Senior senior girl is pregnant, give middle school students a chance to change the wrong

China Youth Network 2015-04-19 09:20:00

Mr. Wang, a citizen of Xi’an, is in a 19 -year -old son in high school and his female classmates to fall in love with his female classmates and make the girl getting pregnant unexpectedly.This scared the two.Helplessly told the parents that the anxious parents decided to take the girl to the abortion together, but the B -ultrasound showed that the girl had more than March and had to induce labor, and the induction of labor needed a certificate of civil affairs department or the family planning department.Subsequently, the parents of the two sides asked several large hospitals, and they got the same answer.Helplessly chose a private hospital that did not prove, but paid 5,000 yuan more.(April 18 "China Business Daily")

High school students do such a thing, and God will forgive.If it was not for pregnancy, I am afraid it is still secret.If there is something wrong, adults must first check.See if they pay attention to the growth of children. When they are not involved in the world, have they given time and appropriate guidance and give some correct education to allow them not to fall into a gentle trap.If you do n’t or do it badly, you ca n’t blame youthful sprouts -ignorance -children.

Faced with the "correction" of children who want to terminate pregnancy, the public hospital insists on proof, and the Agreement of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the District is: 19 years old is not a legal age, and it is unmarried and cannot open an unmarried certificate.The family planning department in the jurisdiction only has a proof of termination of pregnancy in response to the married person, and the unmarried person cannot hold it.As a result, the correction measures that children can think of died abruptally, and parents can only choose private hospitals that do not prove and have a certain risk.This stiffness makes people not see the tenderness of the system at all; it seems that adherence to principles is actually respectful.

If the term of the termination of the middle period must be issued to the relevant departments, it is due to the fact that the gender choice must be eliminated, and there is still a certain reason.But this happened in a senior high school life. Can’t it be judged that this is not the reason for gender choices?Besides, why can the civil affairs department can prove that an 19 -year -old child is unmarried for those who meet the legal marriage age?Unmarried is just a state of marriage. What does it have to do with age?Is there any unreasonable place to say that a seventeen or eight -year -old woman is unmarried?As for the Family Planning Commission that can only provide proof for the married person, it does not mean that the fertility other than the married person is not within their "plan".At this point, it is not difficult to understand why there are so many abandoned babies in my country, and even after the completion of the "abandoned baby island" in many cities, they are facing a dilemma of shutdown because of unbearable suffering.

Specific analysis of specific problems, specific situations and specific treatment, this is the soul of materialist dialectics.Any system cannot cover all contradictions, and it will always follow the situation.You restrict the sexual choice of fetal sex, set up obstacles to the safety induction of middle school students, forcing them to make a different approach, and create a feasible space for chaos.In the execution, there is a little bit of humanity, a little bit of responsibility, or coordinating with each other’s ventilation and mutual ventilation. Sitting down with parents to communicate with each other is also a problem that is easy to solve.But unfortunately, the "principle" makes it easy to become difficult.The social care that should be in one time has also become cold in principles.

It is gratifying that the private hospital with 5,000 yuan for more people said that if a refund was refunded, it had not fully lost the medical ethics.(Lei Zhongzhe)

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