Seeing red on the road to pregnancy, why can’t the pregnant women in Qingming Festival not go to the grave, and finally know the reason

Today, on April 5th, the Qingming Festival is the day when we go up the mountain to worship our ancestors.In fact, now Qingming Festival is more like a day of green.Go up the mountain to worship and talk about the busy family. On this day, each time they have time to mourn the ancestors, they go outdoors.However, despite this, there is an unwritten rule in the village. Pregnant women cannot go up the mountain to sweep the grave!

Then, then

The college student (harsh snow) who had just married this year and was pregnant for more than 3 months (harsh snow), as a person who believed in Marxism, went to college, and studied, thought that this was the ideological solidification of the old ancestors for hundreds of years.This statement.In this sunny day, of course, choose to go to the wild with your family!Mother -in -law’s father -in -law, who has basically lived in the city in these years, and has been open -minded. At first, she was advised not to go with pregnancy. Seeing that Diaoyue persisted again and again, I agreed!

Then, then

Who knew that something really happened yesterday morning. When Yan Xue returned to go down the hillside, he really fell down his feet, and then he saw red!When the family was panicked, he immediately went to the town hospital!Today, the harsh husband’s husband came back and learned that his wife had an accident, and he came back to visit.Can pregnant women really not go to the grave?Hay Xue husband’s truth in a word!

Then, then

"Mom, how do you allow her to sweep the grave? She flat her feet, lively and active, plus she is now pregnant, and her feet are a little bit swollen recently.

It seems that it is not that pregnant women cannot go to the grave to sweep the grave, but it is not convenient for pregnant women to go outdoors. If you go, you must be careful!


1 The so -called "rainy season rain". At this time, there are often "plum rain" in many places. The road is slippery on the rainy days. Pregnant women do n’t go out. If you go out, you must be careful to avoid accidentally falling like the snow!

Then, then

2 The public offerings in the city are okay, and all kinds of mountain roads are rugged!In many places, the mountains of their hometown have long been abandoned, and the weeds on both sides of the trail are clustered, the road surface is narrow, and even the road needs to be re -opened!Under this kind of road conditions, ordinary people are working hard, let alone pregnant women who are pregnant, so they must not take their courage!

3 crowds are crowded.Everyone comes out to sweep the grave at this time, and there will be many funny children walking together, which will seriously reduce the safety index of pregnant women’s travel!

Then, then

4 Pregnant women themselves are not suitable for exercise with high actual volume!After pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to sleepy. Some pregnant women are pregnant with great pregnancy and can not eat them. It is difficult to adapt to long -distance mountain climbing. (Of course, this part of pregnant women may not want to go).It started my hands and feet edema in a month, which brought difficulty walking, let alone climbing the mountain!

Therefore, in the final analysis, it is better to sweep the tomb of the pregnant woman, or go out for an outdoor.

What do you think of pregnant women?

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