Seeing red as soon as you are pregnant, the prospective mother can’t panic.

Nowadays, it feels more and more difficult to get pregnant. Many people around you want to get pregnant and can’t be pregnant, but he is so frightened, but he is red.

I belong to the elderly woman. I really waited for a long time to be happy. I saw the red week in the eighth week of pregnancy. At that time, I was scared to cry. I immediately called my husband and went to the hospital to see a doctor.

I remember the doctor was very calm, and said lightly: "Breakfast abortion, take a week to rest for a week before watching."

My tears came out of the doctor’s office.After the B -ultrasound, there is a fetal heart and a living.Put a little snack.

Going home is a long tone. I lay on the bed for a whole month. During the period, in addition to going to the toilet, I went to bed, and I was on the bed. I slept with back pain.Later, I was pregnant for 3 months, a bit mild constipation.I really dared to get out of bed until I was lying for three months. Now I think about it.

In fact, many people now have a red experience, and this matter should be treated rationally.

Let’s talk about why you see red?

The first reason: the embryo after conception is not good. This is a phenomenon of survival of the fittest. It is a good thing for parents who want children. It does not need to be forced to protect the fetus, but it is difficult to accept.

The second reason: no problem, aura abortion caused by various reasons.

I analyze my reasons: 1. Riding a motorcycle bumpy for more than 30 miles of mud roads and moved the fetal gas.

2. Strict mood, and if you are not resting well, you will also move your tire.

At first sight, the doctor must do the B -ultrasound to see the development of the embryo first, and then set the treatment plan according to the situation.

First of all, doctors will prescribe some medicines for fetal protection. The Victoria E and Tire Pills I ate at that time did not have an injection. Peridone needles were afraid of affecting the fetus.I still recommend not to get an injection.

And cooking eggs every day with an Ai leaf, I ate it for a whole month!After three months, it is much better. Now the child is almost three years old and healthy.

Don’t panic if there are quasi -mothers encountering similar situations, look at it, and actively treat the most critical treatment.

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