Senior high school girls squeezed out "breast milk" and still insisted that she was a virgin.

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Generally speaking, women can only secrete breast milk only after giving birth to a child, because at this time, it depends on breast milk to feed the baby.However, a girl with a senior high school is only 19 years old and has not been pregnant, but she can still send breast milk. What is the reason for this?What happened?

Shuying (a pseudonym) is a senior high school girl. The previous academic performance was very good, but since entering the high school, the increase in learning pressure has caused her psychological pressure to be greater. From the top three positions in the class to ten outside ten exitsEssence

However, Shuying was born in an ordinary family. His parents were ordinary workers. In their studies, her parents always had high hopes for her, hoping that she could change the family environment through learning.

I do n’t know if the learning method is wrong. Even if Shu Ying works hard, his academic performance is still unsatisfactory.Because Shu Ying often stayed up late to study, he gradually felt that his stomach began to have problems, and he often had nausea and stomach pain.

However, she still chose not to tell her parents that she went to the pharmacy to buy stomach medicine. After taking it for a day or two, Shuying felt that the efficacy was good, so she took this medicine as long as she had stomach pain.

On one occasion, when Shuying was taking a bath, she was surprised to find that her chest had white milk overflowing. She also felt incredible, so she squeezed her chest with her hands. As a result, the milk became more and more flowing out.

Although she has no boyfriend, she still understands the common sense in this area. The more she thought about it, she told her mother that she was frightened by her, and quickly took her to the hospital to see a doctor.

When the test results came out, the doctor explained to Shuying and her mother: "Because the child’s prolactin has increased, breast milk appears.

When Shuying heard the doctor, she still insisted that she was a virgin. At this time, the doctor replenished the explanation: "In addition to women who have giving birth to a baby, breast milk will cause great pressure, or for long -term medication, which will cause prolactin to rise.high.

Later, after carefully asking Shu Ying’s situation, the doctor learned that the reason why Shuying had breast milk was because the learning pressure was too high. Therefore, the gastric medicine that continued to take it for a while, which led to an increase in prolactin.

When my mother listened to the doctor, she started tears and couldn’t help crying. She secretly blamed that she was too stressful to learn to give the child, which caused the child’s physical problem.

1. Stop adding pressure to the child

In order to make children improve their learning, some parents have adopted a variety of means to force their children to study hard, but they ignore the child’s psychological pressure, which causes the child to hurt the body because of excessive pressure.

When parents find that their children are under pressure in their studies or in their lives, they must first stop increasing pressure to the child and give their children the opportunity to breathe.

2. Help children decompress

When you find that your child is stressful in learning, parents can take some decompression measures to help the child, such as bringing the child outdoors to exercise, traveling, or playing games, can relax to a certain extent, reducing pressure decompression to a certain extent, reducing pressure decompression to decompression.The purpose of the purpose can only absorb new knowledge in learning only by combining work and rest.

In studying life, it is inevitable to encounter problems. When children are unhappy for their academic performance, or they are distressed by being unable to solve a question, parents should pay attention to help children to reduce pressure.It will blindly force the child, that will only cause the child’s body and psychology to be more harmful.

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