Self -hacked?Central enterprises propagate pregnant women in the hospital for abortion and cause abortion

In recent years, there are too many cases of promoting suffering and turning over, but in 2023, the four companies of China Railway 16th Bureau are still promoting suffering:

At present, this article has been deleted.But in a "heavy!"The eighth "central enterprise backbone • employee example" candidate list is released!In the article, it can be seen that the female employee who wrote a bid abortion in overtime took 9 years to help 52 projects, with a cumulative 25.9 billion yuan!

From the perspective of performance, the woman should indeed be commended.

China Railway 16th Bureau and Four Company should draw nutrition from the following publicity calibers:

She never asked for leave for 18 years. At night, she locked the 2 -year -old child at home. The child’s eyes were empty in the corner.

Police police worked for 28 days, did not change clothes, did not wash your hair

Female medical staff shave their heads, eat progesterone collectively, and donate 100,000 yuan in the front line and 60 -year -old sanitation workers in 9 months. In the end, only 13 yuan is left in the pocket

… …

In this way, a suffering literature appeared in front of everyone.

Netizens do not buy it:

Is this team only checked?No one is a huge company?The leader asked to raise your heart with peace of mind, and arranged the Guanren, so that the computer would not get the computer to get the hospital for an hour to rest and half an hour.In the end, there is any good preaching, did the work injury compensate?

Can exploit people than capitalist countries.

Do I have to work in a pregnant woman?


The suffering literature of China Railway Sixteen Bureau and Four Company is different from that of the previously moved literature, but the purpose is the same.

Promoting the deeds of women’s overtime overnight overnight is undoubtedly the idea of praising suffering and instilling desperate work from employees, that is, naked squeezing.

Ironically, the public account of the 16th company of China Railway 16th Company also had the activities on the Women’s Day on the Women’s Day, but it did not protect the rights and interests of the parties. They all had to be busy with the bidding of the company.

Some netizens asked, China Railway 16th Company, do you want to save the earth?

Of course, if it is to save the earth, I believe that netizens can accept the sacrifice of miscarriage by women, and the country should also give her the title of "March Eight Red Banner", "May 1 Medal", "National Spine" …

Obviously, no!

Judging from the propaganda content of the Four Company of China Railway 16th Bureau, it is very likely that there are such a group of leaders. They use the excessive payments of grass -roots employees as the medal of their own career.Abandon the masses. "

The times have changed.Leaders, moved risks!

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