Sentence!The man has repeatedly treacherous young girls to become pregnant, and the abortion surgeon involved in the incident is seriously held accountable.

In October 2021, a couple came from Dr. Ji of Donggang City, saying that it was going to have a abortion surgery.Dr. Ji looked at the two of them, and felt that the woman who was pregnant does not look like an adult woman, so she asked the woman’s age.As a result, the girl Sun Moumou truthfully informed that Dr. Ji was less than 14 years old, which surprised Dr. Ji, who was well -informed.

In fact, Dr. Ji’s outpatient department does not have a certificate of qualifications for abortion surgery.But his outpatient clinics often have some unfair relationships young people who ask if they can perform abortion surgery.Because these young people know that regular large hospitals will ask Dongs and West before performing surgery, and most of their relationships are hiding their families and they can’t see it.

When Dr. Ji saw a favorable map, he had a flow of people with his own learning.It’s just that Sun Mou in front of him, his age is under 14 years old, this is what he has never encountered.

Of course, he knew that the minor flow surgery required the signs of the guardian and reported to the public security organs, but he also knew that if he reported it, he would perform abortion surgery in violation of regulations.So under the temptation of money, Dr. Ji still quietly performed surgery for Sun Moumou.

The reason why Sun Moumou was pregnant, from December 2020, she was on the Internet on the Internet social platform. Suddenly a man in the same city Sun Mouru contacted her, and the two became netizens.Although Sun Mouru was over 18 years old and the two were several years different, it did not seem to affect the relationship between the relationship between the two.In February 2021, the two "ran away" offline and had a relationship.

After that, Sun Moumou was pregnant unexpectedly. Due to his age, Sun Mouru had to take her to Dr. Ji as a flow of people.After this surgery, Sun Mouru once again gave Sun Moumou pregnant.

According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law, those who rape women shall be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years. Those who rape less than fourteen years old will be punished by heavy punishment.

In this case, Sun Mouru had a sexual relationship with Sun Moumou under the age of 14, which has constituted a crime of rape, and because Sun Moumou is under the age of 14, he will be severely punished.Although Sun Moumou was voluntarily during the relationship, he was not forced by Sun Mouru’s violence, threats or other means.

However, in the provisions of the Criminal Law, a minor girl under the age of 14, as long as she has sex, whether her personal will agree or refuses, it is based on the crime of rape.This is to protect young girls under fourteen.Because these young women’s minds are not yet mature, they are vulnerable to the bewilders and control of others, so their personal willingness cannot be used as a basis for judgment.

Sun Mouru in this case was sentenced to ten years in prison because of his criminal act.

Dr. Ji did not report to the relevant departments and did not ask the girl to sign the document to sign the documents on the premise of the girl. Fortunately, there was no accident.

Although it is not a criminal act, it is also an illegal act, so it has been suspended by the relevant departments for the administrative penalty of six months of professional activities.The outpatient clinic was also fined and warned, and the gynecological departments were canceled.

In fact, there are strict restrictions on laws and regulations for those who do not qualify for medical activities.This behavior of unlicensed medicine belongs to illegal medicine.

According to Article 336 of the Criminal Law, if the circumstances of illegal medical treatment are serious, it will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of less than three years, and shall be punished or single.

Dr. Ji in this case is already illegal medicine, but because his behavior is not serious, it has not risen to criminal cases.If he caused Sun Moumou’s injury or even death in the medical process, then Dr. Ji would face more serious criminal punishment.

The three in this case actually had serious faults.The first is Sun Mouru, who is already 18 years old, and he still has many relationships with him under knowing that Sun Moumou is at the age of 14, and even two times to get pregnant.If he thinks that Sun Moumou is voluntarily, he does not constitute a crime of rape, then it is a typical law blindness.

If he is knowing that he has a relationship with a fourteen -year -old girl, it is a crime of rape, it is even more unforgivable to know the law.As an adult, he wants to have a partner to find an adult woman normally to talk about a love, instead of looking for a minor girl to violate the law. He also pays the price for this.

Although Sun Moumou is young, school education and family education are more or less sure that they have grasped the relationship between men and women.And she ignored these education, had a relationship with the older men and became pregnant. She did not confess to her parents afterwards. It was not responsible for her life.

And Dr. Ji made a violation of laws and regulations because of that small interests, which caused his normal work to be affected and harmed others.

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