goodwill and patient explanation between my mother -in -law and mother. In the endOf course, the problem is not just on your side. Your wife’s care and hatred, which can easily destroy the once goodwill. The problem she needs to solve is also not small.Heart.I hope you all have a sense of changes, then everything has hope.

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