Selina, who is not married, is pregnant!Sure enough, my brother knows how to hurt people

At 12 noon on March 13th, one of S.H.E members Selina Ren Jiaxuan announced on Weibo that she was pregnant. This is really a great news that is enough to make fans wet eyes!

In March last year, Selina was photographed with her 7 -year -old boyfriend Xiao Xu sweetly holding hands. Once the photo was exposed, Selina also generously admitted a new relationship with a poem on Weibo.

Unexpectedly, after a year, Selina is going to be a mother. After all, Selina is 41 years old and suffers from fibroids. It is not easy to conceive in itself. The creation is really a real one.

In 2010, Selina was burned for shooting a blasting scene. Nearly 80 % of the three -degree burns caused Selina’s legs, arms, and faces to be almost disfigured.

Fortunately, Selina’s boyfriend Zhang Chengzhong was still unable to give up, took care of her, and one year after the accident, Selina had a little recovery, and the two entered the palace of marriage.

It is just that this seemingly unwavering love story does not work together as people expect. The marriage relationship between the two has only been maintained for 5 years and it is officially ruptured.

Looking back at the marriage of the two, maybe Zhang Chengzhong was forced to be under pressure from public opinion, or he married Selina, but there was no love as a foundation for love, and he did not have a long -term long -term.

Burning accidents, coupled with the failure of marriage, took away all the confidence of Selina. If it wasn’t for Xiao Xu, she must be ready to be lonely and old.

Xiao Xu once said that he wanted to be Selina’s Xiu Jiekai.His meticulous care and care for Selina brought more beautiful colors and hope to Selina’s world, so that Selina’s pursuit of feelings and faith again gave birth to the sun again.

Xiao Xu is not insiders. He is relatively low -key and does not want to show people with the true face. Selina also fully respects. Every time Xiu Yue will help coding, protecting him well.

During the relationship between the two, Selina said to Xiaoxu that she would not be able to marry, but it can be seen by the status of Selina’s sharing. As a boyfriend, Xiao Xu should be very good and should make Selina less afraid of remarriage.

In addition, the two have the crystallization of love today. It is reported that the baby is traveling in Vietnam. Selina also gives a special name with a special significance for the fetus, called cashew fruit.

Today, Selina has come out completely from the pain brought by burns and marriage. I believe that in the near future, I can hear the good news of Selina’s marriage!

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