Seven aunts and eight aunts: Can’t make up during pregnancy?Make -up during pregnancy, beauty does not affect the fetus

Seven aunts and eight aunts: I still make up when I am pregnant. Be careful with the misplaced cosmetics and hurt the fetus!This may be a conflict with each pregnant mother after pregnancy.In fact, it is simply divided into two problems.

能 ① Can I use makeup after pregnancy?

First of all, we need to look at the problem scientifically and objectively. There is not much difference between pregnant mothers and normal people. Except for the belly and embarrassing baby, the skin changes is relatively large, and everything else is not different. Therefore, the skin care is skin care.

的 ② What kind of cosmetics can be used after pregnancy?

The choice of cosmetics during pregnancy is more selected. First, determine whether it contains pregnant women with caution or high -risk components, as shown in the following figure!

This is based on the need to choose from the need to choose, such as dry peeling, pay more attention to hydrating and moisturizing effects. The oil is full of oil control, and the water and oil balance need to be regulated.

You can figure out these problems, and then you can start skin care "engineering"!

Chan Tika isolation

Chanteca is a French high -end luxury makeup brand. I listened to the friends around me and I was curious. It was indeed the right price.

The texture is very light and moist, and it also comes with the SPF15 sunscreen index. Instead of staying outdoors or hurriedly, it is enough to use it.The use of innovative plant formulas to effectively fight free radicals and anti -sensitive antibacterials. Even acne on the face will not increase the skin.

The effect of the face is very good, and the pores on the face can be well modified.I can’t see it after the skin tone is not applied.

Nenfu air cushion

Nenfu is a German professional maternity and baby skin care brand. With "professional, safe, effective" as its core brand concept, all products are green, without irritating and adding cautious ingredients.

The hydration is very good. It contains more than 80%of hydraulic essence of more than 80%of pantol alcohol and sodium hyaluronate. The face is not only beautiful but also "skin nourish", the more beautifully use it.Essence

The concealer effect is also OK. As long as it is not large spots, it can be completely covered. The previous layer can basically cover it. After the puff is uniform, the cream muscles are completely creamy.a feeling of.

The packaging is simple and atmospheric, 3D laser white reflective design, good and high -end brought out!There are no masses on makeup, and it is very cost -effective. Buying genuine also gives a replacement outfit.You can also use it safely in the early pregnancy, without fragrance.

PS: Recommend a makeup method:

A small amount multiple times, press the makeup

Avoid heavy weight, try to be as light as possible

The nose is easy to get oil, and when applying the liquid foundation, the brush head should be erected up.

For air cushions, you can spray the powder wet, and use lightly or pressing to put on makeup evenly

Estee Lauder DW foundation

This is more recommended for oil skin. After makeup, it is really a mother’s skin. Other skin types are not recommended.

The concealer effect is still OK, and the little red acne just emerged on the face can be covered.The durability is really strong, and it is almost not spent for a long time, and the moisture is quite moisturized.If the pregnant mothers with dry skin must do a good job of moisturizing work in the early stage, they will hardly be peeling in the future.

However, there is also a little bad. The powder liquidity is not good, and it is very fast. This requires fast when applying makeup, otherwise it is really easy to appear.

Shiseido Eye Pen

Everyone is no stranger to Shiseido’s brand, but this eyebrow pencil is the first in Japan for three consecutive years!

It is simple and simple. In addition to being used as an eyebrow pencil, it can also be used as an eyeliner. It is really two -purpose.The amount is relatively small. It is easy to use in less than a year, and it is easy to color. Don’t worry about turning into a crayons.

Suqqu lip balm

Like LAMER, it can be visible to the naked eye of lip tattoos!Except that the price is too "beautiful and greasy", everything is completely fine ~

Affected by hormones during pregnancy, and my mouth is often dried up to peel, and it is enough to apply a little bit with my fingers. It is a bit sticky when I just upper lip, and there is no film.But the effect is really good, you can repair the lips for a period of time.

At first, it was not so obvious that it belonged to the kind of "moisturizing and silent". It can be clearly seen after a period of time, and the lips are a lot soft.

EVLOM makeup remover cream

The makeup remover effect, even the most difficult makeup and eye makeup can be removed!It contains linsel oil, eugen oil, Egyptian chamomile and other ingredients to promote the cleaning effect and moisturize the skin.

After using it, my pores in the T area were obviously less black heads, and only some of the stubborn blackheads were left.The cream is delicate, and the size of a coin is enough to wash the full face. The face is mild and not irritating. There will be no tightness after washing.

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