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In our breeding management, the varieties introduced from abroad to domestic reproduction performance is low!This is because the nutritional regulation is not done well, which affects the expression of genetic potential.From a scientific perspective, nutrition is the basis for ensuring genetic potential expression.I will share with you from the nutrition of the sow of pregnancy today.

In domestic pig farms, pregnancy sow management is the worst degree of attention, especially in poor nutritional control.Many people think that it is very good to be able to raise the fertilizer and sow to raise it alone.In fact, the requirements of management are far from management. If you want every sow to be high -yield, you have to allow each sow to meet the basic requirements of high yield.Most of the pig farms in Europe and the United States can do this. The origin of the single limit bar is to be able to regulate the individual nutrition of each pregnancy sow.

The sows have a short breeding time from weaning to the breeding time. For more than 3 days for less than 3 days.There are many pig farms who have misunderstood the nutrition management at this stage. They believe that sow no longer breastfeeds, and it is meaningless to be too high.In fact, it is wrong. After weaning, the sow’s feeding volume will naturally decrease, and the total amount of daily eating decreases. At this stage, if the use of high -energy feed will help sow ovulation, especially the high linoleic acid in the feed, you canPromote the formation of ovarian mother cells and increase the number of ovulation.

(1) The correct nutrition management is best to continue using mammal nyscogers after weaning, because oil concentration and linoleic acid content are generally added to mammal nyscoges.

(2) At present, sows who have declined in breastfeeding during breastfeeding. From 4 days before weaning, it provides a high nutritional concentration feed to sows before breeding.Results: The estrus performance is obvious, reducing weaning to the estrus interval.

(3) Do not artificially reduce the amount of feeding in the feeding amount, and the sow can be eaten as much as you can eat. Some people think that the sows are eating too well at this stage.Determining the occurrence of mastitis is not directly connected with what food and how much eating.

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After the breeding, all sow feeds are changed to pregnancy materials. It is recommended that the first seven days of feeding is 2.2 kg/head/day, and the upper limit of daily food metabolism energy is 6750 kcal/head/day.As a result of the research of the Animal Nutrition Group of the University of Kansas University, 48-72 hours after sowing is the peak period of embryo death. Excessive feeding and excessive daybage energy can lead to an increase in embryonic mortality and decreaseEssencePremature feeding will reduce the content of progesterone in the blood and increase the mortality of the embryo.

We can divide the sows 7-100 days of pregnancy into two stages, 7-37 days, 37-100 days.This segmentation method was proposed by the Animal Nutrition Group of the University of Kansas. They believe that the pregnancy sows with a thin and P2 back of P2 below 167 days can increase the amount of feeding and increase the total amount of metabolism in the daily food metabolism.There is no adverse effect on embryo.Because the fertilized eggs have been bed at this time, it has become a stable embryo.

(1) At this stage of 7–37 days, it can increase the amount of feed 0.6–0.9 kg/day, which is equivalent to increasing the intake of metabolic energy 1800-2600 kcal/day.Regulating golden period.Excessive increases of sows’ pregnancy P2 backbone will affect the amount of feeding during breastfeeding, but the impact of this stage is relatively small.

(2) 37–100 days must also be regulated by individuals.P2 back-to-back sows in a reasonable range (18-20 mm) should be controlled at 7200-7500 kcal.The normally pregnant sow eating 7,200 kcal per day for metabolism, which can maintain the normal growth of P2 backbone; thin P2 backbone can use the upper limit of 7500 kcal;The standard can be reduced to 6800 kcal.

The sows’ nutritional control in the later stages of pregnancy is very important. If the nutritional control is not done well, it will affect the pig’s initial weight, and the other will affect the basic nutritional reserves of the sow.Premature feeding will reduce the sow breast cells; the feeding too late will make the sow consume the basic nutritional reserves prematurely, and the piglets are small.Therefore, many pig farms in Europe and the United States have determined the sow’s later feeding time as 100 days of pregnancy.

Low DNA content indicates that the number of breast cells decreases, affects the milk production of sows during lactation, and thus affects the weight of piglet milk.

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